HOTEL PALAVA … (18+) … Part 43



Jummy’s POV

My condition has stopped me from doing alot.
My assistant took over the running of my modeling agency. I still couldn’t bring myself to letting people see me this way.
Emmy moved into the house to ease my stress.
She quickly took the offer when Dad made the request.
I laid in the hospital bed, Mom and Dad took me for my regular check up.
“Did you feel that?” I heard the doctor ask, “No” I answered, “Did you feel this other one?” He asked and tears trickled down to the side of my face into my ears.
The doctor took my parents out. The nurse put me back into the wheel chair and after a while Mom walked in. “Your father had to go to the estate. He has a meeting with a commissioner” she said and I frowned.
“What did the doctor say?” I asked, “What?”
“Mom don’t play dumb, what did he say”
“That we might have to fly you abroad”
“I can’t go”
“I can’t go without seeing Henry pay for all he has done” “Jummy, he doesn’t deserve you, just forget him. There’ll be many more guys, you’re pretty”
“And in a wheelchair because of Henry. I ca can’t let it go”
“Just take me home already” I snapped and she exhaled. “Whatever you say dear”

I was watching tv when I heard the maid call my attention. I turned back to see Adesuwa standing behind her.
“Madam your friend say”
“Which kain friend!” I yelled, “Send her out this moment!” “Jummy”
“Don’t call my name!” I screamed on top of my voice.”Send her out this instant!”
“Madam abeg con do commot” the maid said to her and she clasped her hands.
“Please Jummy, just hear me out. Give me two minutes of your time”. “I can’t even give you one”
“Give me thirty seconds. Please just hear me out”
“You better start talking”
“Jummy” she moved close.
“You had better not come close” I snapped and she nodded.
“I’m here to apologise for whatever hurt you may feel, I know you might partially think this is my fault”
“Partially?” Jummy asked, “it was entirely your fault”
Adesuwa went on her knees, I was bewildered.
“Henry has apologized already and you’ve proved difficult but on behalf of Henry and I, I beg that you find a place in your heart to forgive” she begged and cried.
“I’ve learnt not to judge a book by it’s cover, I’ve learnt that there are more to every individual than their appearance. I know with all this bitterness there has to be something good in there, perhaps you’re being pushed by Emmy to do stuffs you don’t want to do. She’s not a good friend”
“She’s the only friend I have d–n it! Get out of my house”
“Get out!” I yelled and she rose.
“There is a Thanksgiving at the Babalola’s house this 25th, I’m using this meduim to invite you”
“Out!” I snapped and the maid escorted her out.

Emmy came back afterwards with shopping bags and I told her everything that had happened. “Why wasn’t I at home?” She asked,
“I would had beaten the hell out of her” she added.
“She would have beaten the hell out of you, Emmy you can only cause trouble, you can’t fight”
“The security would have dealt with her”
“You don’t have a job and you’re shopping?”
“My parents are filthy rich”
“Should I remind you that they’ve cut you off and most companies are not willing to employ you because of your bad records?” I asked and she laughed.
“Okay you want to know the truth, I’m dating a very rich old man”
“What won’t we hear from you Emmy”
“Babe I need the cash. I’m low on cash”
“And you still keep spending”
“That’s the essence of having money baby” she replied and I chuckled. ” I bought something for you” she passed a bag to me and I opened it removing some crop tops.
“Seriously? Are you mocking me?”
“Who says because your legs are immobile that you can’t look sexy?” She asked and I laughed.
“You’re still pretty girl. Look sexy”
“I love you Emmy. Thank you” I appreciated and smiled.
“You are welcome” Emmy replied hugging me.

Adesuwa’s POV

The thanksgiving began past eleven, people were coming in one by one. I noticed Deji was present, even his mom.
She had put together a plan to bring Lilian and Deji together. Lilian whom I invited as a friend was supposed to play a server at the party if Deji would bring his pride down to accept her.
Mrs. Omojola said she call him up, demand that he accepts her pregnancy but she wanted him to accept her personally.
I walked into the kitchen, Fatai was talking to Joan and Lilian, they were both in a black and white shirt for the servers.
“How una dey?” I asked and Joan smiled.
“See as Ade dey glow” she commented and I laughed.
“You want swell my head shea?” I asked and she laughed.
“Deji is around” I said to Lilian and she sighed.
She walked out of the kitchen unbuttoning the white shirt she wore. She wore a bit top underneath.
“I’m not doing this,”
“What?” I asked.
“This plan to get Deji accept me. If I suffer another headache again, I’ll just die”
“So you’re going to throw away the plan Mrs. Omojola has worked her ass to execute?”
“This is about Deji, I’ll just die if I look into his eyes and he looks at me as though he’s ashame of me”
“Then you’re free to slap him silly. I’ll personally slap him silly” I added and she laughed. I’m scared” she added.
“It’s totally understandable. Just do it”.

While walking around in search of Henry, I bumped into Deji. “Hey” he said and I ignored him. “Maybe I deserve that” he added and I turned back at him.

“I mean I’ve always been rude, I never liked you”
“No one did. Mrs. Babalola didn’t now she does. I don’t care about that but what you did to my best friend. You don’t deserve to be ignored, you deserve worse”
“You don’t understand a thin” Deji answered and I scoffed.
“I understand that you don’t love her and that you’re ashamed of her” “It’s not”
“It’s not just that” “If you didn’t like her, why did you play with her feelings?” I asked and he shook his head. I didn’t want to play with her feelings”
“But what happened? Then your mom saw her and you cowered like a little child. Yes she told me everything. I know every single thing that happened” I answered and he scratched his head.
“You’re scared of your parents will not accept her, Deji you’re not just a coward but a grown one”
“I’m not”
“Prove it then, Lilian is here at the party, prove that you’re not a wimp” “I don’t have to prove anything to anyone” he answered and I hissed.
“Wimp” I added leaving. That should give him something to think of.

During the course of the party, Henry called the attention of everyone, Lilian was absent, I wondered where she was. I haven’t seen her with the other servers since I saw her talking to Deji a while ago.
While I thought of this, I saw Henry kneel down then he brought out a black ring box from his pocket.
I was smiling beyond control. “This is something I’ll never dream of doing, I’m always scared of doing this in public but because this is a special day, I ask in front of this gathering today;
Adesuwa Ighodaro, would you marry me? He asked, “Whoa!” I heard Tosin yell and I laughed.
“Yes I will” I nodded and he rose up kissing me and everyone clapped.

Segun walked up to me smiling. “I guess congratulations are in order” he said and I rolled my eyes. “Can you just let me be?” I asked and he chuckled.
“You look pretty” “What are you doing here?” I asked, “I received the invite” he answered with a smirk.
I wish Mrs. Babalola knew about him!
“Just go your own way, let me go my own way”
“Let’s talk” he held my hands and I slapped him on the face. Eyes turned towards us and I sighed. Henry walked towards me almost immediately.
“Who invited you here?” He asked, “I was invited by your mom” he answered and Henry threw a punch on his face.
“Henry!” Mrs. Babalola yelled and I held Henry back. “Someone better show that idiot the way out before I do something stupid”
Segun rose up, he was bleeding from his lip.
“What did he do?” Mrs. Babalola asked, “What did he do?” She asked again.
“Better show him the way out” Henry thundered and Mrs. Babalola took Segun out.
“That felt good” Henry sighed and I chuckled.
Mrs. Babalola came back afterwards while Henry and I were talking about Deji. “Why did you punch your cousin?” She asked, “Mom don’t bother asking”
“Leave Adesuwa and I alone” she added and Henry left.
“What happened?” She asked and I shook my head.
“It can’t be nothing. Henry and Segun have been friends. Something must have happened”
“Something happened. Segun kissed me during your birthday and Henry and I fought because he found out I’ve had sex with him””
“Okay… I’m not going to judge you”
“Ma I didn’t have sex with Segun, he drugged me and raped me.” I answered and she shut her eyes. “Why would…” before she could complete her sentence, a gun shot was fired towards my direction.
I heard one of the servers scream, she was on the floor bleeding.
“Jesus!” I yelled looking towards a direction and I saw a man hiding. “That’s him” I pointed and he ran away.
People were scared to chase after him since he had a gun with him but a call was put through to the police men at the estate gate.
The girl was rushed to the hospital. The party ended that very moment.
News got yo us that the man has been caught. I was asked to come to the police station for face recognition and I confirmed it was him.
That gunshot was supposed to be fired at me. I wanted to know why so the police began investigation.

“Thank God they failed” Lilian answered and I turned to her. “Where were you? You were no where to be found” I asked and she tried not to smile.
“What happened”
“I was with Deji,” she answered and I gazed suspiciously at her. ” What’s going on Lilian, I asked and she giggled.

The man who tried to kill me confessed he was sent by Adebimpe Falana to take me off the picture. I was shocked, I began to wonder how she found out about me.
Mrs. Falana was arrested. With Mr and Mrs. Babalola and Henry solidly behind me, I decided to press charges.
The matter was taken to court afterwards. Her children stood by her, including her husband.
Then justice took a good turn after Mr. Falana my biological father deserted Mrs. Falana and took my side. Even if he didn’t want to because he was worried his children would not be in his support of it.
The first day I had a personal encounter with him was at the Babalola’s duplex when he drove in with his policemen.
Mr. Babalola begged but he refused once again.
“Aunty Maggie said you loved my mother” I began, “I’m beginning to doubt her claim”
“I loved your mother, but this is a war and if I choose sides, my children would hate me”
“I’m not asking you choose sides, I’m asking you do the right thing. Your wife is a terrorist who deserves to be locked in jail. This is my life we talking about. If she’s let out to roam free, she’ll kill me. Is that what you want?”
I asked and he shook his head.
“Then the reason why I let you and your mother go would be lost.” He answered.
“Please, if we have your support, we’ll be sure to win this case.” “I know you guys are trying to bribe the judge, I have Intel already and Adesuwa would lose this case”.
Henry and I took time to discuss about the wedding date and we made a decision. It was fixed on the 9th of February; two weeks after Ivie’s wedding.

Jummy’s POV

“Merry Christmas” mom said to me as I laid in bed. “Merry Xmas mom” I smiled. “Are you going out?” I asked and she nodded.
“I have three functions to be at including the Babalola’s own. I was given the invite. Your father doesn’t want to go but I will”
“I don’t know, there’s nothing fun to do at home.
I’ll only be depressed”
“Because of me shea?”
“Because of lots of things, your father would go to the estate running his business and I don’t like being depressed on Christmas day. Follow me Jummy”
“I can’t” she answered
“I’m sorry”

I later had a change of mind after she had left. I thought of going there would make some people uneasy and unhappy.
Emmy helped me with a short red gown and the driver drove off. Halfway our destination, I had a change of mind.
The driver drove me home, I noticed the maids were outside. The shock on their faces when I drove in. The driver took out my wheels from the boot then placed it close to the car then he mounted me in it.
“What’s going on?” I asked one of the maids,
“It’s…” She pointed.
“its your friend oh” she added and I wondered why Emmy sent the maids out. I’ll deal with this” I said and he pushed the door open.
“You can go” I said to him and he walked back.
There was loud music playing, I wheeled myself in and I heard moaning sounds. “Go harder Daddy!” She groaned and I wheeled in to see Emmy bouncing on my own father.
I screamed in anger and she jumped off covering her private with a pillow. The same pillow I lean on when watching tv.
I screamed!
“Dad” I muttered to dad who zipped up his trousers.
“How can I un-see this!” I yelled.
“Princess” Dad called out.
“Don’t princess me!”
“You should be ashamed of yourself Dad, my best friend” “Its the devil? Emmy my own father. A man you call Daddy and you have the right to hop on him…. Go harder? Are you crazy?”
“What’s all this sef?” She asked, I can sleep with anyone I want to”
“So he’s the old man you’re dating” I added and she hissed putting on the gown she wore before I left home.
“You could have respected my mom”
“Respected what? It won’t be the first time in doing this with your father” “How long has this been going on?” I asked and I saw dad try to beg her using his eyes.
“I’ve been sleeping with your dad far back in our university days”
“if I could stand, I would have slapped you silly.”
I cried.
“Please don’t let your mother know” Dad begged.
“Emmy leave my house!”
“I’m not leaving!”
“Leave the house Emmy” Dad demanded and she hissed. “You must be drunk”
“I said leave the house or I’ll call security on you” Dad threatened.
“Me Festus?” She asked.

You won’t believe what happened at the Thanksgiving,” Mom walked into my room.
“They fired a gun at Adesuwa”
“Seriously?” I asked and she nodded.
“It didn’t hit her sha, someone else is in the hospital because of it.”
“I wonder who must have done it.”
“They are suspecting you for it” she added and I scoffed. “I didn’t do it” “Emmy?” She asked and I shrugged.
“They caught the person sha oh. They have taken the person to the police station”
“Dad is cheating” I announced and I didn’t see shock on her face. “You knew?” I asked and she nodded. “Your dad has been cheating for a very long time. We’re women, we know these things, we’re not stupid.”
“With Emmy”
“What?” She asked, “Did…did you just say with Emmy? The same Emmy I take as my own daughter.”
“I caught them this afternoon” I added and she sat on the bed, mom busted into tears. “Where is that shameless man?” She asked and I cried.
“Mom I don’t want to stay here any longer. I’ll take the doctors offer to tale treatment abroad. Anywhere! Not just here in Nigeria” I cried and she hugged me.


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