I called Bessem at noon the next day and noted
her relief when she heard my voice.
“I’m here,” she said seductively, “And
everything’s on the boil.”
“Then I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes”
adding, “Keep it simmering”
“Shut up,” she said breathlessly, “It might boil
I had hardly raised my hand to knock at the
door when it opened and a sparkly-eyed
Bessem let me in. We kissed passionately in the
hallway before she led me into the sitting room
and sat down.
“We’re all alone – I have to collect Her
Highness from her babysitter at 5. I told her I
had a meeting in town and may be late.”
I stood in front of her just drinking in the sight
of this extremely attractive woman that was
obviously so hungry for a man.
“If you keep looking at me like that I shall have
an accident,” she said, one hand nervously
smoothing the curve of her bréast. I could see
she was not wearing a bra, because a dark
nìpple was straining at the semi-transparent
white tank. My gaze went to the full flowery
skirt that just showed her slightly parted knees
and the shadowy void beyond.
“You’re seducing me with your eyes” she said,
her hand pulling the skirt down a little.
“I was just enjoying the view…and wondering”
“Wondering what?” she queried.
I pulled her closer and began caressing those
jugs on her chest, making her give a little
“Would you like to be a tiny bit adventurous?”
“I don’t know – what do you want to do?” she
said hesitantly.
“Certainly nothing that offends you” I assured
her, sliding my hands gently along the inside of
her thighs and feeling them part further. As her
skirt fell back I saw she had omitted panties
again and I was treated to the musky scent
emanating from her between. I knelt down
slowly and her hands gripped the side of my
“Do you really want to do that?” she whispered,
“I may not taste very nice.”
“Let me be the judge of that” I said as I buried
my head into her and my tongue found the
engorged & damp lips of her labia, already
creamy with her arousal. I lapped the slippery
flesh, immediately roused by the sweet taste
and encouraged by the gasps that came from
her. I lifted my head and looked at her.
“That was all right, wasn’t it?”
“Yes – rather nice – different – it sends little
shivers right through me.”
“May I have seconds?” I queried.
“Uuum, yes please” she wriggled down in a
armchair and spread her knees wide.
It wasn’t difficult to reach up and slide my
hands under the hem of her tank top to caress
the firm bréasts as I again bent my head
between her thighs. In the few seconds since
my tongue had touched her, creamy liquid had
escaped and I lapped it eagerly before
searching for the ultimate target – the hard
projection of her nub.
Her hips gave an involuntary lurch as I found
the vital spot and I felt her hands clutch my
head, pulling me closer. I squeezed her tips
hard as I teased the little nub with my tongue.
I heard a strangled throaty groan and Bessem’s
hips quivered violently.
“Oh my God!!!!!.. OH,” she cried out, and I felt
her muscles spasm as she climaxed quickly,
covering my lips with her juices.
I raised my head to look at her. Her mouth was
open and she was breathing heavily.
“I can’t believe that” she panted, “You made me
“I certainly did – and rather easily” I grinned,
licking my sticky lips.
She leaned forward and kissed me, drawing
back instantly with a strange look in her eyes,
“I can taste me – on you” she said, laying back
in the chair, “It doesn’t taste horrid at all”
“I know. It tastes of a very s*xy** lady who was
rather desperate to cüm”
“I don’t know why I’ve objected to that until
now” she said thoughtfully, “But wouldn’t you
like to come upstairs and be more comfy?”
“A good idea – my knees are getting sore”
I helped her stand and we embraced again
before heading for the stairs. She had prepared
the bedroom for us and the duvet was turned
“I’m afraid the bottom sheet hasn’t been
changed,” she said apologetically, sitting on the
bedside, adding with a smirk “But I thought it
might be better to leave it until tomorrow.”
I stood in front of her and gently pulled up her
top, helping her remove it. Her marvelous jugs
popped out and bounced. I dragged off my
shirt and undid my jeans. Without thinking she
reached out and assisted, pulling them down so
that I could step out of them.
She sat looking transfixed at the bulge in my
briefs before timidly easing them over my
rampant Attention and slipping them off. My
rock hard cöck sprang and slapped her in the

“You really are a well-built man,” she said,
licking her lips – almost hypnotized by the
swaying monster at eye level with her. Her
tongue moistened her lips as she saw the tip
disgorge a drop of pre-cüm. She leaned forward
apprehensively and opened her mouth slowly.
The delay was making me even more aroused
and I sensed her mind in turmoil as she made
the decision to take me in her mouth.
Very delicately she put her lips around the tip
and tasted the drop. She withdrew and looked
up at me “You taste a bit salty – but not nasty”
Her mouth came forward again and this time
she took the head of me inside. She didn’t
move and I couldn’t stop myself gently
thrusting between her moist lips. I put my hand
on her head to encourage her to move with me
and she soon understood what to do. After
about a minute I knew we had to stop and
pushing her head away gently I watched as she
sat up straight.
“Why did you stop me?” she queried innocently,
“That was very s*xy** and it sent signals
through me too”
“Because you would have had an unwelcome
present if we’d carried on” I explained.
“I might have enjoyed it,” she said
unconvincingly – obviously grateful I had
stopped her.
“Slowly, slowly – maybe another time. Today is
a day for giving presents in a more traditional
way” I responded, lifting her legs onto the bed
and laying down beside her.
We embraced & kissed passionately, our bodies
pressing together and my cöck finding a natural
resting place between her thighs. I started to
thrust and the action brought little cries from
her as my hardness rubbed her hidden nub.
“I want you inside me” she urged, pulling away
and starting to swing her legs over me.
“Not this way” I said as I pushed her legs back,
“A tiny bit more adventure, if you’re agree.”
She laid back, a puzzled expression on her face
as I knelt up and moved between her parted
legs. I reached under her thighs and turned her
over onto her tummy. I drew her closer, closing
her legs together before straddling her árse. I
began to slap my leaking rod over her round
butt, smearing it with my flowing pre-cüm. I
reached over her náked back and pulled her
hands over her head, holding them firmly. She
began to squirm but hardly had to move to feel
that my cöck was sliding effortlessly in the
open crease of her labia. I gazed down at her
and asked the question with raised eyebrows.
“Oh yes, that’s nice” she replied, wriggling to
take me inside further. I pushed forward and
my hands caressed the firm bööbs beneath her,
feeling little váginal twinges as the signals shot
through to her groin.
My hips started moving and she responded
with her pelvis. This was definitely the final
assault and soon I was roughly kneeding the
flesh on her breásts as I delivered piston-like
thrusts between the tight puffy lips in response
to increasingly violent reactions from her. The
noise started deep in her throat – a long moan
rising in pitch until, with an ecstatic cry,
Bessem’s orgásm burst in a series of intense
convulsions, triggering my own climáx . Unlike
her, I had not had any release since the day
before and I continued to pump into her for
some time; not that her own earlier efforts
diminished the present orgásm, for she
thrashed about, gurgling and crying out as
wave after wave of uncontrollable tremors
wracked her body. Eventually we slowed and
stayed coupled as we gazed at each other.
“This is a very exciting position to be in. I’m so
glad you showed me,” she said happily, “But
can I move my legs now”
I pulled out of her and shuffled back a little as I
unmounted her. She lay exhausted with her
knees wide apart as large globules of off-white
splooge bubbled from her. She reached down
with her fingers, wiped her self and put her
hand to her mouth. She licked it tentatively and
then looked at me.
“You taste lovely. Next time I’m not going to
stop when I eat you”
“We’ll see, you wanton woman”.
“No, I mean it. It’s very on-turning to have you
in my mouth. And thinking of my mouth, d’you
want some lunch?”
“I’ve already had the starter” I grinned.
“Well, the main course isn’t so exciting – just
fried rice and chicken.”
I clambered off the bed and Bessem followed
me. She sighed and put on her tank and skirt
and looked at me.
“Do you mind lunch with a pantyless creamy
“Can’t think of anything more pleasant” I
replied, kissing her and sneaking a brief touch
between her legs.
“Off the body” she commanded in mock
severity, wriggling away, “Or we’ll never get


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