she comot ha bumshot drop am
4ground. E remain only red pant,
sexy red pant. From wia I dey, I
see say she don ova soak. Ha toto
juice don soak unda ha pant. I no
fit resist am naim i raise my
finga, kari am shift ha pant one
side, as she stil de stand. D kain
wet wey ha toto dey, I neva see
am 4any babe. Ha toto too wet.
As I de slide am slide am in and
out, she com open ha leg wider,
move 4ward com near me more.
I de Bleep ha toto wit my finga
she de moan.
Oohh… Oohh… Aahh
Ha leg com begin de shake, de
vibrate. Ecom be lyk say ha leg
nogo fit kari ha bodi again naim
she hol me 4hand, comot my
hand, my finga jus de shine lyk
pesin wey put hand 4 shoemaker
She com siddon near me, open
leg again, kari my finga guide am
inside ha hot, slippery toto. I de
finga am, she de moan. At a time
she comot my hand, raise ha
waist up comot pant, com climb
down 4rm bed, stand de face me,
ha hands 4ha hips. she dey
Unclad lyk wen I’m mama born
She tell me say she no no why
she de do dis tin wey she de do,
say she no suppose even allow
mak I see am nakked talkless of
touch am, kiss am or even Bleep
am. I com hapi 4my mind atleast
she don tok say I go Bleep am .
She tok say e don reach almost
one year wey pesin see ha toto, I
ask am who b d pesin wey Bleep
am, she tell me say I no nid no.
“Wey ur condom?” She ask me.
I tell am say I no kari any
condom, mak we do am lyk dat
notin go hapun.
She go ha door, open am, tell me
say mak I de go my house, com
bak 2moro wit condom mak we
“So if u giv me belle now, who I
go tell pple say naim get am?, my
student 4primary skool?”
I jus laff, go my wallet comot
condom, go bak bed lie down. I
giv am d condom, she open am,
roll am put my p—k.
She com climb ontop bed, close
my legs 2geda, spread ha legs,
she bend down, hol my p—k 4ha
hand, position am diret 2ha toto,
omo as my p—k head enta ha
hot tunnel, e com b lyk say hand
dey inside de grab am. Mrs joyce
toto dey so fuccckin tite. D tin de
squeeze my p—k.
She com de lower hasef, close
eyes, ha mouth open. As she
swallow my p—k finish wit ha
toto, she com open eyez, stil luk
” U don readi mak I Bleep u?” She
ask me.
” Fire de go” I reply
She position ha feet well 4bed,
com start de ride me.
I look my belle, mrs joyce toto
juice don water evriwia, she de
bounce 4my p—k de moan. De
She com lean 4ward, kari ha
2hands hol me 4neck, replace ha
feet wey dey 4bed wit ha knee.
Begin de fire de go. Ha toto de
hol my p—k wit force like say
she wan pluck am comot my
bodi. Afta she don Bleep me
4sum mins, she climb down, lie
4bed, spread ha fat legs, drag me
ontop am.
My sweet chubby mrs joyce
spread ha leg 4me. I de luk ha
red toto as ha wetness jus full. Ha
laps fat com soft, ha thick hair
com mak d whole tin com fine lyk
wetin I no fit tok. I put two
fingas inside, open ha toto, finga
am small, com put am 4my
mouth. I do am d 2nd time. I
comot hand, put am 4ha toto
hairs, d bush jus cova my hand…
“Baby com Bleep me now plsss”
she tell me.

I com position between ha legs,
put my p—k head 4 ha toto
entrance, de push am inside,
inside ha hot toto. As usual, d tin
stil de grab my p—k. I com beliv
wetin she tell me say e don tey
wey she Bleep.
My 1st stroke fill ha toto, long,
and deep and tight. I start de fire
am, use my whole strenght de
Bleep am. She jus de moan 4my
ear, de beg me mak I Bleep am
harder, deeper, fasta. I put my
hands unda ha legs com raise
am, de Bleep am deep and deep.
I luk d woman face, d woman
wey de teach us 4primari skool
mak we be good bois and girls,
mak we respet our parents, mak
we de read our buks. Na she I de
Bleep hard now and she de cry
de beg me mak I Bleep am hard…
Ha face de respond 2 evri stroke
I giv am. I de Bleep am hard and
fast, she de moan, kari ha legs
wrap 4my nyash, use ha 2hands
hol me 4neck de kiss me as she
do b4.
At a time she com de Bleep me
4rm ground wey she dey wit
speed, de raise ha waist 4rm bed
de meet my own wit full force. Ha
toto de milk around my p—k. I
luk ha face, one kain wicked
smile dey ha face wich mean say
she sabi wetin she de do me. At a
time I stop 2de move, but she still
de Bleep me 4rm unda, hol my
neck asif na dia ha life dey.
Na dat time my bodi stat de stiff.
She de Bleep me 4rm unda lyk
mad woman, de moan..
“Oh baby.. Bleep me.., u too
sweet… Ahhhh… Na dis kain tin
my toto nid… Abeg no stop…
Bleep me hard……
Ha yarns jus be lyk say e open my
bodi 4rm inside, naim I comot
my p—k fast, comot condom
troway, put am inside again…..
Omo see heaven. See as ha wet
toto tak tight 4my p—k.
I Bleep am 4lyk 3mins again,
comot p—k pour evritin 4ha
belle. E be lyk say my head jus
open becos as I de release, naim
my whole bodi de release wit me.
I collapse ontop am, she jus de
stroke my hair. Na lyk dat 2of us
tak sleep.
I wake up leta, she stil de sleep, I
enta ha baffroom, wash my bodi,
wia cloth, com bak, she still de
sleep, I kiss am 4 lips, de comot
4door…naim I hear ha voice….
“Mak sure say u com bak hia
2moro o,’ I no wan luk 4 u”,


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