HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 21




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🧡 Episode Twenty one 🧡

💧 Carly 💧

I couldn’t contain my joy cos I was gonna be getting married to the man I’ve always loved and wanted.

I was just too exciting!! Coupled with the fact that he’s my first….

You know how that feels, right?

The next morning, I woke up before him and made breakfast.

French toast and eggs with milk and coffee to go.

I was setting the saucers when he came down stairs, still in his pyjamas.

“Wow…. That looks delicious.” He said hugging me from behind.

I turned to look at Simon. “How was your night?”

“Great…. Cos you were right beside me.” He said with a smile, touching my hair.

I closed my eyes and opened them again. “, Yesterday was fantastic…. I would never forget it in a hurry. ” I said too and he laughed softly.

” Same as me. Since today is Sunday, why don’t we go out? ” Simon asked and I nodded immediately.

” Yes of course.. please. ” I replied.
His phone began to ring and he picked it up with a slight frown. Who’s on the line?
I wondered.

💧 Simon 💧

“It’s Sunday morning Dad…. I can’t come over to the house today. I’ve got a date…oh, hell. Okay…. In an hour. ” I said into the phone and cut the line before look at Carly.

“You and I are gonna drop over at my place first. I’ve got some things to sort out.” I said looking at her face.

” Hmm. Okay. I think we should be on our way already. We don’t wanna be late. ” She said and I sat down to eat.

* Thirty minutes later 💋💋

Carly came out fully dressed and I couldn’t help but smile at her as she approached.

“Men…I think I’ve gotten an angel for myself! ” I exclaimed and she laughed.

We got into the car together and zoomed off.

After a few minutes drive we got Tomy parents house.
We got into the room and was shocked at whom I was seeing.

Leo. He was sitting on a couch opposite dad. I looked away angrily before glaring back at him.

“Dad… What’s this bastard doing here?” I asked with my hardened voice.

“Simon… Take it easy. Carly, how are you doing now? ” Mom asked smiling up at Carly.

” I’m fine mom. ” Carly replied and went over to sit with her.

“Simon… Take a seat.” Dad ordered and I obeyed.

“I told them to get Leo out of prison.” Dad said and I looked at him.

” Come on dad…. Those guy tried to kill me. He got my wife kidnapped!! What’s the probability that he’s not gonna do that again? ” I asked.

” I’m not. Tommorow I’m leaving for India with Ria. You see… I’ve always thought I’m dad’s first son but the truth is shocking to me.

Tomorrow morning, I’m gonna be on my way to India with Ria… ”

” I’m not going with you!! ”

We all turned around to see Ria coming into the living room.

💧 Carly 💧

Immediately I saw her, I felt a sharp in my head and sighed loudly.

Simon rushed over at once. “Hey…. Are you okay?” He whispered but I was still looking at Ria then everything came rushing back.

What happened that very day and the guy who abducted me.

The memory of how Ria had come into the and loosen up the ropes and how I ran out of the room…. Everything came back!

“What’s wrong Ria? Why don’t you wanna go back with Leo? ” Mrs Drake asked.

” I don’t wanna be married to him again. He married me because of the company he thought he would have. Our marriage has no value or love in it… So… I want a divorce! ” Ria blurted out and everyone gasped.

” What? ”

” Ria….!!” Leo yelled getting up on his feet.

” I’m sorry Leo. I don’t love you. I’m in love with someone.” Ria said and I remembered the guy that abducted me.

I promised I wouldn’t say anything but am I really making the right decision, keeping shut knowing there is a killer out there?

“You can’t do this to me? After all I did for you!”Leo yelled again.

“Yes! I know! You gave me all the material things but not love and attention!

Look at Simon and Carly!

Check out the way he ran to her side over hearing her sigh… Would you even do that for me if I had an accident? “,Ria asked in tears and Leo sat back down.

” I’m sorry. “He mumbled.

“There is no need to be sorry. I don’t want this marriage again. Mr Drake.

Mrs Drake… I’m sorry… So sorry but I’ve made up my mind. ” Ria said and went up the stairs again.

Mr and Mrs Drake sighed while Simon and I shared a smile.

Later at the Chinese restaurant we went to,I decided I would not keep my promise to Ria.

That guy has got to be arrested.
“Wow…this is delicious. You want something else darling?” Simon asked and I shook my head.

” Are you okay?” He added and I looked at him.

“Simon….I remember everything now. Everything got back to me immediately I saw Ria.

I remember everything now!” I said in a whisper.

Simon held my hand from across the table and bent a little to hear me. “So…who was it that abducted you?”, He asked.

“His name is Harry. The guy who Ria is in love with.”


Do you guys think what Carly did was wrong by failing her promise??
Is this gonna bring out another enemy??


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