HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 19




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🥀 Episode Nineteen 🥀

💦 Simon 💦

“Here sir!” A waiter said to me as I stepped into the party venue.

I looked around the fully lit up room and took seat.

People with different expensive dresses kept coming in.

Men came in with their lovers and I began to miss her again.

If only she was here with me.

“You are alone? Oh my gosh… It’s Simon Drake!” A pretty blonde hair girl came over and I spared her a smile.

The party host came over and say hello thanking me gracing the occasion.

“I’ve seen you so many times on TV… It’s so good to finally see you live and direct! I’m Quincy. ” She said and I nodded casually, looking around.

” I will like to dance with you when the music comes on… Please.” She begged and I shrugged.

Some ladies stared at me making the wow sounds and I was getting tired of it already.

I ordered for a bottle of wine and sipped away the time.

One of my close staff Freddie joined me on the table and together we talked and drink.

💦 Carly 💦

Christine pulled the car into a corner before looking at me with a smile. “We are here.” He said.

I looked out of the window and saw people walking around. It was a big lavish welcome party.

I looked back at him. “Do you think I should go in with you?” I asked.


“I don’t know…I feel awkward.”

” Don’t be love….I’m with you.” Christine replied making me look at him again.

He came down from the car,went round and opened the door for me.

He took my hand and gently I stepped out of the car.

I looked around and my heartbeat suddenly became faster. I felt so strange.

“Come on in.” Christine whispered into my ear with a smile and we both headed to the wide open entrance.

Immediately we stepped in,the music started.

“Sit here Carly….I wanna say hello to some people.” Christine said and I sat on an empty chair facing a table.

I breathed in and looked around.

“Wait…. isn’t this Mrs Drake?” I heard someone say that as they made to pass me by.

I looked at them. Who are they calling Mrs Drake?

“I wonder why they didn’t sit together. Maybe…they had a fight.” One of them said before they finally walked away.

I frowned and looked around.

Then at the far end corner…I saw a familiar face.

The face in my dream….

I gasped and stood up. It was him. The face I always saw him.

I was about working up to him when he stood up with an excited girl.

I sat back down again… what a bad timing.

That must be his girlfriend.

I thought and breathed in again as I watched him lead the girl to the dance floor.

Minutes later, Christine arrived and offered me a glass of juice.

As I drank,my eyes were on this guy. We must have a connection…if not,why do I keep seeing him in my sleep?

“Wanna dance? I noticed you’ve been looking at them.” Christine said with a smile.

I smiled back. “No! No way…! I’m a bad dancer.” I replied nervously.

I suddenly want the guy to see me. I felt so strange.

But Christine winked and grabbed my arm. “Come on…you might not know until you try.” He said.

💦 Simon 💦

I held Quincy’s waist and twirled her around, bringing her close to me as we danced.

She was smiling and blushing stupidly and almost kissed me but I was fast to dodge it.

Dancing with a woman would never have been one of my imagination but Carly made this possible.

She gave me a different mentality about women… giving them a chance to be different in my sight.

“Why don’t you just take me to bed?I’m hot!” Quincy suddenly said into my ear and it seriously had effect on me.

Ever since Carly and I started having a different feeling towards each other… I stopped chasing after woman.

And I’ve been trying to live differently.

But now I looked at Quincy and shrugged. A night with her wouldn’t hurt….

“Let’s sneak into a room.” Quincy whispered and laughed.

She wasn’t drunk but she was acting like a drunk.

We both left the dance floor and headed upstairs to the rooms.

At the hallway,I met Tiara coming out with a guy.

I winked at her. “You are here already.” I said.

She looked at Quincy before nodding. ” Here….we are going back to the party. Good luck with this ” she replied and left with the guy.

I smacked my head. Think straight Simon! What the hell do you think you are doing?

Carly is missing and you can think of is fucking someone else?

I turned to look at Quincy. “I’m sorry but we have to go back downstairs.”

“Why? I’m already hot!!” She winced.

” I’m not your husband nor your boyfriend! You just met me today and you are already thinking of sleeping with me?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes. ” You can’t blame me!!

You really swept me off my feet!!” Quincy wailed.

Oh shit. Only if I was able to get Tiara…she would have saved me.

” Fine…. find someone else. I’ve got something to take care of.” I said trying to walk away but she held my hand squirming.

💦 Carly 💦

“I don’t wanna dance.” I insisted and drank up my juice.

” Would you like to relax upstairs?” Christine asked.

“Oh sure..yeah! This music is just too loud and I’m feeling dizzy too.” I said standing up.

I suddenly began to feel so dizzy ad staggered against Christine who smiled and held me tight.

I only drank juice…why do I feel so dizzy?I thought as my eyes began to close down.

“What’s wrong with me…” I mumbled as Christine carried me off the ground.

He took me upstairs towards the rooms.

His face had become blur under my dizziness but I could see the evil smile in his face because I passed out.

💦 Simon 💦

I was still trying to escape from Quincy when I sighted the guy coming towards us with a woman asleep in his arms.

Pervert…did he drugged the innocent woman?

I was about looking away when something heavy caught my attention.

The woman… he was carrying had the same hair as Carly.

I held his hand as he made to pass, staring hard at the woman unconscious in his arms.

I couldn’t see her face cos her face was covered with his clothes.

But her long dark curly hair just like Carly’s was visible and I felt extremely drawn to her.

“And who are you?” The guy threw at me.

“Nothing. I wanna see her face. Right now!” I said loudly when he didn’t reply.

“What the hell are you? Out of my way!” He yelled.

My eyes were on the woman he was carrying. I didn’t wanna believe what my heart was telling me…

“Let me see her face. And where the hell are you talking an unconscious girl to?” I asked him.

He tried walking past. I lost my cool and punched him hard in the face.

He groaned and slipped.

I caught the unconscious girl before she could touch the ground.

While the strange guy groaned in pain,I was dumbfounded.

Even without seeing her face yet….I already knew it was her.

That tender and soft body of hers….that silky smooth hair…

Slowly,I turned her face to my full view and gasped.

I was right. In my arms was Carly Evans.

My very own Carly Evans….


Simon and his powerful punches 😂

Don’t miss the next episode!!🧡


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