HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 15




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

🐰 Episode Fifteen 🐰

🥀 Simon 🥀

I gasped again and sat down on a sofa.

Leonard isn’t my brother? I thought to myself.

Memories flashed at me. How we grew up together,went to the same school… make troubles around us,how we bullied the girls in our school.

Back then,we were cool but now everything was fast changing.
I turned to look at dad.

“Dad.. why? All these years? Why did you keep it a secret?” I asked really confused.

How did that even happen?

“I kept it all secret because of the promise I made to his mother.

I married her when she was still unnoticeably pregnant.

She was raped.” Dad said making me gasp again.

It was so shocking.

Leo? He wasn’t my brother after all and I’ve tolerated his insolence all these years because I thought he was my older brother!

I stood up and paced about then turned back to look at dad. “Can we talk about this later?

I’ve got something to attend to.” I said, remembering my reason for coming to the house in the first place.

“Let this remain a secret between us Simon.” Dad said and I nodded.

I left the room as thoughts of Carly filled my head.

Baby, where are you?

I’ve got to see Ria. I went into the kitchen and saw mom making coffee.

“Mom…is Ria in the house?” I asked.

“Oh….she should be in her room. Poor girl… getting married to someone who doesn’t have her time.” Mom said and I shook my head.


“Okay.. I will go see her. I need to ask her if she’s seen Carly.” I said and rusted out of the kitchen.

I was about going up the stairs when Leo appeared.

I stopped and looked at him as dad’s words rang in me ear.

He’s not my son…..

“Wow…look who we have here?” He said coming towards me.

I turned fully to face him. ” You are here. Are you never gonna go back to India?” I asked.

He smiled. ” So baby brother will take over everything?” He asked.

We are not brothers! I wanted to say but held my lips.

“Things might turn out to be different from what you think.” I said instead.

” So… what are you doing here so early in the morning? Aren’t you supposed to be in your mighty office?” He asked.

” It’s none of your business what I’m here to do. It’s none of your business if I chose to come here at dawn. I grew up in here. This is my father’s house.” I replied.

” Oops….really? Fine. It’s really fine.” He said and laughed.

“I wanna speak to Ria.” I said cutting short his stupid laughter.

” Why?” He asked casually.

“I can’t find Carly ” I replied.

“She’s not here. She cannot be here. She can never be here.” He replied with a smile.

I raised an eyebrow. What’s he talking about? “What are you taking about? Why is she never gonna be here!” I asked.

” Oh….my bad. I never meant it that way. Enough of the chitchat,kid bro. I’m off.” He said and walked away.

I looked at him as he left.

He sounded strange…

I walked up the stairs and found out Ria had left the house.

As I drove back home,I couldn’t think straight. I was going crazy, thinking about where Carly went and why she wouldn’t pick up her calls.

Is she that mad at me?

I picked up my phone and and dialled her line.

Please love … pick up your call.

🥀 Harry 🥀

“Fuck!” I groaned as I slammed into her, digging deep into her hole.

“Fuck meeeeee harder….ahhh!! Ahh!!” Ria screamed out as I released my hot cream into her p***y.

I fondled her soft breasts again before rolling off her.

I breathed in deeply and turned to look at her smiling tired face. “You enjoyed it?” I whispered.

“Oh…so much. I wish he was like you.” Ria said.

“Your husband?” I asked.

” Yeah. I married him for money. Not love. I jumped into marriage with him just three days after we met at the popular indian restaurant.

He told me his father is gonna be handing over to him his largest company only if he gets married and I jumped at the opportunity but now …. think I’m regretting it. He pays me no attention!” Ria complained.

I shrugged. ” You should have expected it… jumping into such an insane marriage.” I chipped in.

” I’m happy though….for now. I wanna use the bathroom.” She said coming down from the bed.

” Oh use the one at the adjacent room. The water system has stopped working here. ” I said, lighting up a cigarette stick.

Ria left the room as I stood up to get myself a cold bottle of beer from the fridge.

🥀 Ria 🥀

I’ve never felt this happy since I married Leo.

Harry satisfied me to the fullest and leaving him became a headache in my skull.

I wouldn’t wanna let him go. Not yet.

I walked into one of the adjacent room and used the toilet.

“Help me please…. Someone help!!”

I gasped and stopped, looking around. Who’s shouting for help? I just heard a voice… Strangely familiar.

I rubbed my ears. Are they deceiving me?

“Help…. Help me.” The voice sobbed again.

I snapped around and slowly started walking toward the end part of the hallway.

There was a single room standing alone there and the sobbing was coming out from there.

My heart thumped loudly against my chest as I walked closer to the door.

Who’s in there?, How did the person got there?

Is Harry a killer?

Is he a kidnapper?

My hands shook badly as I grabbed the door knob and turned.

I opened the door and looked in. It was dark. Bracing up,I searched for the light switch on the wall.

Luckily, I found one. I pressed it as light flooded the room.

Immediately my eyes landed on a woman…. laying helplessly on the floor with her hands tied.

When she turned around to look at me,our eyes met and I gasped, moving back.

“Ria?”she called. “What are you doing here??”

“Carly…oh my goodness! What are you doing here!! What happened to you? Who did this to you!” I whispered running towards her.

” Help me Ria… please help me.”

Is Ria gonna be nice enough to help her??


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