After the incident that happened to me
when i was 7years old, (how uncle ken
damaged my private body),
my parents took good care of me till i graduated from secondary school.
My secondary school days was another
big case, i knew what i passed through in
the hands of my fellow school mates
and some male teachers. Something happened one day, there was
this guy who have been asking me out for
a long time to become his girlfriend, his
name is
chima, i told him that am from a christian
home and boyfriend and girlfriend is not of God, a true child of God does not
suppose to engage
his/her self in boyfriend and girlfriend.
HE said i should forget about all that, he
said that he love me and will do anything
to have me as his girlfriends even if its by killing someone.
My mum thought me how to keep my
body holy and how to abstain from
worldly friendship known as boyfriend
and girlfriend, he told me
that once i accept any boy in my life, he will either lead me to evil or take away my
heart from God. Even after telling the guy
these things, he insisted that i should be
his girlfriend but i refused.

So he set up a trap for me, one day he borrowed my maths text book, i willingly
gave it to him and he promise to return it
the next which was on Friday,
he did not return the text book but he
said i should come to his house to collect
it,..Come to your house?.. i asked him, he said yes and thats the only option.
Our house is closer to his house, so on
Saturday evening i wanted to go to his
house but i knew its very risky to go alone
so i called
one of my friend to accompany me to his house, its just a 20mins walk from my
house to his house, so before 7pm, i and
my friend joy got
to his house only to find out that he was
not around, i called him on phone and he
said we should wait for him, we waited for 30mins before
he finally arrived then it was 7:30pm.
I Never knew that chima was upto
something, he asked us to come inside, i
told him no that its already late, just go in
there and bring out my maths text book because we will be having
maths test on Monday, thats true (chima
He insisted that we should come into the
parlor before he will release the book,
because i was seriously in need of the book so i and my friend entered the
parlor, what will i offer you (chima
inquired), please dont offer us anything,
just give us the book please its already
late i want to go and study my book.
After much exchange of words, my friend joy said we should calm down to see
what chima want to offer us, i agreed
with her.
Chima went and brought us juice with
two glasses, i whispered to my friend’s
ear..(I dont trust chima, he might be up to something), joy told me that nothing
will happen, i told her that i cannot drink
the juice, joy drank the juice alone and
after drinking the juice chima brought out
my maths text book and gave it
to me, he was angry because i did not drink the juice.
Before we left his house, joy started
feeling weak and she said she is tired
that she cant go home with me, joy slept
off immediately feeling so weak.
What have you done to my friend? i asked chima. (fear gripped me)


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