HOTEL PALAVA … (18+) … Part 31



Lilian’s POV

Felicia took me to a hospital so I can have the test. I went back to work afterwards. I was hoping to get the results the next day.
I went back to the hotel, then to Adesuwa’s office. I just wanted to talk to someone.
“Hey” I waved at her and she stood up. “Why your face be like this?”
“Nothing happen, body no just sweet me at all”
“But you just treat malaria”
“I’m really not feeling too well”
“You should rest”
“Am I the only one that will be taking permission to go on sick leave?” “This one we you dey do like this, sure say you no get belle” she teased and I bowed my head.
“Jesus Lilian!” She slapped her palm on the table then she turned back as though Mr

. Henry would come out.
“I told you, I told you, you could have used protection or taken protective measures”
“Why are you making assumptions? I just had the test done, I’ll get the result tomorrow. There’s no need to fret”
“I feel it my guts that you’re pregnant Lilian” “Ade”
“Are you going to tell him?” She asked and I rolled my eyes. “I don’t need anyone’s support to raise my child

. I’ll do it on my own”

Adesuwa’s POV

I tightened my fist in anger at the possibility of Lilian being pregnant. I thought of what would become of her. I thought of Felecia and how disappointed she would feel.
I was mad at Deji and his craftiness. I just wished within that I could see him and just give him a piece of my mind.
I walked into Henry making a call. He was on it for a while. “When would you get here?” He asked waiting for the caller to speak.
“Just let me know when you’re in town” he added then hung up.
“Who was that?”
“It was …” He hesitated, “Deji” he added and I hissed.
“What does he want? Whose heart has he broken again?”
“He’s coming back to Lagos for the Christmas holiday”
“I know you still don’t like him”
“And you know I have my reasons” I answered now leaning on the table. “I shouldn’t tell you this but.. there’s a chance that Lilian might be pregnant”
“Are you serious?” He asked and I nodded.
“She went for a test but I felt it from the first day that something was wrong. I don’t know why it had to happen”
“Mistakes happen” he supported, “What if it happens to you”
“Henry, I refuse to get pregnant without your mom’s acceptance. I refuse to be a single mother”
Henry stood up immediately, he had laughter at the corner of his lips. “You’re doubting me right now, I do hope you realize it”
“Henry I’ve watched a lot of movies, you might end up choosing your mom’s side so….I can’t afford to make mistakes”
“Adesuwa, I don’t care if mom doesn’t accept you, you’re my choice”
“Until something will happen that would make you change your mind” I added and he laughed.
“Have you been watching telemundo?” He asked and I shook my head.
“I watched ‘When you’re mine” and ‘La ravancha’ enough to know that mother-in-laws can do the worse to keep their sons from getting married to the woman they don’t like” I snapped and he laughed.

I went back home before 4pm. I wore a gown, it wasn’t the most prettiest of gowns. It was one of my favourite church gowns.
Henry picked me up and we went over to his family house.
The party was held outside the house. I was happy, that I didn’t have to go inside. There were a bunch of rich folks in there.
I sighted Emmy, I knew Jummy wasn’t far away. A guy walked up to us with a big smile on his face. “Henriko!!!!” He hailed shaking Henry’s hands.
“Taye Taiwo!” He answered and they both hugged.
“Long time oh” the guy added and then he looked at me. “Who be this angel?”
“That’s my girlfriend Adesuwa”
“Adesuwa, beautiful name Adesuwa” he stretched his hands at me and I smiled. “Thank you”
“I might not have a British accent but I’m a lot more handsome than him if you’re looking for a second choice” he teased and I laughed.
“My eyes are locked on him already”
“Tell him” Henry added and we all laughed.
“Good to know cause I’m anticipating marriage very soon”
“If you marry, you go die?” Henry asked and Taiwo laughed. “Please, our first lady Adesuwa, you might want to excuse your royal highness here for a while. There are a lot persons itching to see him”
“It’s okay”
“I don’t want to leave her” Henry objected, “I’ll be fine” I answered and Taiwo took him away.
Emmy walked up to me, it was almost as though she was waiting for me to be left alone. “I can smell cheap okirika material from afar, how much did you get it? It’s probably five hundred naira bend and select” she laughed and the other girl dragged her by the hands.
“AY leave me alone!” Emmy yelled.
“You’re just embarrassing yourself” she added moving towards me. “See Adesuwa, I have nothing against you except that you’re an intruder that stopped what could have been sweet between Henry and Jummy. Henry’s Mom hates you, Jummy hates you, please I’ll advise you leave if you want peace in this party” she suggested leaving with Emmy and I gave it a thought.
Coming here was starting to look like a very bad idea. Suddenly I sighted the last person in this world that I wanted to see- Segun Olaniyi.
He was staring at me with all seriousness. His looks could undress me. I was beginning to boil with so much anger.
Henry came afterwards. “I’m sorry for taking long, I saw mom” “Oh” I said scratching my neck. “Are you okay?” He asked and I cleared my throat.
“Yeah, sure” I answered waving my hands carelessly.
“How is she? How did she react?” I asked and he sighed. “She hugged me, she was really happy but she was drunk”
“Yes. I haven’t seen mom drunk before” he answered. “Henry can we leave now?” I asked, “I have a bad feeling already”
“Seriously? What happened? Babe, did anything happen when I left?”
“Nothing.” I answered. Just then we saw Tosin and Fatai.
“You didn’t tell me you would be coming over” Henry said and Fatai laughed.
“I’m sorry” he apologized.
“I begged him to come with me. I need him to help me with mom, I can’t do this alone” Tosin answered and Henry laughed,
“I know the feel, trust me” .
They both looked good together. I was starting to think there was something going on between them.
“Are you two…” I asked and he laughed looking at Tosin. “Nah.. we’re not” he answered and i gazed in unbelief.
There has to be something!
“Have you seen mom?” Tosin asked and Henry nodded, “And she didn’t annoy you?”
“She’s drunk” he answered.
“Yes… Mom is drunk” he affirmed then he held my hands away from them.
“I think Fatai like Tosin” I gossiped and he laughed.
“I also think the same. Tosin likes him too”
Your mom is in for a double heart break” I announced and he laughed again.
“Henry my man!” I heard a familiar voice thunder and I turned to see Segun. “Segun shege!” Henry hailed back and they both hugged themselves.
“Mehn it’s been a while” he added and I threw my gaze away.
“You must have met Adesuwa” he pointed out and I rolled my eyes invisibly. “Yes I have, at the hotel.” He answered giving me that annoying smile.
“Wow… So you two are together together?” He asked and Henry smiled.
“She has captured my heart” he answered and Segun laughed. “You don’t say”
“Yes she has” Henry answered smiling.
“I better have to see someone Henry, it was nice to meet you again Adesuwa” Segun added walking away.
“He was talking with you”
“I don’t like him Henry, I never did.”
“Segun is not that bad, he’s crazy at times but, come on” he added and I sighed.
“Let’s not talk about him please” I snapped. Henry looked at me for a while,
“Okay.. anything you say.”

Henry’s POV

Taiwo Introduced me to some distant relatives then i spotted mom’s sister, aunty TY. I walked up to her smiling.
“Good evening Ma” I bowed my head, “Good evening dear” she said pressing a warm hug against me.
“Thank God you’re here. Maybe finally your mother can be at peace” she added and I wondered what she meant.
“Where’s mom?” I asked and she pointed her fingers behind. There i saw mom chatting with a man. She was holding a glass of wine.
I summoned all manner of courage and I walked up to her. “Mom” I called out and she raised her finger up at a guest probably excusing herself.
“Henry dear” she called out then she hugged me stretching the glass away so I don’t get stained.
“Happy birthday” I added and she smiled almost in tears. “Thank you” she staggered backwards and I held her hands.
Mom laughed afterwards.
“Mom are you ….drunk?” I asked and she laughed again.
“Drunk? I’ve only had two glasses” she answered and Dad collected the wine from her. “Give me back” she complained.
“Thank you for coming” Mom hugged me again. Dad dragged mom away then he turned back at me. “Thank you” he mouthed.
I returned back to Adesuwa who was wanted to leave the party because she didn’t feel comfortable anymore. I knew something was up but I just couldn’t place my hands around it.
I agreed, but we ended up meeting Tosin and Fatai. Afterwards we met Segun Olaniyi my cousin. He made Adesuwa fell uneasy and I wondered why.
“I don’t like him Henry, I never did.”
“Segun is not that bad, he’s crazy at times but, come on” i added and she sighed as though she was already tired.
“Let’s not talk about him please” she snapped. I looked at me for a while, “Okay.. anything you say.”

A lot were happening and I tried to shield my mind away from it.
For instance I didn’t understand why Adesuwa didn’t like Segun, my mind travelled back to our previous discussion and discussions with other staffs. She has always had issues with the managers.
Perhaps she had one with Segun.

. My mind wondered what it could be.
“Let’s leave Henry please, I don’t like the way I’m feeling”
“I’ll go tell Dad”
“I’ll be by the gate” she said and i nodded.
Dad was in the house with some guest. I told him I was leaving and I left only to be stopped by Jummy. “Hey there” she said to me and I sighed.
I really have been avoiding her all evening. “Hey.. I have to go” “Why?”
“Adesuwa is waiting for me”
“Is she using charms on you?” She asked and I scoffed. “Because of her you hate your mom”
“I don’t hate my mom”
“This has to be charm” she moved closer to me. “Henry I still love and she took that away” she cried out.
“I love another person Jummy and I don’t need to tell you who”
“I know I just, don’t you still love me, there has to be something left there… something you feel for me”
“There’s nothing”
“Are you sure Henry, are you sure?” She asked kissing me on the lips. I kissed her briefly out of impulse then I pulled back.
“Stop this Jummy, stop this madness!” I yelled leaving her.
On my way to the gate I saw something I wished I could un-see.
Adesuwa’s lips were locked in Segun’s mouth.

In microseconds I wallowed in thought. I didn’t understand what was going on, wasn’t this the same Adesuwa who felt irritated by Segun’s presence. Why was she kissing him?


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