… As we enta house, wetin I neva
undastand na as dis babe tak no wia my
bed dey becos she jus drag me 4hand enta
room throw me 4bed. D force wey thelma
use jump ontop me mak me wonda weda
she be tiger 4her past life, b4 I de recova
from dat shock she jus kari ha mouth fix
my mouth de suck my tongue like say she
wan suck am out tak do peppersoup. I
nobe d kain pesrson wey de kiss any kain
babe but as I tak de enjoy dis babe kiss
mak me 4get my policy, as she de xplore
my mouth she use her left hand unzip my
jean comot my p—k de stroke slow slow, d
babe com sit 4bed, spit 4her hand now
start wetin be koret sweet strokin. As
thelma hand tak soft mak me wonda weda
she don touch any hard tin since dem born
am infact if evri babe hand dey lyk dat,
men nogo boda about toto again. If u you
go ashawo u go jus tell am mak she stroke
ur p—k mak u comot. I knw say if I no stop
dis girl I go jus c-m, asif she read my mind
she comot her hand, stand up luk me de
smile. I rememba say me and dis babe
neva tok anytin since we com bak 4rm
princess bar ( I no even nid her tok wetin I
nid na toto). As d babe stand, she start
2de comot her short skirt; Thelma jus de
do evritin very slow asif she de count her
action, as she comot skirt finish, wetin I
face na d kain shape wey go mad any man,
her red pant no even cova ha toto main
main; na dia I take no say even babes de
sag pant, d pant jus try cova half d ‘V’
shape wey dey betwin her thigh. She com
climb ontop bed again, bend down, open
my belt drag my jean comot, na only
boxers now remain, dat one na small
challenge becos na only one finger she
take tear am comot 4rm my waist. She
comot her top, comt bra remainin only her
pant. As I still de lie 4bed she sit 4my belle,
spread her legs de luk me de smile….

… Thelma jus de luk me de smile, I ask am
why she de smile lyk dat she tok say she
de pity me. SHUOOoo! Why u de pity me
nah,wetin hapun?, she say she de pity my
p—k becos de way she go tak suck and
ride am, na only fire service go fit quench d
fire wey go catch my p—k. Hard man apart
I nogo lie, wetin thelma tok put fear 4my
body. I tell am say na her toto go catch fire
nobe my p—k, 2of us laff ova d mata bt I
still kari wetin she tok 4mind. Thelma com
say mak I bring my finger she wan show
me somtin, as I giv am my finger, she say
mak I close eye, I obey like mumu. Next tin
e com be like say she kari my finger put
inside warm okro soup wey kpomo full
inside, omo dis babe don wet like river
niger, infact if u put straw dia u fit suck out
fluid wey go full ur mouth. She don shift
her pant oneside put my finger inside her
toto. I open eye, put anoda finger inside
toto, if nobe say d babe wet well well I
swear d 2nd finger 4 no gree enta, thelma
jus ova tite, 4 my mind I don already swear
say I nogo do anytin less dan 4rounds wit
am dat nite. As I de Bleep her wit my
2fingers her body jus de vibrate lyk pesin
wey get eletric shock. At a time e com be
like say I node do am well 4 am, she hol
my hand wit force, position my fingers diret
2 her toto, start 2 push her waist up and
down wit speed 2my fingers. Na dat day I
no say no mata hw small ur p—k dey u go
fit Bleep any babe and she go enjoy am
since dis babe de enjoy my small finger. “I
wan suck u” na d nxt tin wey I hear thelma
tok. I tell am say she no nid ask, na she get
my p—k. She say mak I stand 4 ground
near bed, I obey d madam, she com sit 4
edge of bed, position her hands tight 4my
waist like say I go run comot. Naso she jus
de squeeze my ball lyk say she wan comot
milk inside, befor I no wetin de hapun
thelma don kari my p—k put inside mouth,
com see suck. Dis girl de suck p—k like
people wey de act blue fiim, like say dem
de giv award 4dat. She jus de suck my p—
k de go, she hol my p—k wit left hand, as I
de find wia d oda hand dey I com see say
she de work 4ha toto wit d hand, d tin de
go in and out wit force. She suck me 4 like
20mins, b4 I no wetin de hapun she push
me 4bed, climb on top me kari my p—k
wan put inside toto, infact half of d p—k
don alreadi enta her hot toto, make she
begin de bounce, I com rememba mysef.
Dis na babe wey I no no who she be or
even wia she 4rm com, d only tin I no
about am na ha name ( and her toto) I no
fit Bleep am raw. I jump up from bed, she
ask me wetin hapun i tell am say I wan
wear condom, d babe jus frown face, I com
bed kiss am 4lips promise am say if she
com nxt time we go do am raw. I open my
drawer (wia I de kip condom), I no see
2packets of condom wey I buy 4days ago, I
chek under my rug, I no see condom.
Hmm. I check ontop wardrobe 4wia, no
condom. I com rememba say jerry ( one of
my guys ) kari woman com my house
2days ago. And na 11.30pm de nak now…


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