HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 20




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🥀 Episode Twenty 🥀

“You bastard!! What did you do to her!!” I yelled at the guy. He’s only lucky cos I was still holding Carly in my arms… Else, I would have punched the hell outta him.

“Sir… Sir!! What’s going on here!” The securities were all rushing in now.

” Arrest that bastard! ” I yelled pointing at him as he tried crawling away.

“Carly…. Carly… Can you here me?” I whispered at Carly, staring down at her beautiful face.

” Quick… Get an ambulance!” I yelled again.

****Three hours later****

💖 Carly 💖

I woke up with a sneeze and looked around me.

The room was beautiful.. very beautiful and strangely familiar.

Have I been here before??

I got up and noticed a guy dozing off on a sofa.

I gasped and frowned… That guy in my dreams!

He suddenly opened his eyes and rushed towards me. “Thank goodness you are finally awake! I was so worried! “He rasped and I moved back on the bed.

” Who are you ? ” I asked and saw the horrible look on his face.

Then he laughed. “Come on… Don’t tell me you’re gonna put on another show after I took you away unconscious in the arms of a guy?” He asked and I remembered Christine.

” Christine? Christine!! Where is he!” I yelled at him and he laughed shortly, surprised.

What the hell is he surprised about? I don’t even know him!

💖 Simon 💖

What happened to Carly? Why is she acting so strange?

I thought it was a joke but its fast becoming plain.

“Hey.. Carly… Look at me… Look at me, this is Simon. SIMON!!” I yelled out she still looked dumbly at me.

I ran my hand over my hair nervously, gradually going crazy.

“Carly.. what happened to you?, Why can’t you remember me!!” I asked looking into her confused eyes.

” I wanna see Christine.”

“I’m gonna kill that idiot. What has he done to you? ”

” I… You know me? Are you one of the people I’m supposed to remember?” She asked and I got up, pacing about.

” Christ. What happened to you Carly… Please, tell me. ”

” Is that my name? Carly? ” She asked and I nodded.

Something bad must have happened to her. That moment, I noticed her bandaged knees. Why didn’t I notice it before?

“What’s this? You… Had an accident?” I exclaimed and she nodded.

On God…. She’s lost her memory.

“Listen Carly.. it’s me Simon. Your husband.

No….. I guess fake husband to be sincere. We got into bee contract and we’ve been living together for four months now. Remember… You dummy!! ”

She flinched and I felt bad immediately.

I knelt down in front of her and took her hands gathering them to be on my chest.

“Calm down love… are home. Do you want a prove?” I asked with a smile.

” A prove? I….I .. don’t know. I fell strange. I’ve seen you in my dreams.”

She said and I brightened. ” Really? What were we doing in your dreams?” I asked softly.

” Yelling… playing….um…. lot of stuffs…” She stopped and looked into my eyes. ” I know you right?”

” Come on yes…Carly. You’ve got to remember. Please, try.” I begged.

She closed her eyes but only winced in pain. ” Whenever I try to recollect something,I end up hurting my head.” She said and I reached out to touch her hair.

” That’s enough. We are gonna see the doctor tommorow. He will help you regain your memories.” I said.

” So… what Prove were you talking about?” She asked and I got up walking to a low shelf and pulled out an album.

I smiled down at it. It’s a good thing I was able to secretly take this pictures.

💖 Carly 💖

He placed an album in front of me and I opened the first photo.

I gasped shocked. In the first photo,was me pouting and sitting on a sofa.

I opened the second photo and was more shocker cos the second photo was part of my dreams.

“I’ve seen this in my dream. I’m really home.” I said and tears welled up in my eyes.

He reached out and brushed the tears away before they could tickle down my jaw.

He sat beside me and embraced me warmly. “You are gonna be fine. I promise.” He consoled.

💖 Carly 💖

At the doc’s office, some tests were ran on me and it was confirmed I’ve been affected in the head which caused the memory loss.

Well,the doctor gave me instructions and medications.

And I went back home with Simon.

Three weeks later,things started to get back to me.

Incidents started repeating itself and I was able to recollect so many things.

I was able to recognize Simon again but not really everyone.

“Would you be able to identify the person who got you kidnapped?” Simon asked and I shook my head.

“I can’t even remember that at all but…oh no!!” I gasped suddenly remembering Ria.

” Ria…” I mumbled trying so hard to remember the encounter we had. I had a vague memory of her but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it.

“Ria? What happened to her?”

“I….I don’t know. I think she knows something too.” I said quietly.

” That bastard,Leo was responsible for everything but he’s behind bars now and I’m gonna make sure he remains there for the rest of his miserable life!’ Simon sounded so angry.

“Who’s Leo?” I asked.

“Don’t think too much dear….lie on me.” Simon said, pulling my head down in his strong chest.

Never knew what came over me but u suddenly began to fell funny.

I raised my head up to meet his,and kissed him softly.

I kissed him again and soon I was sitting in his laps,my arms around him, kissing him with all excitement.

“Carly….you are..”

“Shh” I placed my index finger on his lips smiling seductively at him. “, Touch me please.”

“You are ready for this?”

” Of course yes!” I exclaimed softly and pulled off my pyjamas top.

My breasts came naked immediately and I smiled at the exciting look in his eyes.

“Wow are really ready.” Simon said but he was still feeling reluctant.

” Come on…I want this.”, I sighed.

“Who am I?” He asked, looking into my eyes.

” Simon Edgar…my arrogant boss who signed a contract with me.”, I said and he smiled.

” How many months contract?” He asked again.

” Uhh….I don’t remember that but is it necessary?”

“I have to be sure you want this. I have to be sure you are in your right state of mind.” He spoke softly to me and for an answer,I reached forward and took his lips again.

He groaned and tightened his arms around me, pulling me close.

His soft and wet lips circled around my nipple and I shuddered.

The feeling was exciting and I so much wanted more.

“I want to feel you…. inside of me.” I whispered into his ear and he pulled back to look at me.

The burning passion in his eyes drove more desires into me and I couldn’t wait any longer.

As if he understood my urgency,he stood up picking me up with him.

I smiled into his face as he carried me up the stairs.

💖 Simon 💖

I placed her gently on the bed, looking at her with so much love, attention and respect.

It would be my first time making love to a virgin.

How does it feel like?

I was suddenly nervous but I tried controlling it.

Carly pulled my hand making me snap out of my thoughts.

I breathed in and say beside her. “I don’t wanna rush this. I want this to be a special night….I want your first time to be a memorable day for you.” I spoke tenderly into her face and she smiled.

I pulled down her panties and I sunk in my breath….she was gorgeous more than any other women I’ve taken to bed.

She lay naked beneath me as I covered her body with mine, enjoying her soft breast against my chest.

She closed her eyes as I parted her legs. “No sweetie…I want you to open your eyes. I want you to look into my eyes… so this memory will never leave you.”I whispered.

She nodded and tightened her lips as I fitted into her tight p***y.

Slowly I penetrated, careful not to hurt her too much.

She shook beneath me and held me tightly. She couldn’t help it and cried out.

“Is it too painful?” I asked and she nodded with a smile.

“It’s great!” She gasped and held me tightly.

I raised myself slightly off her and looked down.

There…her blood flowed Into the bedspread. I looked into her face with a smile full of pride.

“I will forever cherish you. I will forever love you. I will forever be your baby.

With this blood I saw….I’m gonna respect you like my own mother and treat you like a queen cos yes,you are my queen. I’m never gonna joke with you not trade you for anything in this world.

And if any man come near you…or touch you….I’m gonna break every muscle in his body.

No one is allowed to mess with you cos you are Simon Edgar’s queen. Marry me Carly. I can’t wait to be your husband.”


Awnn… much love in the air!!


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