After we’d relaxed over lunch and a nice bottle
of wine, we returned to the bedroom, undressed
and lay together, dozing in each others arms
and recharging our séxual batteries. We must
have dropped right off because the next thing I
remember is a strange female voice shouting
from downstairs “Bessem!!!!! We’re home!!!!!”
Bessem froze beside me and scrambled from
the bed, dragging on the skirt and top.
“SHTTT!!! It’s my sister with the baby – stay
there and don’t make a sound,” she said
urgently, opening the bedroom door quietly. I
heard chatting downstairs and the sound of the
I must have snoozed off again because the next
thing I remember is opening my eyes to find
Bessem poised over my náked hips and
cradling my rigid dìck in both hands, her firm
round bööbs rubbing against my thighs and her
smooth, soft chocolate butt sticking in the air. I
remained still as she bent her head and started
to fellate me. Her earlier experiment had borne
fruit, for she found an ideal motion that made
extremely excited. I moaned and she stopped to
look back at me, grinning through glistening
“Where’s your sister?” I said in a panic, half
sitting up.
“Gone home and the baby’s in bed. Lie still and
don’t stop me,” she ordered.
I was happy to obey and she resumed her task.
Initially I was dubious about my capabilities but
as she progressed I became aware that I was
getting more aroused than I thought. She
reached down and cupped my balls as she
sucked, her head bobbing up and down quickly.
Suddenly I felt myself swell and somewhere
inside me a dam was breached. The result
came surging down its path to freedom and
she gave a throaty squeal as the first jet hit the
roof of her mouth. Two more spasms jetted
into her and she raised her head, her mouth
firmly closed and
her cheeks full. She shut her eyes and
swallowed, opening them again and grinning at
“There, I’ve done it” she chuckled, throwing
herself into my arms and kissing me with wet
lips, “And you tasted lovely”
I stroked her back as we cuddled and let my
hand wander first to her butt and then through
the crease to her cleft, finding it very wet and
slippery again.
She moaned as I touched her there, “When I
was eating you I knew it was making me leak”
“Didn’t your sister suspect anything?”
“Funnily enough, Yes. She said I smelt…musky.”
“And what was the answer to that?”
“I got all coy, but she persisted and I told her I
had come back feeling randy and gone upstairs
for a little bit of self-satisfaction. That shut her
“Well, I’m glad part of your reputation is still
intact, but I’d better make a move. Can I see
you again?”
Bessem looked a little crestfallen. “You could
come round tomorrow afternoon, but I can’t
guarantee anything. When we were making love
I felt my bööbs getting very heavy and a rather
familiar ache in my tum – if you know what I
mean? It’s early, but I suppose recent events
may have stirred me up a bit” She smiled at me
with only a trace of embarrassment.
I embraced her and assured her I understood.
“I’ll give you a ring in the morning” she said.
“A good idea” I replied as I dressed, “But I could
still come in for coffee.”
She smiled happily “That’s made my day – and
it proves you’re not just coming here for…
“Séx” I prompted.
I dressed up and we exchanged a long kiss in
the hall before I departed.
The following morning my office phone rang at
about noon.
“We may not need to make coffee” she said,
“All’s well at the moment”
I told my colleagues I was going out to lunch
and within 15 minutes I was knocking at her
door. She opened it, putting a finger to her lips
and pointing upstairs.
“She’s asleep so we shall have to stay down
Once in the kitchen we kissed long and hard.
Bessem broke away breathlessly.
“I’m so pleased I’m OK because despite the
usual ache, I seem to have a desperate need for
you again – it’s weird, I haven’t felt so randy
since I was a teenager” she chuckled, kissing
me again and undulating her body against me.
“Then this is NOT the day for vast
preliminaries,” I said firmly, lifting her under the
arms and depositing her on the large center
kitchen island. As she sat there I dropped my
suit trousers and rolled them into a pillow that I
put behind her; I then pushed her back gently
until her head was laying on it.
I slid my hands along her thighs and before I
reached her panties she put her hands on
“I’ve got very unsexy-looking pants on – and
some protection, just for safety’s sake.”
“Don’t worry, just let me get rid of them,” I
ordered, finding the elastic waistband and
drawing to her ankles the white briefs
containing a small pad.

Bessem craned her neck to see that the pad
was still unmarked, and relaxed. I reached for
my dìck that had already grown rigid and gently
squeezed some pre-cüm onto my finger. Then I
smeared it around her the dry lips of her cünt
and moved forward between her thighs. The
kitchen table had been perfectly designed for
séx and I only had to pull her thighs gently
towards me to ensure I entered her fully. Once
inside I realised I didn’t really need much
lubrication, as she was already creaming freely.
“I told you I felt randy” she throated happily,
“Now take me all the way, you s*xy** man.”
I started to thrust and it seemed only seconds
before she began to moan.
“I..hope…you’re…nearly…there…too” she gasped.
Her legs scissored around my waist as she
pulled herself urgently against me and I felt her
muscles contract as her örgasm approached.
“NOW” she shouted, “Come with me – FILL ME
And I did – copiously.
I stayed unmoving for a few seconds and then
withdrew gently.
“Whoops” I said as I saw the dribbling Fluid
tinged pink. She understood immediately.
“Grab my pants and slip them on for me”
I pulled them up her thighs and she lifted her
bottom to get them comfy. She sat up,
“That was lucky – so well timed” she said,
leaning forward to kiss me, “I feel very satisfied
and it seems I’ve also found a cure for the
usual pain I get before I start. Now shall we
have that coffee?”
Bessem put on the kettle and disappeared
upstairs to the bathroom. When she returned
she saw my questioning look.
“It’s OK – just coping with things in the more
modern way. I didn’t want put one in before you
came, because I wasn’t sure whether you’d be
put off”
“I’m not that ignorant – and certainly wouldn’t
be embarrassed. To be perfectly honest, there
was once an occasion long ago when I removed
one in order to satisfy a lady who got very
desperate at such times”
“Oh” she said, thoughtfully, “I’ll know for next
time – because I can certainly still feel little
s*xy** twinges. Are you sure you wouldn’t be
“Positive – the only thing needed is some extra
lubricant and a towel.”
“I’ve got some stuff – for when I’ve used my
plastic man when he’s not around.”
“Then we’re all prepared – whatever the
weather forecast!” I replied.
We chatted for another 30 minutes before I
finished the rest of my coffee and stood up to
made ready to leave. Bessem stood up and I
embraced her, kissing her forehead.
“I’m afraid that by the time I’ve finished in a
few days time, I won’t be here alone. He’ll be
home for about a week and then I’ll buzz you.”
“I’ll wait for you to call then okay?” I implored.
“Yeah sure” she said with big, puppy eyes.
I gave her one last kiss on the lips before I
headed out into the hot Abuja sun to my car.


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