HOTEL PALAVA … (18+) … Part 28



Henry’s POV

I sat on the bed thinking of what went down between mom and I, I thought of how the hotel staffs would react to the news then I put a call through to Tosin.
“Good evening bro”
“Yeah, I need a favor from you”
“Okay, if it’s within my reach” “That your friend, the agent that helped you get a place to stay”
“Her name is Jane.”
“I want to rent a place” “For you and Jummy?” She asked and I shook my head. “For Adesuwa and I.”
“Adesuwa? Wait you finally did it?” She asked, “Yes” I smiled.
“How’s Jummy taking the news? She must be so devastated right now”
“There’s no way I could have done it Tosin

. Can I get this Jane’s number? I need that privacy away from people’s prying eyes and wagging tongues”

Mrs. Babalola’s POV

Wunmi Coker called me on the phone, she wanted me to set up a meeting with Henry present so we could discuss the break up and how to resolve issues but Henry didn’t agree to it.
A week after the break up, Theophilus called me from work. He wanted me to see him urgently at the office and I rushed quickly.
“What happened? I almost had a heart attack” I snapped at my husband.
“You might wanna sit down for this” he suggested and I wondered why he said so.
It was definitely a bad news.
“Tell me, I can handle anything”

. Coker pulled out of the business deal” he announced and I nodded. I expected it anyways.
“How much have we lost?” I asked, “Not so fast dear, that sneaky bastard managed to talk two people into abandoning the project.”
“Jesus” my legs felt weak. “How bad is it?” I asked and he passed me a financial sheet. I had no choice but to sit.
I drove over to Mr. Coker’s estate like a mad dog. His secretary told me he was in a meeting but I barged in anyway.
There was a man and woman in with him. “Sir I tried to stop her” the secretary said and Mr. Coker waved his hands and she left.
“We need to talk” I demanded, “Mrs. Babalola, as you can see I’m in a meeting”
“I won’t care less even if you were with the president” I yelled and he gestured that they leave and they did.
“What has provoked this kind of behavior from you?” He asked and I scoffed.
“Oh drop the pretense! Don’t play dumb Festus, you know why I’m here”
“I left, so what?” He shrugged, “It’s not as though I was tied to your company.”
“Why did you drive the others away? That’s dirty, even for you!”
“The last time I checked Doyin, you don’t play clean games and you hands are as well dirty”
“Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?” “Do you have any idea how my daughter is hurting? She cries, morning, noon and night because of your stupid son!”
“This is business Festus!”
“My daughter is my business and your son messed with her. I will not stop until I see you all wrecked”
I hate to grovel for Mercy just as much as I hate losing money. I had no choice here.
“Festus don’t do this to us, for the sake of our friendship. We can negotiate”
“My daughter is still in love with your son. Except he proposes to her and takes her to the altar, forget about it”

I couldn’t sleep at night, I was really disturbed. Tears streamed down my eyes and I sniffled. I felt Theo’s hand over me.
“What’s it baby?” He asked and I almost scoffed. He hasn’t called me that in a while.
“Why are you crying?” He asked and i hissed. As though he didn’t know why I was sad.
“It’s going to be fine” he laughed placing soft kisses my shoulders. “What if we truly hit rock bottom?”
“That can’t happen, Festus is a complete fool, a born-fool” he insulted and I laughed at the way he called the ‘borful’. “Even if we hit rock bottom, you’ve got me” he caressed me and I sat up angrily.
“Must everything be a joke to you?” I snapped, “What did I do?”
“You’re sleeping alone tonight”

It’s been a while since I spoke with my therapist, Harriet since she brought up the idea of going for the couple’s retreat in India to help build my relationship with Theophilus.
I decided to pay her a little visit. I was already going nuts!
I walked into her office and she gave me that look like she knew what I had in mind.
“Someone doesn’t look happy”
“I wouldn’t be here if I was happy”
“How was the couple’s retreat?”
“It was fine” I lied.
“I can sniff lies from miles away, how much more…” She stalled.
“It wasn’t fine. What happened?” She assumed and I rolled my eyes.
“I had to leave earlier, my son was in Nigeria, did I mention that Henry is back?”
“No you didn’t. Nice digresion too”
“I wasn’t digressing, Henry is back”
“And you’re not too thrilled about his return. For someone that couldn’t wait to have him back in Nigeria, you don’t sound happy.” She quickly held a pen writing on a book.
“That will be our next topic of interest, so… why did you leave the retreat?”
I sighed as memories rushed through my mind. “The teacher wanted Theo and I to consummate our bond. I haven’t had s*x with him for three years now, I’m not planning on it”
“Let me get this straight, you ended the retreat because you couldn’t have sex with a man you’ve had sweet sex countless times with. You even have two children from him. Why did you go to the retreat if you weren’t going to take it seriously?”
“It was your stupid idea”
“Don’t pin this on me Doyin” I hate when she calls me by my name as though she was older than me.
I’m eighteen years older than her!
I sniffled withholding my tears. “I thought I could find a place in my heart to forgive him but I’m still hurt” I busted into tears and she handed an handkerchief to me and I wiped my tears with it.
“Is Henry also responsible for the tears?” Harriet asked and I nodded.
“You’re a witch” I muttered and she laughed.
I explained the whole situation to her and she laughed at it all as though It was funny.
“What’s funny?”
“You are funny. So what if your son wishes to marry a secretary”
“She’s a maid”
“Even if she was a beggar with no feet, you don’t have any right to choose for your kids” “Don’t even make me angry Harriet”
“Madam, if you’re my mother, I would have done my siblings the honour of poisoning you a long time ago” she snapped her fingers continuously.
“I want their happiness, I’m a good mother. What’s happiness without money?”
“Doyin you still haven’t dealt with your mentality. You think just because your mother made a choice for you, you can also make one for your children. It doesn’t work that way. What if Tosin ends up in an abusive relationship or with a man that cheats” she asked hitting me on my soft spot and I cried.
“Clem could have been perfect for her”
You’re not still seeing the big picture are you?” Harriet asked and I hissed.
“I lost a lot money because Henry left Jummy, this new tramp doesn’t have shit to offer. If I can get her out of the way”
“Don’t even think of killing her”
“Not that” I paused.
“I tried to pay the idiot off with three million, I even doubled it, she didn’t agree. What can I do to make her leave?”
“Doyin you’re an idiot, sorry to say. You’re a 54 years old fool. Listen to yourself, if someone like you meets me to leave your son for 6 million, I’ll give you back your son and even give out my own son as an attachment” she joked and I laughed.
“Doesn’t that tell you she’s a good woman?” She asked and I hissed.
“I just don’t like her. I prefer a woman with class like Jummy, not this one.”

Henry’s POV

Finding a good home has so far proved difficult. I wanted something that wasn’t too far from the hotel. A place I could leave easily in time of emmergency at the hotel.
I wanted a place I could find peace and serenity in, have my own privacy and build a family in.
It’s been more than a week and I still haven’t found the perfect place.
I’ve been annoying the hell out of Janet with complains from the previous places I already checked out. I’m so sure she would love to give me a punch on the face.
Janet called me up once again.
“There’s another place” she began, “It’s at the estate close to the place I found for tosin” she added.
“Okay” I answered.
“When should I meet you?” “I’m not doing anything for now, are you free?” She asked, I could denote that she was already tired.
“I’m sorry” I apologized.
“Are you apologizing in advance in case you don’t like the place?”
“I’m apologizing for the stress”
“The place is really nice. You should see it”
“I’ll call you when I’m free”

Later in the day, I checked out the house. It wasn’t bad at all. It was a two room apartment, really spacious.
“The old occupant left these interior designs but if you want it off”
“It’s nice, I’m sure the previous occupant had taste” I added and I saw her smile.
“Does that mean you’ll take it” she asked and I walked around once again. “Erm…I don’t know”
“Come on! The price is okay, I’m pretty sure you’re more than capable of paying it. The house is almost perfect, there’s a pool, it has a gate, its free from disturbances, the interior is so spacious that even if you’re having your naming ceremony and your village people want to come. It can occupy them” she complained holding my shirt.
“Mr. Henry Babalola, what more do you want from me?” She shouted and I laughed.
“I was going to say I don’t know if i like the color of the second room and I may have to change it” I blurted out and she smiled.
“You’re taking it?”
“If Adesuwa agrees” “What if she doesn’t?”
“Janet I’m sorry” “You better just fire me cause all these trouble, why did your sister even call me gan? I’m in the only house agent in Nigeria?” She snapped and I laughed.

I took Adesuwa to the house in the evening. “Do you like it?” I asked and she chuckled.
“Henry don’t you think it’s too big? How much does it cost?”
“You don’t have to know” I answered and she chuckled.
“You’ve stressed this woman’s life enough. If I were her I would have punched you silly” she answered and I wrapped my hands round her waist.
“I haven’t stressed her that much”
“Henry this is the sixth house you’ve checked so far.” She snapped and i laughed.
“I want something perfect, a home where we can start a family.”
“I don’t care about how the building looks. You’re home to me” she answered and I planted a kiss on his lips and we lingered for minutes s—–g on each other’s lips as though our lives depended on it.
“I better call Janet up and let her know”

I paid for the house, I had it furnished and some changes made. I didn’t leave the hotel till the house was set.
Sex life with Adesuwa has been on the zero level, I didn’t want to expose Adesuwa to more gossip from the hotel staffs more than it was already.
We wanted each other but we had to wait for the right time. Just before i completely moved in, Emmy came into my office since I sought her attention concerning an issue she had with one of the kitchen staff.
“How’s the restaurant work going?” I asked, since the restaurant was going through refurnishing.
I wanted to use that to start up the topic.
Emmy threw her gaze on the wall. “I wasn’t paid to supervise the work. There are supervisors there” she answered and I shook my head.
I wonder why I still haven’t fired her.
“I learnt you had an argument with an employee in the kitchen”
“That’s what you could have just said rather than beating about the bush. She wasn’t doing her job so I told her to…” She stalled.
“Emmy I’m tired of hearing complains about you”
“Do you even care about Jummy or how she feels?” She asked and I rolled my eyes. She has always been so perfect at going off point.
“This isn’t about Jummy”
“Now you’re going everywhere with your precious Adesuwa. You think she’s good. She’s not miss perfect, that girl has more skeleton in her cupboard than you even care to know”
“Emmy you can leave now”
“I know all there is to know about Adesuwa” I lied.
“This is all her game. A game in her sick head! She has been doing this for long, playing with the heart of every manager. She makes them fall in love with her, she has practically slept with all the managers since she came”
“That’s ridiculous!”
“I dare you to ask her Henry.

. Maybe Jummy doesn’t deserve you, Adesuwa doesn’t deserve you either” she snapped leaving my office.

As much as I didn’t want to put the word to heart, I did anyways. I packed my belongings to the new house. I went along with Adesuwa.
She helped me set up a few things. We were in the sitting room. I laid on the floor in my singles and a three quarters short, I leaned my head on the couch.
I was tired.
I watched Adesuwa walk up to my music player. She turned it on and an high life song filled the room.
Adesuwa walked up to me with a wide smile on her face. She mounted on me kissing me on the lips and I kissed her back.
“I’ve been dreaming of this day” she confessed and I pulled her even more closer.
She slowly took off my singlet. I won’t deny that I’ve also been waiting for this day but I couldn’t concentrate; I needed to find out if Emmy was saying the truth.
“Emmy came into my office earlier in the day”
“What drama did she display today?” She asked and I laughed faintly.
“She…” I pulled her close wrapping my hands around her waist. I didn’t know whether to ask her. I didn’t want it to look as though I was entertaining doubts in a new relationship.
“Urgh!” I groaned.
“What?” She asked, “Henry are you okay? What did she say?”
“Was there anything between you and the other Managers?” I asked and she moved back.
Adesuwa stood up she had a blank expression on her face. “Good night Henry” she picked up her bag then walked towards the door.
“Come on, you don’t have to leave, all I want is the truth” I stood up and she turned back at me.
“Good night Henry”


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