{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Writer: Authoress Sylvia 🖌️

🙆 Episode Four 🙆

💧Carly 💧

I walked into the dark smiling.

He was dead surprised but this is just the beginning.

I will make him see hell.

I got into a cab and drove straight to Tiara’s house.

She laughed after hearing my story.

“Now, you are just getting started. Make him uncomfortable.” Tiara said and laughed.

I smiled knowing exactly what to do.

The next morning, I got home and met him pacing about in the living room.

“Where are you coming from, Carly?” He attacked me immediately.

“Excuse me? Why are you so concerned about my whereabouts? ” I asked him.

He pouted. ” Really? Okay. Because we stay in the same house! ”

” Wow. We stay in the house because of the contract right? That doesn’t mean I can’t live my life.” I said dropping my bag on a nearby couch.

He shook his head. “I won’t have you messing up around town.

You are supposed to be my acting wife.” He said and left.

I laughed silently before picking up my bag and leaving too.

Proud dick.

Let’s see how long you can last.

💧 Simon 💧

I got into my room and banged the door close.

She was looking just so pretty and sweet and I felt like grabbing her to myself.

But no… I won’t do that.

But why did she change so suddenly? She’s no longer giving me that attention I always ignored.

Through out last night,i had fought hard not to imagine her someone else’s arms but I just couldn’t.

And it made me extremely angry.

Seeing her back in the house gave me some secret relieve.

I showered and got ready for work. I got downstairs expecting to see the table set up for breakfast but it was so empty!


I turned and walked towards her room. I was about knocking when her sweet laughter filled the room.

“Oh yes baby…I enjoyed last night. It was ouch…hmm… terrific!” She said and laughed.

She’s making a call with the crazy bastard she was with last night?

In my house?

I listened on.

“Oh yeah baby….the way you touched me down there was hot. And the way you treated me like a woman still make my heart beat loud.,” She said and laughed again.

I smacked my head angry with myself that I’m developing an erection, hearing her talk.

I finally lost it and barged into the room.

“Honey… I will call you back.” She said into the phone and dropped it before looking at me. “What happened?, Why are you in my room?” she asked.

“Everywhere in here is my house!!”, I yelled.

“Oh sorry. My bad. But then this is my room isn’t it?, I still don’t get why you look angry. ” She said smiling.

” Me?, Looking angry?, You must be crazy.” I replied.

“Do you mind stepping out…. You interrupted the call I was making. ” She said and that got me further mire furious.

I took the phone and dropped it into my pocket.

“No phone calls anymore with a bastard!” I snapped.

She stood up and folded her arms. ” You are so full of yourself,do you know that?” She said into my face.

Before I could stop myself,I pulled her to myself and fussed her lips with him.

Geez….Simon…this is not you! What the fuck are you doing!

I thought to myself but just couldn’t stop.

Instead…I deepened the kiss.

Her lips were so soft…tender and sweet!

I couldn’t stop kissing her until she withdrew from me, breathing heavily.

“You….. bastard. Kissing me arrogantly!” She yelled at me.

“What? I can’t kiss you but that bastard could treat you like a woman hun?” I asked.

” Yes cos unlike you….you don’t know how to treat a woman.” She said into my face.

” Really? Do you want me to treat you like a woman?

Undress and get on that bed.”, I replied arrogantly.

” You know what…? You are the most arrogant person I’ve never seen in my entire life.

I will never beg you to touch me!” She yelled at me.

” Really? Are you sure about that? You are already hot because of that little kiss!” I said and laughed.

” No I’m not! You can go ahead and fuck your bitches and then stay away from me so I can life my life! I owe you no obligations!” She said.

” Let’s see who begs for this first. We’ve got a whole six months!” I said back.

“Oh? The sex part? That’s never gonna happen between arrogant nitwit….”

Before she could complete her state,I pulled her too down her shoulder and her naked breasts came into view.

I moved closer and caressed her nipples softly and she moaned.

Yes .. She moaned!

I’m gonna torture her until she begs me to take her!


Arrogant bastard!😂


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