{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Writer: Authoress Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

💝 Episode Seven 💝

💧 Carly 💧

“How could you do that! It was just a dance!” I yelled at him as soon as we got home.

The guy is just too impossible.

“He was all over you!” Simon yelled back.

“You know what? I’m sick and tired of this! You are making this whole thing hard for me! ” I yelled back and rushed upstairs.

He followed me. ” And what do you think you are doing?” He asked as soon as he saw me flinging my clothes on the bed.

” What does it look like I’m doing?” I asked not looking at him.

” You are leaving.” He said casually and I glared at him. ” You are just too arrogant, Simon! And I can’t take it anymore! ”

” Fine. You can leave. That’s not of my business. ” He replied.

” Really? Then surely…. Your brother will take over the company once you become single. ” I said.

” That’s not gonna happen. If that’s what you are thinking… It’s never gonna happen. “He said looking at me.

I swallowed hard, disturbed by the way he was looking at me.

I bent and continued packing my clothes when suddenly he stood behind me and pulled me up.

I turned to protest but he fussed his lips with mine.

After struggling to no avail, I surrendered under his magical touch.

He backed me against the door and continued the fierce kiss.

I gasped and threw my arms around him. How the hell did I think I could leave without him?

I’m deeply in love with him… If only he was nicer……

“Beg me for my touch.” He said into my mouth and I cringed.

I almost wanted to beg but that would only make him feel like a king!

I pulled away, arranging my hair. “No way! If that’s your plan!” I snapped.

“I Know you need me Carly. Just say please. ” He said coming nearer.

” Stop it! ” I warned, moving backwards. “Don’t come near me…. Arrogant…”!!”I yelled.

He laughed and finally closed up on me. He looked into my eye. “You are going nowhere, Carly. You are mine for six months. Try and keep to bargain.” He said and laughed again.

He turned and left the room.

I breathed heavily and sat on the bed really frustrated.

How can someone be so rude and arrogant!!

💧 Simon 💧

I entered the kitchen after being unable to control my grumbling stomach.

I couldn’t ask Carly to make me dinner. No! I can’t do that. I possibly can’t beg her.

So, I walked into the kitchen to fix myself something.

At least I could try…

I got into the kitchen and to my disappointment, there was not a single looked food.

I opened the fridge and all I could see were uncooked food.

I slammed the fridge close again and ran my hand through my hair.

Spikes…! I’ve never cooked a thing before.

How do I start? And the time was already far spent. I could make any order.

I stood for sometime, thinking of what to do.

I open the fridge again and brought out two packs of pasta.

I put then on the kitchen counter and stared down at them confused. What do I do with these?

Oh, Simon come on call Carly and beg her to make you dinner.

His mind screamed at him but he shook his head.

No.. no..!

The door opened and Carly walked in.

We glared at each other. I tried hiding the pastas on the counter but she already saw them.

She walked past me to the deep freezer and pulled out a cold bottle of water.

She unscrewed the cap and drank with her eyes on me.

I watched her put back the water inside the fridge and stood at me with her arms, folded.

“And what are you doing?” She asked eying me.

I cleared my throat and smirked. “What does it look like I’m doing,hun? And why the hell are you asking?” I threw at her.

Carly shrugged. ” You look you need help” she stated and shook her head.

I wanted to tell her yes,wanted to beg her to help me but no,I stuck stubbornly to my gun.

“I don’t need help. Ever told you I don’t know how to cook?” I asked.

“Oh I see. Goodnight then.” Carly sang and walked out of the kitchen.

I kicked the air angrily as Carly walked out.

When she was newly with me,she had cooked without being asked bit I always rejected it!

Now she acts like a boss!

And I’m never gonna beg..never!

I put on the cooker and placed a pot on it.

Shit…do I add water into the pot first or put the pasta straight into it?

The pot began to hit up making me cough.

Nothing was inside the pot so it began to get cranky.

Hastily I tore the pastas and pour it into the pot still coughing.

Smoke began to emit from the pot.

Shit… what the hell is this?

I rushed to the tap and got water then pour it into the pot.

Thankfully,the smoke stopped.

I gasped for air and sat on a stool watching the pasta.

Suddenly,my eyes began to close up.

Minutes later I jerked up and rushed towards the cooker.

I threw the pot cover off and glared inside trying so hard not to cry.

Why is is it so white?

Shit….I forgot it needed ingredients!

Well, I turned the white pasta into plate and stared down at it.

At the end of the night,I ended up making white worm.

I took a taste into my mouth and spat it out.

I had to abandon the plate of useless pasta and went back to bed feeling extra ordinary hungry.

If only I begged her to make me dinner….

That night…I had countless nightmares out of hunger.


Life of an arrogant man… 😂


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