HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 18




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

💦 Episode Eighteen 💦

“What have you done with my Carly!!” I yelled madly at him, giving him more punches.

” I….I…. don’t know!!” He said tiredly with blood all over his face.

Angrily I punched him hard again.

“Stop! Please!!” Ria screamed but it was too late.

He groaned and passed out.

“Bastard!” I yelled into his blood stained face and got up, dialling the police.

**** Two Days Later****

{Mr Drake’s house}
💛 Simon 💛

I sat in the living room waiting for dad’s arrival.

After the clash between Leo and I, I got him arrested when he regained consciousness from the hitting he got.

I had to…. He has to tell me where Carly is.

Dad came down stairs and sat opposite me. “We had an agreement. Why did you tell him?” Dad asked and I looked at him.

” Dad… I heard everything! That guy is evil!

He’s trying to get rid of me over the company and now he has my wife!

He should tell me where Carly is if not…. I’m not letting him out of the police custody.

He’s got to tell me where he went Carly to.” I said, trying to keep the tears off my voice.

Dad breathed in. “He already said she escaped from the guy he hired to kidnap her and now, no one knows where she is.” Dad said and I scoffed.

” And you believed that trash? ” I asked.

“Calm down, Simon. Carly is gonna be found. I can assure you.

I’ve already dispatched a search team and they are all over the place.

She’s gonna be found.” Dad said and I shook my head, feeling so sad.

“I’m not letting that criminal out of that place. He belongs there. ” I replied and looked away.

Carly.. please come back to me. I love you so much and I’m dying without you.

Back at home, memories of Carly filled me. I couldn’t think straight and I couldn’t even go to work.

My emails were full of messages from various places but I ignored them all.

I just wanted to be left alone, hoping Carly would be found.

It was almost seven in evening when someone knocked at the hallway door.

I walked over to the door and opened it and there was Tiara, Carly’s friend.

“Tiara?” I asked. I was surprised she could come visit me.

She smiled. “May I come in?”,she asked and I nodded.

I closed the door and followed her into the living room. “please sit.”

Tiara sat, smiling. “I’m sorry for your plight.” She said and I nodded.

“It’s strange. If Carly left on her own…. She would have come to you. Anyway…. The criminal has been found and I know very soon… He’s gonna confess. ” I said looking away.

Tiara suddenly stood up and walked over to me. She sat down beside me and placed her hand on my knee.

I turned to look at her and frowned at the look in her eyes. She was staring down at my lips. What the hell is she doing?

“Are you okay?” I asked but she kept smiling.

“Carly is just your fake wife, isn’t she? You guys are just neighbors. ” She said and I gasped.

How the hell did she know about the contract?

“Oh you don’t have to be surprised. She told my herself. She told me everything. What if Carly really went away on her own and here you are thinking about someone who doesn’t love you.” Tiara said and I looked at her.

” Why are you saying all these? ” I asked.

Tiara smiled and touched my chest. ” Here is a woman who loves you.

I really do admire you but you wouldn’t look my way. Carly doesn’t love you…. I do. “Tiara spoke softly to me.

I stood up and breathed in. “Out of my house Tiara. I thought you were here to help me find your friend.”

She stood up and came up behind me. She tried holding my hand but I stepped back. “Out please.” I warned.

She suddenly laughed and clapped. “Wow…. You must be so much in love with Carly.

Anyway… I wouldn’t betray my friend. Simon…. I’m here to help find Carly.” Tiara said with a smile and I nodded.

” So… You were trying to test me?” I asked amused.

She laughed. “Maybe! So there’s gonna be an elaborative welcome party downtown and your audience has been requested to Grace the occasion.”

” Welcome party? Really? Do I look like someone who’s in mood of partying? ” I asked sitting down again.

” You don’t wanna disappoint, Mr chairman.

Whatever the problem is, is gonna get solved. We are gonna find Carly. I promise. “, Tiara said and I shook my head in pain.

“It’s starting to look impossible.” I replied.

“You are the host of the party. By eight pm today, some cars are gonna be here to escort you. ” Tiara said.

” Are you related to the party? Who’s holding the party?” I asked.

“Oh…. One of your staffs. He wants you to be there.

Think I will be on my way now. See you later in the night. And take care. ” She said and left.

Truly, I got a party invitation card. It was almost eight when I started dressing up for the party.

Some cars pulled in to the compound, waiting to pick me up.

I stared at Carly’s picture in my room as I dressed up. How I so wish she was here with me….

💛 Carly 💛

Strange things had began to happen to me.

Like having nightmares and seeing a particular face in my dreams.

The face belongs to that of a guy…. handsome guy but I can’t just seem to remember him at all.

He appears always in my dream leaving me with big headache.

Christine came into the room and I looked up to see him dressed so smartly. He’s been like an angel to me ever since I was started staying with him.

He takes care of me and gives me so much attention but really…I wanted him to help me find my real family.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked smiling at me.

“My real family. When really are you gonna help me?” I asked him.

” Relax okay? I’m working on it.” He replied and I nodded.

” So…where are you headed? You are dressed up.” I said looking at him.

” Oh… I’ve been invited to a party on a very short notice. And I’ve got to be there.” He replied.

” A party? What party?”

” A welcome party.” Christine replied and I nodded. ” Wanna join?” He asked and I looked back at him.

Should I go with him or just stay at home? No way…it’s gonna be so boring.

“Sure but I really don’t have a party dress.” I said and he smiled.

“We are gonna head to the boutique first and get you what to wear for the party. I can’t wait to show you around. You are such a beauty.” Christine said and I smiled.

Deep down in me… I knew there is someone out there .. calling out my name.

We got to the boutique and he bought new a beautiful red dress that made me look like a princess.

I was also amazed with the way I look,with my long hair and slightly make up face.

“Wow….I feel like proposing to you now. Carly ….I think I’m in love with you.” Christine said and I gasped.

” I don’t know you….you don’t Know me. I don’t even Know myself…I might be married!” I gasped and I watched him smile.

” And who cares? I wanna keep you,make you mine….make you feel my love.” He spoke so tenderly.

I looked away nervously.” Let’s just be on our way ….we are gonna be late.” I replied, trying to open the car door.

Christine held my hand. ” I’m gonna show you off today at the party. I can’t wait.” He said with a sweet smile.

” Come on…” He opened the door and I got in nervously.

What’s wrong with him??


Oh my!!😱😱

Are they headed to the same party??

Someone should warn Christine ohh😂


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