HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 14




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

💝 Episode Fourteen 💝

🥀 Harry 🥀

“Carly?” I exclaimed again and she looked away.

When she looked at me again, I could see anger in her eyes.

“Has it gotten to the point to the point of kidnapping me?” She yelled at me.

My eyes softened and I sighed. “Look… You are mistaken. Never knew you were his target ”

“Whose target? Harry…. You still Di your dirty job? Thank goodness I left! ”

” No you can not leave me! I’ve been looking for you everywhere but you seem to have disappeared into thin air! Now I have you.. I will never let you go! ” I yelled back at her.

I’m crazy about Carly… My baby girl… My cute Carly.

So thankful I found her again.. this time, I’m not letting her go even if I will have to keep her in here for so long!

🥀 Carly 🥀

I gasped when he said that.

I was frightened but I wouldn’t let him see that. I’ve got to be brave.

Harry is my first lover. A guy I loved so much until I found out what he did.

Kidnapping people.. a hidden criminal and worst part of it was that he couldn’t wait for us to get married before sex.

I had to leave. I had to cut ties with him but now he’s standing in front of me!

“It’s over between us Harry! I’m done with long before now!” I yelled up at him.

” Untie her. I need to hug my Carly again.” He said making sigh. Is he even listening at all?

The guy with him untied me and made me stand on my feet.

Harry grabbed me to himself and forced his lips in my mouth.

I gasped and managed to turn away, breathing heavily.

Before I realized what I was doing,I slapped Harry twice in the face.

“Don’t you ever do that!!” I cried.

He looked into my face and laughed. ” Really, babe? I’ve just gotten started.

You’ve got to comply else I’m gonna be forces to tie you back down! “I roared.

” Please.. let me go… Please.. I don’t love you anymore ” I cried.

” Oh… Now you love someone else ? Who the hell dares to love my woman? ” Harry asked teasingly as he unbuttoned my shirt.

I struggled against him but he held my hands tightly behind my back making it impossible for me to move.

“Levis.. you might wanna step outside for a minute. ” I heard him say to the other guy who left immediately.

” I’ve missed you honey… Don’t tell me you’ve allowed someone else take what’s mine cos tonight.. I’m taking it. ” He said and I looked sharply into his eyes.

Is he gonna rape me??

Oh no… Simon!!!! Help!!!!

🥀 Ria {Leo’s wife} 🥀

I stepped out of the house secretly as usual.

The house was greatly boring and I knew my ever busy husband would never be there to keep my company.

I wish we could just go back to India where I still had some peace.

Now…I found solution to my boredom.

Just some cool guy to keep my company.

That isn’t too bad is it?

I took a cab straight into a small town and came down minutes later in front of a dry cleaner’s shop.

I payed the driver and took a sharp bend beside the shop and came out in front of a white house.

I smiled and stepped on to the frown porch and knocked at the door.

A guy opened the door after making sure who was at the door.

“Hey…it’s you.” He said with a nod.

I smiled. ” Yeah…um… I wanna see Harry” I said.

“Yeah. He’s in. Come inside.” He said and I followed him in after glancing back to make sure no one followed me.
🥀 Simon 🥀

I paced about in the big living room, looking at the clock again.

It was almost nine PM and Carly wasn’t yet in the house.

I tried her line again but it rang like forever.

What’s happening?

Why would she run away all because I proposed to her?

I thought.

I was going crazy. I couldn’t think straight.

I couldn’t wait to see her again.

Carly.. where are you… Please come back!

I swear never to propose again. I prayed and sat on the couch, hoping she will walk in.

Three hours later, I knew she would not be coming back into the house. Not that night.

I imagined her in the arms of other man and groaned angrily.

I had the most terrible night that very night.


The next morning, I drove into Dad’s compound.

I needed to speak to mom… To tell her I couldn’t find Carly.

“What? Missing? What happened?” Mom asked.

“She’s not missing mom. Something happened and she left ” I replied.

“You guys had a fight? ” Mom asked and I nodded, using that as an excuse.

It would sound wield to her if I time her I proposed to my wife and she ran away.

Where is that type of story told??

“Mom… You sure she didn’t come here?” I asked looking around.

” No she didn’t. Don’t bother yourself too much.

She’s gonna come back. Don’t worry about that.

Your father is around. ” Mom said and I quickly rushed upstairs to meet the man.

” Good morning Dad.” I greeted feeling so restless.

” How have you been? How is the affairs of the company going?, I trust you are doing a good job? ” Dad asked.

” You know the answer to that dad. You must have investigated. ” I replied.

” Okay. What are you doing here so early in the morning? “Dad asked.

I decided I would not tell him about Carly’s disappearance.

“Dad… Wanna ask you something.” I said instead.

“Go on son. ” Dad replied, looking down at the early morning newspaper.

” Leo is your first son, right? I’m supposed to be the younger brother.

Wanna know why you decided to hand over the biggest company to me. ” I said looking at dad.

Dad glanced up looking at me. He pulled down his glass and looked at me again.

“You finally asked that question, Simon. Leonard is not my son. “Dad announced and my eyes widened.

” What??”


Wait a minute…. Is it the same Harry Ria has gone to see?? 😱

And the Leo was even a bastard all along!!

What’s gonna happen next??


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