{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Writer: Authoress Sylvia 🖌️

👅 Episode Three 👅

💧 Simon 💧

I knew I was hungry but I had to protect my pride first.

Immediately she left the room, I joined the girl and ate with her.

Once I started eating, I couldn’t stop!

Wow… So delicious!

“Hey, the food is almost finished! Stop eating!”

I glared at her. ” This is my house and she officially made this for me!” I said and snatched the plate from her, scooping the last food in the plate.

Wow…. Carly is such a nice cook.

But I wouldn’t say that in front of her.

💧 Carly 💧

I sat in my room, thinking. I’m so much in love with this guy!

How do I make him see me differently?

Perhaps…I should show him more love?

I heard laughter outside and opened the door to see him coming out of the room with the crazy girl.

“Where are you headed?” I asked him standing in front of him.

“Out of my way. You can’t stand in my way like that.” He said, looking at me.

” I deserve some respect. You can’t just bring in anyone inside the house.” I said angrily.

He smiled and cupped my cheeks. ” Okay wifey. We will see about that. Rihanna…we gat to go.” He said and left me there standing like a robot.

I groaned and went back into my room. I picked up my phone and dialled a number.

“I need your help,Tiara….where are you?”

Tiara laughed out loud once I was done talking.

If not that she’s my best friend from childhood,I would have smacked her head.

“It’s not funny! That guy is practically frustrating me!” I gasped.

” And here I am… thinking you are wise,Carly. Don’t you know how to treat such situation?” Tiara laughed again.

” I love him Tiara….and you won’t believe how excited I am to be his wife…”

” Fake wife to be precise.” Tiara cut me short and laughed again.

” Okay. Are you gonna help me or laugh throughout the day?” I asked.

“I’ve got an idea but only the strongest can do it.” Tiara said.

I shrugged. ” You should know I’m strong.” I replied.

” Hmm. Just make me him jealous. Make calls in front of him.

Give me the equal treatment he gives to you.

You guys should become know. I’m sure there will be changes.” Tiara said and I looked at her for some time.
Is that really gonna work?

💧 Simon 💧

I got home after several meetings with the shareholders of dad’s company and some of dad’s men.

In less than two weeks,the company will finally be mine.

As I drove home,I secretly wanted to taste Carly’s food again.

How did she get to cook so well?

I smiled proudly knowing fully well she’s all over me.

That implies she’s in love with me and I can order her around to my satisfaction.

Yeah ..sounds cool.

I got home and parked the car at the parking lot.

I got down and gigantically walked into the house.

I sat in the living room and breathed in.

I looked around, wondering why everywhere was quiet..

In recent time,Carly would have ran to open the door for me once she hears my car driving in outside the house.

Where the hell is she now? And this is the night I needed her attention.

I wanna taste her bread crumbs again.

Just then I heard the sound of her shoes slapping against the stairs.

I looked up to behold the most sexy sight I’ve ever seen.

I swallowed hard and tried to control my fast erection.

Why the hell is she dressed this way?

“Oh Simon… you’re home.” She said casually looking at her wrist watch.

I almost gasped. Did she just called me by my name?

“What did you just call me?” I asked.

She frowned. ” Excuse me? I called you Simon. Isn’t that your name any longer?” She asked looking so hot and sexy in a light fitted gown.

“This is unbelievable. It’s me Simon.” I said.

” Yes I can see that. It’s you Simon….I know.” She replied.

Arrogantly I looked at her. “Make me dinner.

You should be happy I’m asking you to make me dinner. It’s your Lucky night.” I said.

She smiled apologetically. ” Oh no Sorry I can’t.

I’m sure you aren’t blind. I’m dressed up already and someone is waiting for me.” She said and my eyes widened.

” Someone? For what?” I asked.

“I’ve got a date tonight and he’s waiting for me.” She replied and I finally gasped.

” Carly…it’s Half past ten! You are married!” I said with shock.

” Married? Hello? The last time I checked,the marriage was a fake one. Sorry darling. I have to run along now okay?

And I might not be coming back tonight so lockup the door. Goodnight.” She said and walked off swaying her hips and making me hot.

I stared in surprised. Was that Carly?


This is just the beginning..😂


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