HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 17




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

👅 Episode Seventeen 👅

💙 Simon 💙

“I’m listening. Ria… What do you wanna tell me!” I asked again holding her. I had this feeling it has to do with Carly.

” Simon…. What I’m about to tell you right now… I don’t want anyone knowing I actually told you. “She said quickly.

I nodded. ” It’s save with me. Just tell me.” I said impatiently.

” The thing is… I know… ”

” Wow! Wow! Wow! Never knew my kid bro and my wife are so close hun! ”

I looked up to see Leo coming in.

Ria gasped and moved back. She was greatly startled and I wondered why.

Leo stood in front of me and grasped Ria’s arm, yanking her to his side.

I furrowed my brows at him wondering why he was touching her so harshly.

“How come you are here, Ria? Are you guys doing something I don’t know of? ” Leo asked looking at me.

Ria had started to weep. ” You followed me!” She yelled at him.

“Of course I did! Needed to know where my wife was headed so early in the morning. “Leo replied with a smile looking at Ria.

” She was gonna tell me something important, Leo. Let her be. ” I said angrily.

” What? You’ve got some nerves, don’t you? She’s my wife and I don’t want her to say anything to you. ” He replied and I smiled.

” Why? Are you hiding anything? ” I asked.

” Maybe but that’s not your business. You come on!” He snapped at Ria and dragged her outside.

Ria kept looking back at me with tears in her eyes.

I stared at her until they disappeared outside the door.

“Ahh!” I sighed and sat down. What’s going on?

I took my bath minutes later, dressed casually and went out to continue searching for Carly.

Wherever she is… I hope she comes back soon.

💙 Carly 💙

What I noticed first when I woke up was the hammering headache in my head.

It was unbearable and I groaned in pain. I held my head with both hands as I sat up in bed looking around the beautiful room I was in.

I was greatly confused cos I couldn’t remember a thing.

Not even my name. Not even how I got here.

I looked around again and just then I noticed my bandaged knees and head.

What happened to me?

I stared at the door. “Hello!! Anyone there?” I called and groaned again, gasping at the pains I was feeling.

The door softly opened up and someone stepped in.

A guy. He was wearing a shirt which was left opened, giving me assess to view his hairy chest and flat stomach.

His hair was wet and it plastered all over his handsome face.

I sighed as he walked nearer. Who is he? Is this his house?

What am I doing here? How did I got here?

“Wow…. Finally” he sighed and sat beside me, touching my bandaged knees.

I moved back a bit and he smiled. “Please… Where am I? Who are you?” I asked quietly and he smiled.

” Oh… The doctor said it’s possible you might have memory loss when you wake up. You had accident and you’ve been unconscious for a week now. ” The guy said and I looked at him.

” Memory loss? You mean… I won’t be able to remember anything? “I asked.

” Hum… Yeah, for some time but as time goes on, you are gonna recollect what you’ve forgotten. “The guy spoke so softly.

“How did it happened? Who hit me?” I asked.

“My driver. He was coming to pick me when it happened and he rushed you to the hospital. He’s greatly sorry. ” The guy said and I nodded.

He continued looking at me without blinking and I became uncomfortable.

“Oh sorry if I made you uncomfortable. You are beautiful. Very ” he whispered and I blushed.

” I am? ” I asked touching my face..

” Yeah… I’m sorry for your predicament but I will take care of you till you will be fine again. ” He said and I nodded.

I looked away trying hard to recollect how I got hit but just couldn’t remember.

Sighing, I stopped trying cos it only added to the headache.

The guy came nearer and smiled into my face. “It’s okay. It’s only gonna hurt if you force it “, he said softly, patting my hand.

I looked down at his gentle hand before nodding.

“What’s your name?” I asked him slowly.

“My name?” He asked back and smiled when I nodded.

“Christine.” He replied.

💙 Leo 💙

“You conniving bitch!!” I yelled at Ria and slapped her hard on the face before flinging her across the room.

She fell on the bed and cried out. “Don’t touch me!!”

“Really? What really do you think you are? Mother Mary?

Cinderella? Oh my goodness…I can’t believe I married such a witch! All these while,you knew I was responsible for Carly’s disappearance?

I knew it! I knew something was wrong when you started acting so strange!

I knew something was wrong when you started sneaking up around the house!” I yelled at her.

“You are so evil! How could you?” Ria cried.

“You are my wife and you are suppose to keep my secrets!

No matter how bad they may be to you!”I yelled back.

“I’m sorry…I can’t keep it a secret. I can’t!”

“Then I will have to lock you up in here for a very long time if I have to.” I said breathing heavily.

” Please Leo… please..stop this. Why are you doing all these!” She asked.

” Wanna take what’s mine from that little brat.

He doesn’t deserve to own that company. It’s mine.

I will take him out of the way and get it back.”, I said and laughed.

” I won’t let you do that Leo…I won’t!” Ria yelled and I looked at her.

” I’m locking you up here till I’m done.” I said and turned to go.

I opened the door and to my shock,I came face to face with Simon.

His face was livid with red anger as he stared at me. I was shocked. Did he heard everything??

“You bastard!! You son of a nobody!!” He yelled into my face and punched me hard in the face.

I fell across the room. He got on top of me and threw more heavy blows into my face.

My lips tore up and blood stuttered.

He grabbed my shirt collar and shook me badly.

“You bastard! Do you even know what you’re? You are a bastard! You have not been told?

Well, I’m the only true son of dad and it’s my right to take over his company not yours!

You don’t belong to this family! You are just a bastard who got conceived through a brutal rape and you are fighting over what’s not yours?”

I stared at him shocked. That isn’t… it??

” What have you done with Carly? Where is my wife!!!”


He’s finally in trouble!!
Who is the Christine guy with Carly??


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