HOTEL PALAVA … (18+) … Part 27



Henry’s POV
After breaking up with Jummy I rushed over to the hotel. Adesuwa wasn’t at her seat. I called her and she told me she was helping Mrs Haruna handle some issue with one of the guest.
I sat in my office, I couldn’t concentrate. I knew I should be expecting calls from Mom and Jummy’s parents.
“I’m sorry for coming in late, I had to handle a situation with the guest” she said closing the door.
“What?” I stood up walking towards her. All I had in mind was to kiss her.
“Plumbing issues, they wanted to report to the manager.”
“I thought we recently did maintenance on those things” I assumed and she shrugged

. “I don’t know”
“You’re supposed to be my secretary” I retorted and she laughed.
“We did maintenance on a lot of things, sorry I wasn’t tabs on everything. Do you want to have me fired now?” She asked moving her lips close to mine and I chuckled.
“Not even in my worst nightmares” I answered kissing her on her lip. That was soothing.
“Did you do it?” She asked and I nodded. “Do you feel bad?”
“Not about the break up in particular. You should have seen Jummy, she knelt in front of everyone at the wedding and begged me not to break up with her” I sat on the chair letting out a deep sigh.
“Seriously?” She asked moving to my back and I nodded.
“You look stressed out”
“I’m anticipating calls and criticisms” I answered

. “Do you regret it?” She asked and I shook my head.
“This is new for me” I answered and she began to massage my shoulders.
I shut my eyes in pleasure.D–n that felt really good! It was as though she was reading my mind. That was exactly what I wanted that moment.
“You mean going against your mom?” She asked jerking me out of my thought.
“Yes, she’s going to freak out and I don’t think I’m ready to talk to her”
“I’m scared” I added and she chuckled.
“Mom would not give up without a fight. She won’t even accept you easily”
“You don’t have to worry about me” she answered kissing me on the lips. I pulled her hands and she fell on my lap.
Adesuwa’s arm went around me, and she began giving me more of her gentle kisses. I wrapped my hands around her waist and she turned over to the door.
She was worried that someone could walk in that moment.
“This is totally unprofessional” I muttered with all manner of seriousness and she nodded.
“We might have to consider Emmy’s idea to move me to the receptionist counter so you can concentrate” she added and we busted in laughter.
I leaned in for a kiss again, I moved my lips lightly against hers. We lingered and kissed, and my fingers stroked her arm and a mean escaped her lip.
An incoming call from mom disrupted us, I didn’t want to pick. “Pick it up” Adesuwa said and I shook my head.
The call ended.
“I don’t want to speak to her just yet. I might just get angry” I answered and the phone rang again.
Whether you like it or not you’re still going to have to face her” she held the phone picking up the call and placing it on my ears.
“Good afternoon Mom”
“There’s nothing good about the afternoon Henry. Tell me it’s not true. Tell me that Jummy got the wrong idea” she asked, I turned over to Adesuwa.
“It’s true mom. It’s over between Jummy and I” I answered and she laughed, it was more like a snigger.
“You can’t be serious about that, are you drunk?”
“Mom I’m not drunk. For the first time in a long time I’ve never being more okay. I’ve made my decision. I can’t be with Jummy anymore. I don’t love her”
“Who cares if you love her or not? Who says marriage is built on love? Henry you’re going to pick up your phone this moment and you’re going to call Jummy and you’re going to apologize to her parents. You’re going to tell them you weren’t in your right senses, but now you’ve come to realize that” I didnt wait for her to finish her sentence. I felt insulted, she was speaking to me as though she was talking to a three years old child.
I’m done with her manipulation.
“How old does she think I am?” I asked, “I’ve given her every single thing she wanted, haven’t I done enough? I’ve always been obedient, not anymore.”
“Take it easy Henry. She’s not going to smile and welcome this new change with open arms.” She resumed massaging me.
“I better resume my job” she moved away and I groaned in disappointment.
“Do you have to? I really need someone to talk to”
“As much as I would love to be with you dear, we both have to get back to work” she answered and I smiled.
“I’m glad I have you” I answered and she gave me a big smile then walked out of the office.

About thirty minutes later, mom breezed into my office with Dad. “Mom” “Don’t Mom me Henry” she paused.
“If you have the slightest respect for me as a mom you wouldn’t have done what you did to Jummy”
“I don’t love Jummy. I love another”
“That stupid maid?” She asked pointing at her back as though Adesuwa was there.
“Mom don’t call her names”
“That’s what she is, a tramp. A social climber, an opportunistic b—h. She’s just using you” mom yelled, “Adesuwa isn’t that kind of person”
“You’ve been deceived. Henry I think that girl has succeeded In charming you. Was it the food you ate that day?”
“Adesuwa would never do that. Okay maybe I’ve been charmed by her good characteristics and her good heart”
“Theo, we’re looking at first degree love charm here” mom snapped her fingers continuously.
“You can’t afford to break things off with the Cokers”
“Mom I’m tired of Jummy, we’ve never had any reasonable conversation about our future or about life. She’s too controlling and she nags a lot. I don’t want to feel like I’m married to you” I snapped.
Then I shut my eyes realizing how that sounded.
I think I saw dad chuckle.
“Oh you think that was funny?” She snapped at Dad, “Instead of being useful, you keep quiet doing nothing”
“I’ll be outside” Dad pointed out leaving mom and I alone.
“Dad hasn’t done anything here mom, don’t blame him” I snapped and she clasped her hands together as tears poured down her eyes.
It’s not everyday you see mom cry.
“If you don’t respect anything Henry, respect this tears. You can’t afford to call things off with the Cokers. They’re major investors in this deal we just made. If they pull out, we’ll literally fall.”
“Is that the only thing you care about? Our alliance?” I asked and she shook her head. “It’s bigger than you think”
“Ayomide mi,” she called out my middle name and I went soft.
I shut my eyes in thought.
“Mom I respect you so much, you know that so well.”
“I know Oko mi, (my husband) I know”
“But I’m sorry, I’ve made my decision. I’m not going back to Jummy. If there’s anyone i want to spend my life with, it’s Adesuwa and not Jummy. Mommy if you care the least about my happiness, you’ll respect that”
“I don’t want to talk about this anymore”

Adesuwa’s POV

I wasn’t sure whether to let Lilian in on me dating Henry cause I wasn’t sure if he will be able to get through with his plan to break up with Jummy.
I called Lilian to let her know, she seemed excited. She wished she was at work so she could see me. She was on night duty.
“How you go take cope with him Mama wahala, Manager babe go fit accept defeat so?” She asked and I shrugged.
“When I get to the hotel and I have time, I’ll stop by at your office.”
“That would be fine” I answered then I sighted Mrs. Babalola and a man walking towards me. I picked up the phone to call Henry.
“Don’t even dare” she snapped at me then I stood up.
“Good after..” She walked by before I could complete my sentence. “Good afternoon dear” the man tapped me walking into the office.
“Good afternoon Sir”
Could that be Henry’s dad? I asked myself.
I was tempted to eavesdrop but I didn’t. When I heard his mom yell. I had to walk towards the door then I placed my right ear on it.
Her voice reduced and then I heard something about charms. As I struggled to ear, I felt the door open against me.
It was the man. I quickly took my seat.
“Eavesdropping?” He asked and I nodded. “I’m sorry, I hate being in the dark. I just wanted to listen so I would know what to expect when she comes out”
“Trust me, I know the feeling” he answered then he leaned on my desk.
“I’m sorry. I’m kind of used to eavesdropping, it comes with the job description of being a maid. I was previously a maid”
“So I heard” he answered with a smile. How did he find out?
“I’m sorry, I’m curious… who are you Sir?” “You see that woman in there, she’s my wife and the man she’s shouting at is my son”
“Seriously? You’re Mr.Babalola” I asked and he nodded with a smile. “I’ve heard that I’m younger than my age” he added and I laughed.
“You’re not like….”
“The tiger in there?” He pointed in there and I laughed. “That didn’t come out from my mouth”
“I did read your mind shea?” He added and I chuckled. I was in shock, Henry’s dad looked so normal.
“I’m sorry for making her angry” “She’s not that bad you know” he added and I rolled my eyes. “I have never seen her smile at me or even smile at all. She hates me”
“I guess the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law hatred in Nigeria would still continue”
“I don’t want that for myself, she’s your wife, how can I pacify her?” I asked and he chuckled. “Thirty four years with her and I still don’t know how to pacify her.” He answered and I chuckled.
“Well there’s another way, do you have ten million that you’re willing to invest in the company?” He asked and I raised my brow in surprise and he laughed.
“My wife loves money”
“My twenty years salary cannot even cover that” I answered and he chuckled.
“What’s the name?” He asked, “Adesuwa”
“One of my sweetest Benin names, Adesuwa, a child born in wealth” “How do you know Sir?” I asked and he withdrew immediately. Then he laughed.
“Henry has a good eyes like his father. You have a nice smile” I commented and Mrs. Babalola came out frowning at me.
She batted her eyes at my husband then at me. “You” she pointed at me, “You’ve taken my son to whatever marine altar and you’ve decided to use his brain and turn him against his family and what could have been his marriage to Jummy. Adesuwa, I hope you’re ready for this war cause I promise you it’s going to be hot!” She yelled leaving.
“I’m sorry about my..” Mr Babalola paused, “Theophilus!!!” Mrs. Babalola yelled and he followed her. I saw Mr Haruna approach me.
“I heard noises” Mrs. Haruna said, “That’s Mr. Henry’s mother, I meant Henry, sorry Mr. Henry” I brushed my hair with my fingers.
I was confused.
“Adesuwa” Mrs. Haruna gazed at me suspiciously, “What’s going on?” She asked and I looked at Mr Henry’s office. I knew I had to be there for him.
“I promise to tell you everything later and not now. Let me just talk to Henry, Mr. Henry” I corrected walking into Henry crying.
I knew this was going to be a hard one for him. I moved to his back pressing a hug against him.
“I was wrong, it’s not going to be okay” I whispered to him. “Your mom hates me because I’m poor. I’m not going to be rich anytime soon, unless through rituals” I joked and he chuckled.
“Your dad is totally normal. I see where you got your good looks from” I added and he laughed admist in tears.
Then he sniffled.
“Your mom declared war on me, I don’t know what to expect. She really hates me, Henry it’s not going to be okay as I said earlier on cause I don’t know what to expect, but i believe it’s going to get better” I said softly and he raised my fingers up kissing them softly.

Mrs. Babalola’s POV

I walked into the car so did Theo. “You have no shame! You were obviously hitting on that girl” “I wasn’t”
“You were! I know what I saw and heard. You even told she had a nice smile”
“Is there anything wrong in that?”
“I’m not going to give you any reply”
“Fine! Out of the car, I’ll drive alone” “Doyin”
“I said out of the d–n car!” I yelled and he walked out giving me the keys.
I called Jummy to find out she was. She told me she was out in a friend’s house. She gave me an address and I met her there.
She was with her two best friend, Ayo and Emmy.
Jummy had a cigarette in between her fingers. I heard she had the habit of smoking, It was my first time seeing it. She puffed it out then pressed it upon a tray on seeing me.
“Good afternoon Ma” Ayo and Emmy greeted me except Jummy.
“How are you feeling?” I asked her, “How am I feeling? Ma how am I supposed to feel? I feel horrible!” She yelled.
“I don’t even know what to do”
“I already said it, let’s finish this babe. It will take one good and quick job.” Emmy suggested and Ayo rolled her eyes.
“And who would be blamed for killing her?” Ayo asked, “You’re so stupid Emmy. You don’t think before talking”
I agree with Ayo about that. That has to be the most stupid idea ever! Resulting to killing will only make Jummy’s a prime suspect.
“If you’re worried about that, I can slowly kill her, poison her till she dies eventually” she suggested once more and Ayo hissed.
“I don’t like the way Emmy thinks on situation like this. Must you kill everyone? It’s as if your last visit to the psyche Ward wasn’t enough for you” she yelled and I quietly looked at Jummy.
“I don’t mind if she wounds up dead, I just want her out of the way” Jummy answered in tears then she sniffled.
“Or we could bribe her. Since she’s a gold digger, we could pay her off. Of course with a big sum of money” Ayo suggested and i smiled.
“That sounds like a plan, let’s do just that and we have to do it real quick. Preferably, this night. Who has any idea where she lives?”
“I’ll call Mummy B” Emmy answered.

Adesuwa’s POV

I got a call from Ivie, she sought my presence at the house. She told me it was a surprise. I went back home, where I found Chidi and Ivie seated in the sitting room.
There was a wine in front of Aunty Maggie, along with several gifts. “The last time I checked, Aunty Maggie here doesn’t know her birthday so whose birthday are we celebrating?” I asked and Ivie laughed.
“Why is this girl always looking for avenues to make me look bad?” Aunty Maggie asked and I laughed. “Good evening Chidi” I said looking at the wine.
“What’s going on?” I asked, “Remember when I told you I was spending the night at Chidi’s place?” Ivie asked, and then It came running back to me!
“You didn’t even bother to find out how it went, if I got strangled or not”
“I’ve been preoccupied in my own mess” I answered and everyone gave me that serious look. They wanted gist.
“Amebo go kill all of una for this house. Let’s not make this about me, what’s going on here?”
“Chidi don con tell us him mind about wetin him want do with Ivie” “Seriously?” I smiled.
“Thank God say you no gree for am” Aunty Maggie added and I laughed. “Mama!” Ivie snapped.
“Na true na”
My gaze fell on Chidi, “You finally had the balls?” he chuckled.
“I just came so your aunt can fix a day for us to meet the family even if it will be in Benin. I want to do the needful” he answered.

While Ivie escorted Chidi out, there was a knock on the door and a little boy barged in.
“Aunty Adesuwa people they find you oh!”
“Na who oh?” Aunty Maggie rushed out then rushed back in.
“Jesus!” She yelled.
“Wetin happened?” She asked and I looked out the window. I noticed Mrs. Babalola so I walked out. I wondered why she would be hiding from her.
“Good evening Ma” I greeted then Jummy came out of another car along with Emmy and another lady. “To what do I owe the visit?” I asked and Mrs. Babalola scoffed.
“We’re not here for chit-chat Adesuwa, quite the contrary. I’m here to warn you to leave my son alone”
I scoffed. Anything new?
“We didn’t come empty handed dear” she pushed her head into her car then brought out a cheque handing it to me and I collected it. The figures were really tempting.
Three whooping million naira???
“I believe you have never in your miserable life handled such money. I’m being generous, I’m giving you the privilege to be rich, on one condition; that you leave Henry alone”
“Are you through?” I asked, “Okay if you are, I guess this is where I come in.” I stretched the cheque back to her.
“You can keep it, I don’t want it” I answered and I can swear I saw surprise on her face.
“You’re bluffing. You can’t be serious, this money will get you all you’ve ever wanted”
“You’re right madam, I’ve never in my miserable life handled such money and I can think of a thing or two I can invest in but your son is worth more than millions. I refuse to be bought, you can’t buy my feelings and you stooping to the extent of bribing me, I have to say I’m disappointed.” I snapped and she scoffed.
“I’ll double it”
“To what end?”
“It’ll be a win-win situation. No one gets hurt, you go six million richer” “Mom would always say there’s no better than wealth than having a good company.”
“Oh shut up! You’re only after my son’s money, you’re an opportunist, a gold digger”
“You’re right about that, maybe im a gold digger, Henry is one gold I’m not willing to lose” I answered tearing the cheque.
“Rather than trying to bribe me, there are better things you can use this money for.” I answered and Jummy charged towards me angrily and her other friend held her.
“What’s all this? Do you want to embarrass yourself?” She asked.
“Asewo!!! Husband snatcher” Emmy clapped her hands.
“Emmy I’m this close to whooping your ass, I’m trying not to touch you out of respect for your bleached skin. Please don’t even get on my nerves”
“What would you do?” She asked and I sighed, trying to control my anger. “Good night” I added walking away.

I walked into the sitting room, Aunty Maggie was looking out the window. “How did you know that woman?” She asked, “Do you know her?”
“Did I say I know her?” Aunty Maggie snapped.
“Why are you being defensive as of yiurr hiding something” “You’re the one that knows what defensive means oh, thank God I didn’t go to school” she answered walking into the room.
“Aunty you’re hiding something from me”
“I don’t know the woman!” She yelled. “Why then did you run” “She looked like one of those ladies I slept with their husbands that year nah. Na wetin make me run”
“You’re still lying” I folded my hands staring at her in disbelief. She was just stating the obvious. Lies comes out easily from her mouth, I knew my Aunt so well!
“Aunty Maggi” I called out and she hissed.

In the midnight, Ivie walked into the sitting room , I was still awake scouring the net with my phone. I couldn’t sleep.
I had a lot in mind.
“Why aren’t you asleep?” She asked and I looked at the wall clock. It was past one. “I was just thinking of a lot of things”
“Work and…”
“The mess you’re preoccupied in” she concluded sitting on the three seaters with me and I shook my head. “Did you store that in your memory?” I asked and she laughed.
“How was your time with Chidi?”
“It was great.

. He asked me out that night and we kissed”
“Hm hm” I brushed my shoulder against hers and she laughed. “I know what you’re thinking, we didn’t have sex. We haven’t had sex yet, Chidi is a real gentleman” she bit her lower lip, “Awwwn, that’s sweet”
“I know” she answered then she brushed her shoulder against mine.
“What’s up with you? How did the date go?”
“For starters, it was eye-opening. I realized I like my boss” “Hmm hmm” she chipped in and I laughed. “All those forming and talk about respect nko?” She asked and I smiled.
“We’re finally dating”
“I’m happy for you” Ivie hugged me. “But I’m dealing with an angry mother-in-law here. She hates me and she even warned me to stay away from her son.”
“Let her go and jump in the ocean, it’s not anyone’s business. For the first in a long time, good things are happening to us. We won’t sit and watch anyone take away our joy. We’ll fight for what we believe in. We’re going to let our past come in between our happiness” she said and I agreed.


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