….. We don enta ha room. Dis wicked room.
Dis room wey mak me sleep unda bed
reach mornin. She push me 4bed, I fall
enta, de face up. She com ask me weda I
don confam say she sabi kiss, I say yes
ooo na u b masta. She ask me weda I want
mak she continu de kiss, I reply am say
unless she wan mak i suffocate. She com
lie down ontop me, de luk me, kari ha
magic fingas de twist my nippple, e com b
lyk say sweet eletric jus de shock my bodi.
I de suck in air. Ha rite hand com comot
4my nippple de drag down go my jean. Ha
hand de search 4my jean buttons, she de
kiss me sofri 4 lips, de bite my lips small
small. As she open d button, she com lift
hasef 4rm my bodi, kneel 4my leg side, de
comot my jeans. Trust my p—k, d tin don
stand ready 4any action. She comot my
boxers… “Hmm, see small boy of ystday o.
See as ur p—k don big reach, who no hw
mani small girls u don scata wit dis tin” I
juss laff. She com hol d p—k, de luk am
side 2 side, com b asif say she de inspect
am. She com de stroke my p—k, de stroke
am de luk me 4eyes. She position ha sef
between my legs wey open, she com wet
ha lips wit ha tonge, de look my p—k. “If u
open ur mouth tell anibody wetin we do eh,
I go do u wetin u nogo lyk, u de hia me?”, I
ansa am. As I de luk, my fine mrs joyce,
my teacher 4 primari4, drop down ha lips
de near my p—k, she touch my p—k head
wit ha lips, I jerk small. She now open ha
lips, de kiss de head. omo d tin de excite
me nobe small. She increas pressure and
speed 4d head, de suck wit force. I com
raise my waist 4rm bed, slide d whole tin
inside mrs joyce hot mouth, she luk me as
my p—k still dey ha mouth, com surprise. I
de push my hip up and down, de Bleep ha
mouth, she com tite ha lips around d p—k, I
increas speed de Bleep ha mouth lyk mad
man. Wen she see say my speed don de
much, she kari ha 2hands hol me 4 waist,
slow me down, comot ha mouth.. “If u
relase 4my mouth I go mak sure say u
drink am 4rm my mouth”, she warn me.

She still de hol me 4waist, com put ha
mouth bak 4my p—k de suck, de milk my
p—k. I jus de groan! Mrs joyce de suck my
p—k, nobe say she jus de suck am, she de
Bleep my p—k wit ha mouth. Ha hot mouth
de slide up and down my p—k. She de baff
my p—k wit ha spit and sweet tongue. if
say na normal babes wey I de Bleep I 4don
jus jump ontop dem now, put my p—k
4toto de Bleep but dis one different. Na
mrs joyce b dis nobe dose small small
babes I de Bleep. Na she de control evritin,
I no get choice. She de suck de go, At a
time she do asif she de comot p—k 4rm ha
mouth, as only d head com remain, she
com focus 4d head de suck am hard, use
ha left hand de squeeze my balls. I warn
am say I don de com but mrs joyce still de
suck hard. I hol am 4head, try mak I pull ha
head comot 4rm my p—k, she no gree. Dis
woman stubborn o. I com lose hope, start
de Bleep ha mouth again. De groan lyk mad
man….. My head de turn… I lose balance. I
shoot my 1st load inside ha mouth, she stil
de suck as I de release, she de suck hard
and hard asif she wan milk evri wata wey
dey my bodi 4rm my p—k. I try mak I dey
one place but I no fit. She still de suck. I
com begin de relax as my c-m de reduce,
my breath com de slow small small, mrs
joyce comot my p—k 4rm ha mouth enta
baffroom, I hia am de rinse mouth wit
wata. My bodi com de settle down. Afta
she don clean hamouth finish 4 baffroom,
she com 4bed wia I lie com de near me, we
de gist. Afta lyk 20mins, she attack my p—
k again wit ha hand, de stroke am. My p—k
respond imediatly, com stand. Mrs joyce
stand ontop bed, 4my front.. Put hand 4ha
bumshot button open am, pull zip down de
comot d bumshot slowly …..


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