I had watched, or is it read, somewhere that animals can smell
fear. I also remembered something else about predators not
killing to eat unless they were hungry. Right now I was hoping
this leopard had been well fed because from the way I was
feeling I imagined I would be giving off a pretty strong smell of
fear right now. I couldn’t really think of any way out of my
predicament; if I tried to run, the leopard would definitely catch
me. If I shouted for help it might aggravate the animal. What
would you have done in such a situation? So I just continued
to stroke the leopard and pray someone would come and save
me from this situation. It seemed to enjoy the petting and lay
down on its belly, my hand never leaving it’s head.
“Wow. That’s impressive. Most Nigerians freak out when they
see Sidney.” I heard a heavily accented voice say.
I looked up and saw it was one of the foreign partners from the
meeting. Mr Bells, a Lebanese man, came closer, with his
hands in his suit pockets. He was stockily built and had a
stubble of a beard that begged to be trimmed. His smile was
slightly ferocious but maybe that was because he had extra
large canines. He stopped approaching and watched us and I
was beginning to think he would leave me with the beast.
“Help me out here…” I whispered.
He laughed and gave a shrill whistle. The leopard immediately
cocked its ears, stood up and lumbered up to him and he knelt
down and kissed it on the head, proceeding to pulling its ears
while the leopard made a funny purring sound and opening its
jaws filled with huge sharp looking teeth and canines that were
much, much larger than Mr Bell’s. I resisted a second urge to
bolt out of there.
“You must be a very special person, Mr Chukwudi, “ Mr Bells
said. “Sidney does not let most people touch him unless I’m
In my mind I was like, “ Guy, no be my intention to pet live beast
o! ” but I said, “He’s an interesting animal. A leopard, yes?”
“Yes indeed!, Mr Bells said, “I got him as a little cub during one
of my visits to South Africa. A hunter had killed its mother and
didn’t know what to do with the cub so I decided to buy it from
him.” His voice took on a sad note. “I named him Sidney, after
my son that died that year. It just seemed…right.”
I raised my eyebrows but said nothing.
The others had come around to meet us. Apparently I had been
missed. Some of them, mostly the Nigerians, stayed back
probably from fear of the animal. A few however came close.
Jenny stunned me by walking right past the beast as if it
wasn’t there and grabbed me by the hand.
“Come on, let’s get you back to your hotel.” She said. She cast
a hateful glance back at the leopard and to my shock, it
returned the stare. It narrowed its eyes, bared its teeth and let
out a low growl. I had never seen an animal make a hateful
face like that before. Nobody else noticed it and I began to
wonder if I had imagined it all. I however followed Jenny back
to the car. The driver apparently had been waiting a while and
he started the car as soon as he saw us approaching.
“So I take it you don’t like the leopard much.” I said, stumbling
after her as she hurried towards the car. “I think the feeling
might be mutual…”
“Hateful creature!” she interjected, then turned to me, “You
hate it too?”
“Me? No, I…I found it to be quite cute actually as soon as I got
over my fear.”
“You didn’t see the least bit afraid though,” she said smiling, “I
think you were very brave.”
I grinned and opened the door for her.
“I suppose you’ll want to get some rest after your trip,” jenny
said as we entered into the car.
“Yes I would”, I replied. “Will there be any meetings
“We’ll go into the field to see some other staff, but apart fro
that, we’ll be free.” She replied, smiling at me sexily. Her
perfume wafted towards me and I inhaled its freshness and
recognized it. Ocean breeze. Very nice. Her lovely brown eyes
gazed into my very soul and I found myself blurting
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
She laughed, a gentle but high pitched laugh that heaved her
moderately sized bossoms delectably.
“Why are you asking?” she said.
“I swear I don’t know,” I stammered, “It just came out…”
“No I don’t,” she said. “And even if I did, it wouldn’t matter.”
And she smiled that her sexy smile again.
“Well, I have a girlfriend, a fiancée actually, her nae is Ni – “
“That doesn’t matter either,” she whispered, drawing close to
me. “All that matters is that you are here and you are
spending two weeks. Alone.”
I gulped and said nothing. Apparently Jenny wasn’t the subtle
We got to the hotel and I came down and headed towards the
hotel lobby. Jenny poked her head out of the car window.
“Do you plan on going anywhere this evening?” she asked.
“Not really,” I said, trying to control the words coming out of
my mouth. “I think it would be best if I spent the rest of the
day indoors.”
She smiled yet again and I thought, these smiles are coming
too frequently,not that I mind but…
“Very well then. See you later.” And she winked and the car
drove off.

I watched the car disappear into the distance and I turned
around and saw the gate-man also gazing after it. Then he
saw me watching him and chuckled.
“Bros, if you no understand that red light wey dem give you
now, that wan mean say you need deliverance oh!”
I burst out laughing and strolled into the hotel. I entered my
room to find that it had been cleaned out and fresh toiletries
placed in the bathroom. A note had been placed by the bedside
with a menu for dinner. I looked at the time, it was heading
towards 6pm and I decided to do some reading first. I picked
up a novel I had seen in one of the drawers, the forest of a
thousand daemons , it was an old classic from my school days
and I settled down for a good read before dinner. I didn’t know
when I dozed off.
I woke up to a knock on the door by 9pm. I had passed out on
the bed with the book lying on the rugged floor. The air
conditioner was on full blast and I would have gone back to
sleep if the person hadn’t knocked again.
“One moment!” I yelled groggily and got up from the bed.
Outside was dark and I went to pull the blinds shut. Another
knock on the door and I went to open it.
There, standing in the doorway, was Jenny.
If you have been following my description of jenny, you might
have gotten the hint that she was a sexy, beautiful lady. That
was nothing compared to the vision that stood before me right
now. She was putting on a tight body hugging red dress that
accentuated all those curves I mentioned earlier. A plunging
neckline led down to a mesmerizing view of her heaving
bossom. The dress itself ended abruptly just above her knees.
In that red outfit she had managed to weave sexy and classy
into a single entity. I found myself gazing in wonder and took a
step back.
“Whoa, welcome, em…what…”
“Can I come in?” she asked in a quiet voice.
I stepped back and allowed her to enter.
She strolled in and it is like lust sidled in alongside her.
Immediately my room was filled with the red-orange flame I
had come to understand to be lust. Only that this time I had to
search for the source of the flames only to realize that it was
coming from me. From her too, but mostly from me. I went to
the fridge and grabbed a bottle of cold water. Even as I did so
my hands were shaking. There was something not right about
this, someone I ought to be thinking about at a time like this,
but try as I might, I couldn’t remember who that person was. I
turned around and saw her watching me as if I was something
that enthralled her.
“You were asking me something?” she said in that quiet
seductive voice.
I drank the water and offered her some without saying
anything. She took it from me and our fingers touched. The
electricity was very intense. She looked at me with her piercing
eyes and I found myself drawing closer to her.
Something still didn’t feel normal about all of this, but i
couldn’t quite figure it out. I decided to avert my gaze from
hers and closed my eyes for a moment and tried to think.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Well,” she said and went back to the door that I had left open
and shut it, locking the door with the key. “I went to drop off
some files at an office nearby and decided to come and check
on you, to see if they were treating you alright.”
“You went for an errand in that dress?” I asked incredulously.
“it’s a warm night,” she replied. “I wanted something loose
that would make me feel cofortable.
That dress looked anything but loose. I thought to myself.
She walked back up to me and was so close I could feel her
warm sweet breath on my mouth.Her chest pressed against
mine and I could feel the racing of her heart. My skin started
tingling and i was once again drawn towards her.”
“So,” she whispered, “Are they treating you alright?”
We kissed. It was inevitable. I am a person of admirable self
control, learnt it from my father and also from the experiences
or should I say, manifestations that I had had. I had one other
girlfriend before I met Nina and I was faithful to her until we
broke up. And I hadn’t even thought of cheating on Nina in the
eight months of our relationship. So I was at a total loss as to
why I was falling for jenny so easily. The kiss was so sweet
and intense that for a moment I lost sense of where I was and
didn’t care about anything anymore.
Then I opened my eyes and was taken completely by surprise.
I was kissing a fish. Well, not really. I was still kissing Jenny
but two fishes were nibbling busily around my lips. Picture
that. I jumped back so fast I fell over the bed. I heard jenny
scream in alarm and I hurried to my feet.
Jenny was still as beautiful as ever, that red dress was still
sparklingly sexy but jenny’s legs were no longer there. In its
place was a huge tail, like that of a large fish, complete with
scales and ending in huge fins. She stood there, seemingly
suspended in mid air, her tail swaying gently from side to side
just above the floor. My jaw dropped open and remained like
that for a while. She looked at me puzzled.
“What?” she asked, looking alarmed. “Why are you looking at
me like that?”
I must have really worn a shocked look on my face because
she became more frightened as I didn’t answer. Tears
streamed down her lovely face and her tail swished about
aggressively. I closed my eyes and opened them and the
manifestation was gone.
“I’m sorry jenny,” I said. “I’m really feeling very tired.”
She looked at me stunned. And then she relaxed.
“You must really love your fiancée then,”
“Well, yes I do.” I said . “I’m sorry if I led you on. You are very
beautiful…” I trailed off. I didn’t know what else to say.
Jenny smiled. “It’s alright, I understand. I’ll let you rest.” And
she walked to the door and opened it. She paused for a
moment then said
“I am attracted to power, Chuks, and you are powerful. I can
feel it. I want you, Chuks and I usually get what I want. I still
have some more days with you. I’m not giving up.
And then she left.


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