{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🥀 Episode Eight 🥀

😍 Carly 😍

I sat up in bed and stretched, feeling happy for no reason.

It’s gonna be a great day.

I could feel it.

I got down from bed and wore my pink floppy pink slippers before slipping out of the room.

I got into the kitchen first and what I saw made me bursted out, laughing so hard.

Mr arrogant tried making dinner last night?

“Yuck!” I laughed again as I stared at the plate of pasta.

What a waste.

I couldn’t stop laughing. I put on the kettle and made fresh coffee.

I cleaned up the kitchen before making myself a delicious plate of tuna salad.😋

😍 Simon 😍

My hands shook badly from hunger was I grabbed my phone,trying to order for breakfast as soon as possible.

I don’t eat junk foods. I prefer my meal freshly cooked.

So I called Mom to send someone over to the house immediately.

I was dying of hunger.

Immediately I got off the phone,a tantalizing sweet aroma danced past my nose and my stomach grumbled loudly.

Unconsciously,I traced the smell outside my room and straight to the kitchen.

I saw Carly from the door, making breakfast.
I swallowed hard and was so tempted to go and ask for some.

No….never. I will not. It’s gonna be better I wait for mom to send me someone to make me breakfast.

With this resolution I turn around and walked back inside my room.

😍 Carly 😍

I served myself a large portion of the tuna salad into plate and took it to the dinning, eating and humming loudly.

I knew Simon would be hungry like hell but he would never wanna beg.

He came downstairs and stood at the edge of the stairs watching me. “It’s polite to at least say good morning.”, He said softly.

I looked up and beamed. *Morning, husband.” I replied and continued eating.

He cleared his throat.” Uhhh….never mind” he said and sat on a sofa.

At some point,I began to feel sorry for him.
But why won’t he just ask me for it and I will gladly do it!

He stood up and I watched him pace the room angrily.

He took his phone and put it on his ear. “Come on mom! What’s keeping her waiting?”

He yelled into the phone and I wondered who he was talking about.

😍Mrs Edgar 😍

What the hell is wrong with this boy?

Carly is right there in the house…why does he wants me to send someone to make him breakfast?

I shook my head and called Layla,one of my maids.

“Here. Take this address. When you get there,I will call Simon to pick you up.”, I told her.

” Yes ma’am. Am I going to young master’s house?” She asked.

“Yes. You aren’t going there to do anything much. Just to make him breakfast. ” I replied.

Layla collected the address and moved off my present.

Just then, Leo, my husband’s first son comes into the house with his wife, Ria.

His mother who was the first wife, already died of cancer when he was just two years old.

I brought him up myself together with Simon.

I stared at them with mixed feeling as they arrived.
Leo is always smiling and it was hard to find out what really his intentions are.

“Step mom.” He greeted.

“Hello,Ria. Good to have you around. Take a sit.” I said smiling at his nice looking Indian wife.

“Sorry we had to come so early. I wanted to meet up with dad befoee he travels.” Leo said and I nodded stiffly.

” Excuse me ” he added and walked back outside, leaving me alone with his wife who was obviously pregnant.

😍 Leo 😍

“Stop there,Layla.”, I halted the maid who was going out of the compound in a very harsh voice.

It’s been very hard to keep pretending everything was fine.

Well everything isn’t fine!, Not when my younger brother manages dad’s biggest company!

It’s mine. I’m the rightful owner of it not some small baby boy!

And I’m gonna get it back cos it’s mine.

“Yes sir?” Layla answered turning to look at me.

” I overheard mom telling you to go over to Simon’s house and make him breakfast. ” I said with a contempt.

Layla nodded, obviously thinking of the reason for my question.

“I’ve none you since we were kids and I know you got to do everything I say if you still want your job. ” I threatened and she nodded immediately.

“Good. Listen to what I’m gonna say carefully. When you get to the house, monitor every activity going on in there.

Make your stay more longer.

And here, take this…. ” I stopped and brought out a little bottle from my pocket with a darkish substance in it.

“Pour it inside the food you will make for Simon. No mistakes. I repeat, no mistakes! ” I snapped quietly at her.

Layla collected the bottle from me with shaky fingers. “Sir…. I .. I … Don’t know what this is. ” She stammered.

” Just take it and do as I say. It’s none if your business what it is! “I snapped again and she nodded.

She put the little bottle inside her bag and quick walked out of the compound.

I stood smiling as I watched her go. One of my mission is about to get accomplished.


What’s happening here??

What the hell is in the little bottle??


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