{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Writer: Authoress Sylvia 💝

☺️ Episode Six☺️

👅 Simon 👅


How do I come out of this embarrassing mess?

“What are you doing with my spoon Mr arrogant?”

Her voice came again.

I cleared my throat and straightened up. I turned to look at her with s smirk on my face. “Making sure you didn’t give mom one of those salty meal. ” I said stupidly.

She shook her head and came into the kitchen. She stood in front of me looking all over my face.

“Your face tells a big lie! Just admit it. Don’t be arrogant n for once and beg for once! ” She said.

I looked at her and smiled. ” Simon Drake don’t beg. I don’t beg! I won’t beg!” I said and stormed out of the kitchen.

Once outside the door, I heaved in a sigh of relief. Phew.. finally out of the mess.

* Saturday night… 💝💝

It’s Leo’s wedding anniversary tonight and I felt a bit out of place going there.

Do I need to attend?

I wouldn’t want to but mom wouldn’t allow me miss the party too.

I knotted my toe and wore my shoes before stepping out of the room.

Carly was still dressing inside her room and I was running out of patience.

Women and their unnecessary dressing.

I barged into her room and realised my mistake already.

Carly was stack naked… Adding cream to her body!

👅 Carly 👅

I was shocked when he barged in on me.

I quickly took my towel and covered myself before turning to look at him.

“Have you no manners! What happened to Knocking!” I snapped at him.

” You don’t expect me to knock inside my own very house?”

“And this is my own room! I need some privacy!” I yelled at him.

” Privacy? You are my wife! ” He yelled back.

“Spikes! Fake wife you mean to say?” I asked with a smile.

“Whatever. Just get ready so we can move! It’s about time! ” He said and left the room again.

I sighed and continued dressing.

That guy is ful of crap!

The wedding reception was a grand one.

And very colorful. I was thrilled because everything looked real not like the fake one Simon and I did.

“We are here.” Simon announced happily as he held my waist lovingly.

” You are looking sexy.”, He whispered into my ear and I rolled my eyes.

“You should have said that in the house. Stop trying to impress me.” I said loving the way he held me tight as we walked towards some people that gathered around.

“Wow! Look who we have here. It’s my little bro! “, An handsome guy who slightly looked like Simon said and I was quick to know it was Leo, the step brother.

I looked at Simon and watched him smile ruefully. The arrogant peacock isn’t in best terms with his brother?

“Nice to see you again ” he said with a smile and they shook hands.

Leo looked at me and smiled. “Hi….you must be Carly. Great to see you. Meet Ria, my wife ” he said, holding hands with an Indian woman.

We greeted and introduced ourselves and I immediately liked her.

While we sat and talked over wine,Simon and Leo sat with their parents.

The dance floor was filled to the brim with people dancing with their couples.

I looked up and caught Simon talking with his dad and sighed. I am deeply in love with him but I just hope I would be able to changed him.
I hoped we would become real couple.

“Are you okay?” Ria asked.

I looked at her pretty face and smiled. “I’m okay. I’m happy for you.” I replied.

“You don’t look okay. Is everything alright?” Ria asked asked again.

” Yeah fine.” I replied.

Just then,a tall handsome guy approached us.

He sat beside me with a pleasant smile on his face. “Hi beautiful.”,

“Hi.” Ria and I replied.

” Congratulations Mrs Drake. Good to see you again.” He said smiling at Ria.

” Uh… thanks Alfred. And for last week.” Ria replied.

” And who’s sitting with you?” I heard him whisper to Ria.

” Oh… she’s Simon’s wife.” Ria replied.

” You are too pretty to be sitting alone. Do you care for a dance?” He asked and offered me his hand.

Ria nodded secretly with a smile and I shrugged, linking my hand with his.

Just then,Leo came around and helped Ria up, taking her to the dance floor.

Alfred and I followed and I was so happy to finally have a company who could invite me for a dance.

Not that fake husband of mine.🙄

👅 Simon 👅

I came back into the hall and was quick to notice Carly has stood up from her seat.

Where the hell is she?

I walked over the bar filled with people but couldn’t find her.

I looked up the dance floor and saw people dancing.

Then my eyes caught something that really stabbed me in the chest!

Carly was in deep dance with another guy.

They were not just dancing,the bastard had his arms around her.

And Carly was smiling up at his face and I could swear it that they were about kissing!

No…that won’t happen.

Angrily,I matched to the dance floor,pushed past people and pulled Carly away from his grip before sending it the bastard a powerful blow that sent him rattling around the floor.

“Oh my God! What are you doing!”, Carly yelled as people gasped, wondering what what happened.

The music stopped abruptly as I glared hard at the man who dared to dance with my wife.

“Who the hell are you!” He yelled from the floor.

I grabbed Carly’s hand and smirked at him. “I am her husband and you don’t dance with my wife.”



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