HUSTLE, LOVE AND S£X … (18+) … Part 16



(Elizabeth P. O. V)

Chris allowed me into his pad, I was wet and cold, I felt embarrassed as I felt Chris’s eyes all over me, what was he looking at? He offered me a sit and brought me a hot tea, He is quite a gentleman, the tea was delicious and it was the perfect thing to make me feel warm.
Chris went inside his room, D–n, his body was chiseled and well shaped, everything was perfect, he was a prime male specimen, I wonder where is uncle is? I sat back and relaxed enjoying my tea.
Chris later came back to the living room and turned on the TV, God, just look at these muscles on him, If only he could make a move, I wouldn’t resist but he just sat there, I tried everything trick for him to notice me but nothing worked, I wonder if he’s interested in me at all, Most guys would seize the opportunity since no one was around.
We sat for a while in silence and my body was starting to itch me, I really need to bath.


Elizabeth ➡ Chris!


Chris ➡ Yes?


Elizabeth ➡ Where’s your bathroom? I need to bath.


Chris➡ Okay, let me bring you a towel.


Elizabeth ➡ Thank you.


He quickly brought the towel and showed me the way to the bathroom, as I entered it was clean and neat, I took off my wet clothes and turned on the hot shower.
God, The water was refreshing, the hot sprinkling dots of water running through my body was making me go crazy, my p—y twitched in response, I felt h—y and started fingering my c–t and massaging my t–s.
I imagined Chris banging me with his strong manly d–k, the hot water reached down my c–t making me squeal and cumming hard! It felt good but I was more Hornier than ever, I needed a real man’s spear inside my hungry c–t.
Just then, my phone started ringing, I tried calling Chris to answer it but he wasn’t answering, the rain was still falling hard so there’s probably no way he’ll hear me, I rinsed my body and tied the towel around my bosoms and went to answer the call.


(Chris P. O. V)

D–n! The rain was still falling, I just hope uncle drives slowly on the road, besides its dangerous to be driving in a drizzle 🌂 like this! And there’s Elizabeth, I need to do something about her, She’s together in this house with me only and I can’t do anything about it, Well I have to approach her nicely, I can’t just jump on the lady without her consent, cause that would be rape and I’m not ready to spend 15years of my life in prison because of this, and asking her to open her legs would be stupid and childish, I have to think this through and find a way to convince her, Gosh, thinking about her wet body makes my d–k crazy! Well, there’s still time.

I went to my own bathroom to ease myself, as I pulled my rod to pee, it was hard and erect making peeing difficult for me, This 12inches drilling machine was ready to go to work, I have to find a way to bang that luscious woman!
As I was peeing, My phone started ringing, it must be uncle, I have to quickly finish and answer the phone, I removed my trousers and pulled out my skin tight boxers and went to answer the call, As I arrived, I saw something astonishing which made my d–k stand like crazy!



(Elizabeth P. O. V)

As I came to answer my phone! I saw Chris standing with his d–k erect! OMG!!! 😱 I gasped as I saw his d–k and what a d–k!
It was as if it was trying to break free from Chris’s boxers, the d–k was enormous! I felt wet like crazy, my p—y was twitching like never before, Chris was too dazed to say a word, he was staring at me like a hungry lion, the phone kept on ringing and I completely ignored it, Let the person keep calling, I don’t care.
What was I going to do? Cause if I let this pass, I might never have an chance like this, I instinctively dropped down my towel on the floor, Chris’s eyes popped wide open as he saw me stark naked, even his d–k slowly extended in size, this guy is going to destroy me with his mandingo!
I grabbed my boobs and shook them on Chris’s face, I made some sexy movements like the way p–n stars do, Chris kept watching me in amazement, I bet he was enjoying every moment of it, Just then as quick as a cat, he grabbed hold of me with full strength and kissed me hard, he rubbed his d–k between my thighs, his hands were roughly massaging my breasts, I felt his tongue on my neck, He licked and s—-d like a hungry baby, I felt my strength draining away, He was really roughing me up! Before we knew what was happening, we both ended up in his bedroom!

I laid down flat on the bed moaning and squealing to his every touch, I liked this and for the first time, I felt. Like a real woman, a real man was handling me the way I wanted.
He s—-d and licked my breasts and neck, then he licked his way down to my p—y, He licked the p—y entrance with so much ferocity like his life depended on it, the feeling and warmness of his tongue was making my body twitch like crazy, I couldn’t hold myself anymore as I began to moan even more harder, begging him to f–k – tear me apart, the pleasure was too much, he wasn’t taking it easy on me, Just then he shoved his tongue inside my c–t, I squealed hard with excitement and joy, his tongue was s—–g deep into my c–t, Soon I screamed hard as I came hard.
God, for the first time in my life, I experienced my first O—-m! and it was great.

Chris stood over my face with his huge d–k, he shoved his candy stick into my mouth and then down my throat, he grabbed my hair, pushing his D–k deep inside my throat, he was really rough and I loved it, I loved the way he handed me like a w—e, I would love to be his personal w—e for life, I s—-d his d–k good down to his ball sack, he groaned and moaned with pleasure, he kept hammering my throat with his spear, tears were gathering in my eyes, he kept banging my face making me choke and gag on his d–k, After a while, he released his hot, thick milk on my face and body, He sprayed me with his manly sperm!
Wow, I felt like a real s–t, I wished Clement could see me now, he would die of heart attack if he saw me like this roughed up by a real man.

Soon, my phone started ringing, and it was Clement, What does he want? Well, I don’t care, cause I’m about to get really busy!
Chris stretched my legs open and slowly pushed the tip of his d–k inside me, I moaned and grabbed hold of Chris, his d–k was too big for me, He was three times bigger than Clement, so I’ll have to endure this.
Suddenly, He roughly pushed his d–k all the way inside me at once, I yelled hard, tightly holding onto Chris.
Jesus!!! This guy has finished me, his d–k felt like a jackhammer inside me, He started thrusting faster and deeper into my p—y, God, it felt so painful and sweet, he kept ramming his spear deeply into me, I shouted and moaned like a s–t, His d–k was reshaping my p—y to his size, It was reaching and touching my sensitive spots all at once, Chris continued firing his piston inside me making me squeal and crying, He was excited that I succumbed to his will, he was dominating me like a man should, my p—y was twitching like crazy tightening its hold around Chris’s d–k, I was being f—-d and raped at the same thing, and I loved it, I want him to make his mark on my luscious body, to make me feel like a satisfied woman, I want him to rip me apart!

As he kept pounding my sweet p—y, I felt his mouth on my breasts, he s—-d and bit my nipples, I screamed hard, cumming and squirting on his d–k, I came harder than the first time, my body went limp and exhausted, But Chris was far from over, he took me up and adjusted me on his thigh in the Reverse Cowgirl style, He f—-d me hard from under, I moaned and did my best to pleasure him as well, His d–k was reaching deeper inside me in this position, I twerked my waist and rode him hard!
His d–k started pulsing inside me like crazy, his thrusts became faster and harder, Soon I felt his warm c-m inside my womb! It felt good, his c-m was a lot inside me!

Just when I thought it was over, He adjusted my ass to the D—-e style, he grabbed my waist and pounded me with full force, His d–k was pounding harder and deeper inside me, it was driving me crazy, I squealed and grabbed the bed tight, Soon I came hard again, but Chris kept pounding me, I was dazed with lust, I drooled with saliva as he kept hammering my c–t from behind, He groped my breasts and kissed me warmly, His thrusts became faster as his thighs hit my ass making smacking sounds, He came again releasing his c-m inside me!
Finally we reverted back to the missionary style, We f—-d hard in this position for several minutes, Both our bodies was sweating 💦 because of the intense f–k, Chris’s stamina was immense, I drilled and hammered my c–t, after a while, Chris made me came and he also came inside me again, My womb was full with his c-m, that it was leaking out, after that we slept together in his room as the rain continued falling, For the first time, I slept like a real satisfied woman!


After a while, I woke up feeling dizzy, my head felt woozy, I stretched myself and looked around the room, I checked my phone and saw 20 missed calls from Clement and a text from Stephanie, Just then I remembered what happened, I smiled to myself and went to take my bath, God, I couldn’t walk properly cause Chris had really banged me up really good, He was indeed a black superman!
After the shower, I wore my clothes and went to the living room, Chris wasn’t there, I called his name but he didn’t answer, Where could he have gone to? I went outside to see if he was there, as I stepped outside the house, There was Clement and Chris, I was shocked and surprised! What was Clement doing here? I thought he had a business meeting in Abuja, I wanted to turn away and head back inside but it was too late, he had already seen me.


Clement ➡ Elizabeth,…..


😱 OMG!!!!

Fire on the mountain 🗻???


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