HOTEL PALAVA … (18+) … Part 29



Adesuwa’s POV

I felt bad about the way I left off things with Henry. I didn’t want to leave but I had to. He had no idea how much I hate talking about my past.
I hated the fact he questioned me based on a statement and gossip from the lying lips of Emmy. I didn’t understand why he had to believe the lies that came from her mouth.

I went into his office the next day. He raised his head at me giving me a look

. He was definitely still angry at me. Well I deserved it for walking away the way I did.
“Good morning dear” I greeted, “Good morning” he answered.
“How was your night?” He asked and I scoffed.
“It was horrible because of the way we left off things yesterday. I’m sorry about last night” i apologized and he rose up.
“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have doubted you. When Emmy said that to me and I just…” He stalled.
“Whenever we talk about your past, you avoid the topic, you’re not comfortable with it. When she told me you’ve slept with all the managers, I just thought maybe that’s why you’re being secretive. I was just curious”
“Emmy lied, I never slept with any of the managers” I lied, not like I entirely lied. I just wasn’t in the mood to tell the whole truth.
People find it hard to believe me when I tell them the truth

. I didn’t want him to look at me negatively.
When Odion came to me after hearing the news, he was like a raging lion, he didn’t ask questions, he assumed the rumours were true.
I still remember his quote like as though it happened yesterday.
“People have always said you’re a s–t, I didn’t believe it until today. Adesuwa you’re a s–t.”
I snapped out of my thoughts.
“I didn’t sleep with Segun, I never slept with the rest. When my fiance heard about it, he believed it without asking questions. He broke off our engagement”
“I’m sorry”
“At least you asked” I added and he pulled me closer to him wrapping his arms around my waist.
“That’s the only thing rational thing to do. I’m sorry I was doubtful”
“It’s okay” I finally smiled.
“It was his loss, at least I got you at the end” he added and I thought of all the circumstances that had brought us together.
The funny occurrences, Mrs. Haruna’s mistake and i laughed.
Henry parted my lips with his and we had a passionate kiss. We were so lost in the thick of it that we didn’t we’ve even realize Mrs. Haruna had walked in.
“This is unprofessional. We might have to rethink on Emmy’s idea to move you to the receptionist counter” she said and we laughed.
“I better go” I answered leaving.

Henry’s POV
After Adesuwa left, Mrs. Haruna gave me a stern look.
“You seem happy Sir”
“I am”
“I’m glad you are. Adesuwa seems happy too.” She smiled.
“Where are you going with this?”
“Adesuwa has been hurt by several men and she has been through a lot. I will hate to see her suffer in the hands of another”
“I’m not a bad person, you should know”
“I do Sir… I’m only worried about those that might be out to hurt her” she said and I understood what she meant.
She was referring to Jummy, Emmy and Mom.
“I want you to be there for her and protect her.”

At night, I decided to get comfortable in bed with nothing but my shorts on. Adesuwa was taking her bath.
I scoured through the internet and stumbled upon an idea from a big time hotel in Port Harcourt. I could use it for the hotel.
“Adesuwa, you have to see this!” I yelled and I saw Adesuwa come out in a towel tied around her waist. My eyes lingered on her smooth lap.
“What?” She walked towards me and I close the laptop. “It’s nothing important” I answered sharply and she laughed. She obviously knew there was something.
“Are you sure?” She asked, “It’s nothing that can’t be checked tomorrow. We’ve attended to business all day. Now it’s time for ‘us’ time” I wrapped my arms around her and she chuckled.
“I was thinking of what you said about me not opening up to you. I’m willing to, even if I won’t entirely tell you all.”
“My name is Adesuwa Ighodaro. My birth certificate has Adesuwa Falana but I had it changed. I’m the bastard daughter of Micheal Falana and a well known politician who as at that time was my mom’s boss.”
“Seriously?” I asked, “Does he know you exist?”
“He does” she answered with a scoff. He knows very well that I exist, according to mom he sent her packing when he found out she was pregnant. She was already four months gone. I didn’t want to bear the name of the man who hurt my mother” she paused.
“Mom raised me up, she was my mother and father.” She added in tears. I didn’t want her to speak again, I just didn’t know what to do or how to stop her.
“Adesuwa” I called out.
“This is who I am, who life made me, a d–n hustler and my ill-luck has just..”
“That’s going to change” I assured cleaning her tears.
“Your mom would have been proud of who you’ve become and I love you for who you are Adesuwa”
I slid my arm around her waist and drew back looking at her watery eyes. Then we kissed again, slowly and carefully at first then it became urgent.
I was already hard. I’ve been that way since I saw her walk out of the bathroom.
My hands roamed Adesuwa’s body; my body ached for her. She pushed me to the bed then she climbed on me taking off the towel.
Her smiled widened.

Deji’s POV
I went clubbing with some of my friends. They suggested I get out of my sinkhole and just have fun. An old friend of mine, Dami walked up to me.
She used to be a lover, one of my friends with sexual benefits.
“Deji?” She called out and I raised my eyes in shock. I haven’t seen her in years.
“Wow long time no see” she added.

The next thing I knew, we were in a hotel room kissing and pulling each other’s clothes. Just as she knelt down to take off my belt, I stopped her.
“I can’t”
“I don’t understand, what do you mean by you can’t” she answered and I sat on the bed disappointed.
Ever since I left Lagos, having sex with others have proved difficult. I haven’t successful had sex with any girl.
“I don’t understand, you don’t just bring a girl to a hotel room and just stop halfway”
“I can’t, I’m sorry. I’ll pay you”
“You can keep your money where your mouth is Deji, I don’t need it. Deji I’ve known you for years. You’re not the kind to reject s”x and s*xual offers. Who’s the girl?” She asked and I hissed.
“Open up” she sat close to me laughing. “Her name is Lilian and I hurt her.”
“The Deji I knew doesn’t believe in love”
“It’s not love, it’s more of guilt. I feel guilty for what I did” i answered and she gazed in disbelief.
“I’m serious, it’s not love”
“Whatever! So what did you do?” She asked and I sighed. “Lilian works as a maid in a hotel in Lagos” “Why would you date her at first when you knew she was a maid”
“That’s the point, I didn’t know. I got to find out and I was ashamed of it. I did as though I didn’t recognize her in front of mom”
“That’s horrible”
“I deserve the worse punishment I know” I admitted and she shook her head.
“I was ashamed that mom saw her and quite honestly, I didn’t see her as someone I can introduce to dad or anyone. What if they’ve seen her at the hotel before?”
“That’s crazy Deji”
“To think we broke up just when we just made love.” I laid in bed.
“It was one of my best nights” I muttered.
“The sex wasn’t that wow sef… The night was just perfect. That moment you feel like everything’s right for the first time” I answered and i heard Dami laughed.
“Are you crying?” She asked and I wiped some tears off the corner of my eyes. I didn’t even realize I was crying.
“Deji if you want my advise, I think you better go back to this babe. She might be the one”

I went back home by past six am. I found mom in the sitting room with a Bible in her hands. “Where were you?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.
“I went to the club” I answered, “And where did you spend the night?”
“I met a friend and we went over to the hotel” I answered and she gave me that familiar look.
“What are you doing awake?” I asked her and she hissed.
“I woke up from having a two bad dreams about you. I woke up immediately and I started praying seriously. Your father said I shouldn’t disturb him, so I came down here where I can cry out freely to my God”
“And you didn’t use the other rooms” I snapped and she sighed. “I was waiting for you”
“Deji come and sit with me” I recognize that voice. She was definitely going to advise me.
“I want to sleep, I have work tomorrow” I answered as a shield but it wasn’t strong enough for her.
“Akanni mi, please sit”
Whenever African Mothers call their kids by another name other than their first name, we all conclude the situation as a daring one.
I took my seat beside mom.
“Deji” she sighed.
“When would you settle down?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.
I saw it coming!
“At the right time when I find the right woman” “This isn’t the right way to go about looking for a woman Deji I’m scared for you, especially with the revelation I had this night”
“Mom those are just silly dreams”
“I saw you sinking in a pool of water, there were a lot of girls surrounding you, people that could have helped but no one helped you. Deji you were helpless. I pitied you, I stretched my hands but I couldn’t reach you”
“Mom those are silly dreams. You don’t have to worry about me. I won’t be going to the pool anytime soon” I joked laughing at my own joke.
Of course I understood what she meant by the dream. “This isn’t a joke Deji, when last have you prayed to God?” She asked and I remembered my prayer to God to make Dad whole again.
“Mom I have to prepare for work” I excused leaving mom alone.

Mrs Babalola’s POV
I woke up without Theophilus besides me. It was already past six, it was 8th of December my birthday. I walked down the stairs, the light was off.
Suddenly the light turned on, “Happy Birthday!!!!” They all screamed.
I observed the people present, Theo, my sister, three of her kids, the workers were present too.
I felt tears building in my eyes. Henry and Tosin weren’t present. Thier surprise was followed by a ‘happy birthday’ song.
“Oh my God” I faked a smile.
“Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the gesture” I announced and Theo walked towards me with a host in his hands.
“Happy birthday to the most amazing woman in the world” he said and I almost rolled my eyes. I knew it was to feed the eyes of the people present.
I collected the gift anyways.
“Awwn” my nieces and nephew muttered.
My sister Toyosi walked up to me , i usually call her TY. She’s the last child of the family, she’s forty years old and her oldest kid was sixteen.
“Happy birthday sis” she kissed me on the cheek. “When did you arrive?”
“We flew from Ghana yesterday, I had to beat traffic this morning to see my favorite sister” she explained and I hugged her the more.
I appreciated her effort.
The kids hugged me afterwards.
Suddenly I walked away into the room and TY followed me. I busted into tears the moment I walked in. “Aunty se ko’o si? (I hope there’s nothing wrong?)” She asked and I started sobbing.
“Can you believe Theo threw a birthday surprise and my own children didn’t show up” I snapped and she sat on the bed giving me a look.
“Aunty, no offense, but what did you do?” She asked and I took offense. Must I always do something wrong?
“Why do you guys always assume the worst of me? Even you TY”
“Aunty Doyin, you’re my big sister and I love you and respect you for all you’ve done for me but I know you so well. You must have done something to provoke them especially Tosin. That girl has put up with your rubbish since she gave birth”
“What did I do?”
“Your mouth, things you say. They hurt and you don’t know”
“A mother disciplines her children, it doesn’t warrant that they… I haven’t even received a call from any of them. Henry is always the first to call me.”
“What did you do?”
“I did what every good mother would! I told Tosin to get married to a very wealthy man that would give her a solid stand. Henry is dating a maid, a common maid at Aunty May’s hotel”
“She’s human, she’s not common” “Don’t even make me angry with you. If you don’t want to be on my side. Feel free to take a flight back to Ghana. I’ll pay for your tickets”
“See! I came all the way here for you and now you’re saying things you shouldn’t say.” She stood up in anger.
“Are you going? Don’t go now” i begged. “Somebody cannot play and be angry again?” I asked and she sat back. “I need you today more than I’ve ever needed anyone”
“Aunty Doyin” she called out and a incoming call interrupted. It was a call from Mr. Omojola. I smiled and picked it up.
Maybe he was going to wish me a happy birthday.
“Good morning Chief” I began, “There’s nothing good about the morning oh”
“What do you mean?” I rolled my eyes.
I almost hissed. He wasn’t calling me to give me birthday wishes.
“It’s Deji”
“What happened? I hope he’s okay”
“He is… Remember the plan you suggested that I go along with” he began and I nodded as though he could see me.
The day Mr. and Mrs Omojola came in to Lagos. After I left their hotel room, I got a call from Chief to meet him at a bar.
He was with prominent friends drinking and smoking. I walked up to him with a grin on my face.
“Chief Chief!” I hailed and he laughed.
“Iretiola, looking as pretty as ever. How’s Theophilus?” He asked and I sat on a chair. “He’s fine” I answered and he begged that his friends excused him.
“Your wife told me you’re having issues with your son.” He poured a drink into an empty glass before me. “I’m tired of that boy! God had to punish me one son. I have tried with other people apart from my wife and nothing is happening”
“Kids react strangely and they tend to care when you manipulate them” “It’s as if you don’t Deji, he’s unmanipulateable! If such word exist. You cannot bend him to do anything”
“He took after his father. He’s a total womanizer” I joked and he laughed.
“What should I do?”
“As you like this, you don’t have any strange illness”
“The stupid doctor said I should stop smoking that it’s not good for my heart. It’s just one small chest pain that would just happened like that.”
“You still don’t get what I mean” I added and he smirked. He finally got my point.

“What has happened?” I asked Chief and he sighed.
“Business is failing and I’m still forming as if I’m sick. I’ll just stand up and tell everyone that it’s a miracle.”
“I’ll think of it”
“Chief please, it’s my birthday and I’m nursing a headache; the last thing I need is more headache from you. You’re not the only one with rogue children, I have mine and some of us are trying to figure out how to solve our own problem so just find yours” I snapped then I hung up.
I knew I might have to call back to apologize.

Lilian’s POV

Felicia woke so we have the usual morning devotion.

. It wasn’t even six yet. I grudgingly walked towards the whole family.
Felicia asked that I take the praise and worship section and I did. I began with the classic, “Good morning Jesus, good morning Lord” I didn’t even complete” I know you come from” when I felt my belly churn.
I rushed out of the sitting room into the bathroom where I vomited. “Lilian are you okay?” Felicia asked and I nodded.
“This has to be typhoid” I answered.
“Dr. Lilian, you just took malaria drugs and now you’re saying this one is typhoid. Typhoid kor, diarrhea ni”
“Lilian when was the last time you had sex with your boyfriend”
“I don’t have one”
“The last one kor”
“We broke up”
“And you didn’t tell me” “It wasn’t important”
“Did you have sex with him” she asked and I kept quiet. “Answer my question Lilian!” She yelled, “Did you?”
I gave a gentle nod. I knew what she was insinuating. I can’t be pregnant!
“Was it safe sex? Did he use a condom, were you two protected?” She asked all at once and I shook my head.
“I’m not pregnant!” I answered and she shook her head. I saw disappointment in her eyes. “Take your bath and dress up, we’re going for a test”


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