I wasted no time in obeying her orders and was
soon lying alongside her. I stroked her bréasts
and kissed her. She responded eagerly.
“I’m not into anything fancy and I don’t like oral
– unless you’re really insistent” she said shyly.
“I’m sure we can find enough to do without any
of that” I assured her, bending to kiss each Tip
in turn and feeling them grow erect. I let one
hand caress her stomach, slowly moving
downwards towards the dark & hairless pubic
mound. I cupped it and gently squeezed her full
outer lips, knowing that she would feel the
sensation on her clìt beneath.
“Oooh, that’s nice” she purred, “I’ll have more of
that please.”
I continued molding the soft flesh until her
hand snaked across to hold my rigid and
leaking cöck. As we kissed again, she mumbled
“Please don’t think I’m a slüt. It’s just that……”
I sealed the rest of her sentence with another
long, hard kiss that took her breath away. “I
understand. You don’t need to explain.”
She continued kissing hungrily as I spread my
fingers and sought access to her cleft. Parting
her outer labia, I exposed the inner lips and
pushed two fingers between them; she was
leaking like a sieve and gasped as I explored
the first few sensitive inches of her cünt. Her
hand was mastürbating me slowly – as if to
keep me simmering until she demanded full
penetration. We lay just enjoying our growing
arousal and there was a wan smile on her face
as she relaxed with her eyes closed.
“This is heavenly and something I haven’t had
for a very long time. I’m just drifting slowly out
of control and it’s a fantastic feeling” she
murmured, “You’re a very experienced lover.”
Gradually we both realized that we ought to
move before it was too late and I asked her
how she wanted me.
Her eyes opened and she smiled “Big and
soon” she chuckled, adding “Just stay as you
are and I’ll fold my legs across you.”
She moved across the bed a little and parting
both legs wide, swung them across my thighs.
She gave a little wriggle and I found my rigid
cöck was now resting along her creamy cleft.
She reached between her thighs and steered
me into the warm abyss, uttering a throaty
moan of delight as she felt me slide effortlessly
and fill up her tight cünt.
“That is seriously incredible” she said softly,
“Just stay like that for a minute while I increase
the temperature a fraction” and her hand slid
onto her pubis to arouse the sensitive nub of
her clìt.
I could feel the vibration of her fingers, but even
more exciting were the intermittent tiny
muscular spasms of her cünt that squeezed me
in an amazingly sensuous way.
“I think the main course is almost ready for
serving” I said as I felt the growing urge inside
me and started to thrust gently.
“And this customer is getting very hungry for
“Then I’d better try and satisfy your appetite
quite quickly.”
“Very…. quickly….please “she gasped, her hips
matching my thrusts and her breathing coming
in hollow gasps.
After a few minutes neither of us could hold out
any longer as the crest of the örgasmic wave
curled, broke and crashed over us at the same
moment. Bessem shouted something
unintelligible and her pelvis shuddered as her
knees bent against me, pulling me deeper inside
and I felt the surge of my own climax detonate
violently. As my spünk jetted into her she
uttered a long drawn out wail, her hands
reaching upwards to grasp the rail above the
bed. We both relaxed as the aftershock
diminished and I stayed embedded in her for
some minutes until our breathing returned to
Bessem looked across at me with a contented
smile. “Shall I move?”
“Not if you don’t want to – there’s no rush”
“Then stay exactly where you are for a little
while” she said happily, “You’re still ever so big”
Just to prove her point I started to make a few
gentle thrusts and she looked at me with an
expression of surprise, “Do that again – it gave
me nice little twinges again. In fact very nice
I smiled at her and resumed my little
movements, reaching over to handle a bréast as
I did so.
“I don’t believe it” she panted in amazement,
“I’m sure I’m building up to cüm again – I’ve
never done that before.”
“They’re not rationed – indulge yourself and

“Stay on my bréast and squeeze the nìpple –
hard. That’s it – and HARDERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I sensed her excitement rising and thrust a little
harder and deeper.
“Yeeeees….yeees … oh yes….more, more, more”
she cried, writhing frantically as she climaxed
for the second time, “Don’t stop…please don’t
stop. I don’t know what’s happening to me” and
she collapsed back onto the bed, her eyes
closed and her chest heaving.
It must have been nearly three minute before
she spoke. Her eyes opened and there was a
frightened expression on her face.
“I….I lost it completely – there were sort of
bright lights flashing everywhere and I didn’t
know where I was or what was happening. I
just know that I was in heaven and you took me
“Time for one young lady to stop, I think.
You’ve had quite enough for one day and I
don’t want to hurt you” I withdrew carefully and
moved her legs off me so that she could relax.
She turned towards me with sparkling eyes and
her arm came across holding me close and
“I have never, EVER had an experience like that
before – but I want one
I slid off the bed and went to the bathroom
before dressing. Bessem lay in bed with a silly
satisfied grin on her face.
“Would you fancy joining me for lunch
tomorrow?” she asked.
“I’d love to join you – we can see about the
lunch afterwards” I joked.
She giggled, climbed out of bed and ran butt-
náked to the bathroom, emerging some minutes
later. “I’m now half decent again,” she said with
a wry smile, selecting clean undies from a
drawer. She followed me downstairs and before
I left, went into the lounge.
“I’ve got a something for you” she said,
giggling, and handed me a scrap of black nylon
& a piece of paper, “They’re very naughty” she
commented, “But a reminder for you not to
forget where I live – together with my phone
I held them to my nose and grimaced, kissing
her firmly before being let out of the front door.
I was VERY unlikely to forget where she lived.


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