HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 22




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🧡 Episode Twenty Two 🧡

🥀 Simon 🥀

“What the hell?” I gasped, frowning deeply.
Ria actually knew what happened to Carly and kept shut?

“Take it easy, Simon. I made a promise to her. I feel bad for saying this to you but I can’t just keep a secret from you ” Carly whispered and I touched her hand.

” How could you promise her such a thing… Never to tell anyone? That’s dangerous! Criminals like that should be approached! ” I said.

Carly nodded and I reached forward to touch her hand.
“Don’t worry about it. Everything is gonna be fine.”

Three days later….🧡🧡

🥀 Ria 🥀

” What? Arrested? Why! When?” I yelled into the phone.

I just got a call that Harry has been apprehended.

I was shocked.

How did it happened?

I gasped, suddenly remembering Carly.

“You wrench! How could you do this to me?” I screamed out loud.

I was almost done with packing my stuffs over to his house and now this?

I was bittered and speechless. After what I did for her?

Did she really had to tell on him?

The door opened and Leo came in smiling. “So….it was him?”

I glared at him furiously. “Yes. You murderer. I never would have thought you had hired someone to kidnap and kill for you!”

” And that person turns out to be your new lover? Too bad Simon is gonna lock him up for abducting his Carly. ” He said and laughed evilly.

Angrily, I marched towards him and smacked him in the face. “If anyone is supposed to get locked up… It’s you!!” I screamed and started hitting his chest in tears.

He grabbed my hand and hurled me across the room.

I stumbled and fell on the bed. He walked over and bent over me. “I’m curious, Ria. What are you gonna do now?

I’m looking forward to the divorce papers. You might as well join your lover in prison. ” He said evilly and laughed again before walking out of the room.

“Carly… Carly…. I trusted you. How could you do this to me!! ” I screamed out loud in tears and got up.

I rushed towards my drawer and ransacked it.

I pulled out the new kitchen knife inside it and tucked it into my pants pocket.

I breathed in hard and stared into space. If I’m not gonna be happy,then certainly she won’t be happy!!

🥀 Carly 🥀

I looked into the mirror and added fresh lipstick to my lips and smiled again.

I was actually nervous cos tonight, I’m gonna be meeting Simon’s parents officially as his real wife.

How are they gonna feel? Knowing they’ve been deceived all these while?

I checked out my outfit again before getting up.

Simon hugged me from the back and I pecked his hands. “Nervous hun?” He asked and I turned around to face him.

” Yeah. I’m afraid Mrs Drake will get mad at me.” I replied and slumped my shoulders.

Simon smiled and pulled my shoulders back up. “I’m right here beside you. We are gonna get scolded together.” He said and I smiled.

He bent and took my lips softly, kissing me with so much love and ease.

I broke the kiss already breathless. “I don’t want my face messed up.

Your parents will soon be here. ” I said and we both laughed.

He held my hands and pulled them up to his mouth, kissing them.

I looked into his face and got drunk with the ocean of love I saw up in his eyes.

“I already got him arrested.” Simon suddenly said.

” Who? ”

” Your abductors.” Simon replied and I gasped .

“Harry? ”

” Yes. ”

“But.. why? I told you to take things easy. Oh my God… Ria. ” I exclaimed.

“,Carly…. Look at me. Yeah,, right. Nothing is gonna happen to you. I’m here. Ria herself is supposed to be arrested too for harbouring a criminal.

I had to get him arrested. It’s dangerous to leave him out there.” Simon said and I turned away…. So bothered.

Ria would hate me immediately she gets to know this.

What am I gonna do?

Simon took my hands and turned me around again so I was facing him.

“Smile for now. Let’s think about this later. Tonight is gonna be great. “He said and I nodded trying to look cheerful.

The door bell rang downstairs and my face brightened. “Are they here already? I didn’t heard the sound of the car.” I said.

“Check it out.”, Simon said and I walked out of the room, heading downstairs.

I opened the door and gasped as I came face to face with a scary looking Ria.

She smiled and I smiled back. “I’m sorry Ria…never knew it would turn out this way.”, I said,happy that she smiled.

The smile slowly turned into an evil one as she glared at me. “Sorry?” She repeated.

“Well….I will show you how sorry I can be to.” She said and I frowned.

Before I could regain myself,she reached into her pocket and so fast I couldn’t make out what she brought out,she drove it straight into my stomach and that was when I realized what it was.

A knife….

I’ve been stabbed with a knife….

I placed my hand on my stomach, shocked as I looked at Ria with pains all over my face.

She smiled apologetically at me. “Does not hurt,hun?

Well…this is how sorry I can be. I’m sorry too.”



What’s gonna happen next??


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