I drove to the salon very fast wasting no minute, paid the money and asked Anitah to get into the car.
She sat beside me, and with a shy but humble face greeted me not knowing that she was deeply killing me .
I started fantasizing and all I was seeing in imaginations was Anitah sweetly and passionately screaming as I was gently drilling through her tender ground that lied in between her garden.
I don’t know where I got a feeling that Anitah was a virgin, “but most probably she was” I insisted.

“Anitah did u have lunch?” I asked as if I had left her with money to buy it and as I expected, the answer was no, she didn’t.
I drove her to SWING IN gardens where she would get something to eat and I did that in haste, for I was minding time very much.
In the next 15 minutes we had arrived and I asked her to stay in the car because I did not want anyone to see me entering with her, perhaps somebody who Knows me would be somewhere.
I asked if they had lodges and automatically they were there.
I paid for a very nice room with the most comfortable bed and ordered for chips and chicken, I then sent the waiter to bring my specimen to the lab, for I was going for a practical .

She looked puzzled when she entered the room, infact she looked like she didn’t understand what was the thing was coming to.
I asked her to sit on the bed and eat her food but she still looked shocked; everything was new in her life basing on her face judgement.
I excused myself to be off for some minutes and I told her that in the next 10 minutes I was picking her claiming to be time conscious!
I ran to a nearby clinic and bought a packet of “O” CDs, hid it my pocket and in 6 minutes I was actually back to the room.
She was still eating very gently and with all the respect. I sat by her side and started watching her as she ate.
I softly rested my right hand upon her thigh and reminded her to feel free with everything.
I picked a small piece of chicken from her plate of food, and fed her with it trying to check whether there would be some resistance but I was on “sure deal”.
I then asked her to face my direction, picked another piece and held it between my lips and asked her to pick it with her lips. She perfectly did it.

“Now let’s repeat it when your eyes are closed”, I brought a suggestion and she didn’t wait to close the eyes.
As she brought her lips close, I dropped a piece of chicken pulled her close and tenderly kissed her lips.
Her lips were sweeter than wine, so tender and they left a taste that my heart will never forget.
I got drawn towards her lips so helplessly like except them, there was nothing else Devine. I opened her browse as she just looked like she was on Mars.
I kissed her boobs as if it was a job interview; carefully yet worried of making a blander.
Majestically I pulled her up, moved with her towards the switch and abruptly put the lights off as my weird hands were searching her skirts.


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