{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🥀 Episode Nine 🥀

💛 Carly 💛

After having breakfast, I walked into my room and changed into my swimming suit.

I went back downstairs and to the back garden where there beautiful pool is located for a swim.

I sat at the edge and grabbed the handle then pulled myself in.

One of the great things I was good at is swimming.

Once I was inside the water, I swam freely.

💛 Simon ,💛

I swallowed hard as I watched her from my window, swimming like a fish.

Carly has got a great body. It’s a fact I couldn’t deny.

Her hips were curvy and smooth and her boobs were round and full.

I watched on and suddenly my hunger disappeared just watching her.

I was tempted to go into the pull and join her.

This time, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

I pulled off my pyjamas and walked down the stairs in my briefs only.

I appeared at the edge of the pool, glaring down at her.

Carly gasped on seeing me as she swam to the bank. “What are you doing here?” She asked, running a hand over her wet face.

I shrugged. ” Can’t you tell? I’m here to keep you company or better still, I wanna swim also.

This is my house, remember?” I asked, lowering myself into the water.

Carly moved back in the water, looking dangerously at me. “I’m still busy here. Get out and come back when I’m done! “, She fired.

“, Unfortunately that’s not possible.” I replied, moving closer to her.

My hands are itching to grab those sexy waist and boobs.

“You are coming too close..ok… I will leave then.” She said swimming out of the water. I moved faster and grabbed her against me from behind.

She gasped as she slammed into me. When she turned to protest,I took her lips into my mouth.

Her mouth slide open and I plunged my lips into her sweet mouth then deepen the kiss.

It was a crazy one.

A crazy kiss right inside the pool😍

“You arrogant…” She gasped into my mouth.

I slipped her suit off her shoulder making her full boobs visible.

I hardened immediately just staring at them.

I looked into Carly’s eyes and smiled. “You are a killer.”

“Let go of me!” She yelled.

“No…not now ” I said and bent down immediately, taking one pink pointed nipple into my mouth.

She moaned and threw her head backwards making her silky hair sweep the blue pool water.

I licked her from her neck,her throat,her arm and down her boobs straight to her flat suntanned stomach.

“You are gorgeous.”, I whispered into her ear as I swam more closer and stood straight in front of her, encircling my arms around that sexy waist.

She sank her long fingers into my hair, massaging my skull.

I closed my eyes and surrendered under her touch.

She knew exactly how to touch a man. What a perfect woman.

I seized her hands and pressed them against my heart then my lips.

It was definitely obvious I’m in love with her but what really is wrong with me?

“Beg me this once….just a please… I know you are hot for me.” I whispered.

Carly frowned at me. “Well I’ve got pride worth more than me begging some guy for sex!”she snapped at me.

I raised an eyebrow. What pride is she talking about?

I stared down at her boobs. “These are mine.”

Carly rolled her eyes.”For six months.” She replied.

I wanted to tell her no….that it was forever but I only gasped.

“Sure” I replied and moved back.

Carly quickly dressed up again as a security man approached the pool to announce someone’s arrival.

“That must be the maid. Send her in.” I said, suddenly feeling hungry again.

💛 Carly 💛

He got out of the water dripping wet and I wondered what maid he was talking about.

He got a maid to make his meal?

Ugh…. This guy will never seem to amaze me.

I already lost my strength to swim so I gently came out of the water, still feeling giddy and hot from Simon’s crazy touch.

Wet, I walked into the house from the back door.

After changing into a loose fitted faded jean and sweatshirt,I went out of my room to know exactly what’s going on.

“Hurry up and make me something good. I’m starving.” I heard Simon saying to a nervous looking girl.

The girl nodded fast and started towards the kitchen.

I watched Simon come towards the stairs and out eyes met. “That’s someone who’s gonna cook for me without requesting for a please.”, He told me and walked past me.

I sneered and went down the stairs.

I stopped and wondered why that lady looked so nervous.

Is she up to something?

What’s she here to make any wat? Secretly, I began to feel jealous.

I decided to check up on her.

Slowly I walked to the kitchen entrance and stood at the door then peered in.

To my horror, I watched her just in time to see her pouring something into the pot from a little bottle.

What the hell is she doing?

What’s that thing?

I watched on as my heart beat loud against my chest.

I knew it… I knew there was something behind her nervousness.

She added water into the pot and the soft smell of bacon filled the air.

Poisoned bacon!

Who the hell sent her?,

I was at loss of what to do.

She was about turning and I quickly hide behind the wall then tiptoed away.

I watched her set the dinning and I slipped back into the kitchen.

I glared into the pot and gently carried out to the sink.

I turned it over into the sink and watched the content flow into the sink.

I inhaled deeply with my hands shaking.

Who wants Simon dead?

The kitchen door opened and Simon came in, looking at me with a murderous look.

“What are you doing!” He yelled as he saw the pot in my hand and the steaming from the sink.

“I can explain…” I began.

“Shut the hell up! You can explain what?, That you threw away my own meal into the sink?” He thundered and tears glister from my eyes.

“Just calm down let me explain…”

“No,Carly! There is nothing to explain! You threw away my meal all because you don’t want someone else to cook for me!, Are you that jealous?

Make me another meal in less than twenty minutes or face me! What rubbish!” He yelled again marching out of the kitchen.

If only he knew what I saved him from……..
But again I asked myself….who sent that girl and who exactly wants Simon dead?


So you guys love Simon despite his arrogance??😂😂


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