HOT NEIGHBORS – Episode 13




{Six Months Contract With Mr Arrogant}

Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ✍️

😍 Episode Thirteen 😍

🥀 Carly 🥀

I was dead shocked that he could propose to me.

I was greatly startled. And scared. I stood up from the couch and moved back and shook my head.

“No…no….I… can’t marry you.”

“What? Carly…why?” Simon gasped as he stood up coming towards me.

” No.. please don’t touch me.” I cried and ran out of the living room.

🥀 Simon 🥀

I was devasted.

What happened?

I looked at the box in my hand before running after her.

😍 Carly😍

What will life look like with someone so arrogant?

I love him but I don’t wanna end up in a crazy sad home.

I paced about my room and suddenly my door opened.

I looked up to see Simon coming in. “Carly…. please don’t say no. I love you…I promise.”

I stared at him as he talked.

Did he just say please?

For the first time…Mr arrogant sincerely said the word,please.

“Simon..I’m sorry but you have to give me some time to think about this. Please.” I said softly.

He nodded and put the ring away. “Okay… alright.” And he walked out.

I ran my hands over my hair and inhaled deeply. I can’t risk ending up with the wrong man.

😍 Leonard 😍

“Another bottle,Nita.” I said to the bar girl behind the counter.

She passed me a bottle of Heineken while I light up a fresh cigarette.


I looked up and saw the men I was waiting for.

“What took you so long?” I asked, puffing out smoke from my nose and mouth.

” The traffic was bad. ” Harry, the leader of the three guys said.

“Let’s get into business Immediately. Follow me ” I said and we walked towards a staircase.

We walked into a room and I took out a piece of paper from my front pocket. “Here is the house address. You just have to stay around the corner and watch out for her.

I don’t want any mistakes, Harry. Carry out this stuff with no traces. ” I said quietly.

Harry smiled. ” You can count on me boss. I’m gonna do a wonderful job.” Harry assured me and I smiled.

They left after I gave them half of the money they charged.

I smiled as soon as they left. Once Carly is out of the picture, taking that bastard down would be more easy.


The next day,I left the house very early in the morning and went straight to Tiara’s house.

I couldn’t bear to see Simon in the morning.

Wasn’t really sure what I’m afraid of…I love him but he still frightens me so much.

“Wow….what a surp!” Tiara exclaimed when she opened the door.

My hair and face was wet from the early morning snowflakes.

I shrugged and walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

“What happened?” Tiara asked standing against the door.

I sighed and looked up from the kettle on fire. “He proposed.” I simply said and Tiara gasped.

“Oh my God!!” Tiara screamed and jumped on me.

” Then why are you so sad! Girl…. You should be happy! ” Tiara gasped.

” I know Tiara…. But I’m scared. He’s… Just too arrogant.” I replied.

Tiara rolled her eyes. ” You told me he’s changing, right? You don’t have to worry about that. He’s gonna change for you. Promise. ” Tiara said and I sighed.

” Can I stay here today?, I don’t wanna go home yet. “I said softly.

Tiara nodded. “You don’t need to ask me. Thus place has always been ours. Both of us. But girl… You should accept him.

I think he loves you.” Tiara said and I looked at her.

” Maybe. ” I replied and sighed again.

After having breakfast with Tiara, we both went out.

We visited the mall, the beauty spa and finally her mom’s house.

Unlike me, Tiara still have someone to call mom.

She has two kid sisters too and they all look alike. I had fun with them.

It was getting dark when finally we returned to Tiara’s house.

“I think it’s time to go back home. He’s gonna be worried.” Tiara said and I nodded.

” I know. But I’m scared. I don’t want to rush into marrying him.” I said.

” Okay…will you like to spend the night then?” Tiara asked.

” No. I didn’t tell him I wasn’t gonna come back home today. Thanks anyways.” I said with a smile.

We both hugged before she saw me off to my car.

I drove into the dark road minutes later.

While driving,I made up my mind to say yes to Simon.

I knew I couldn’t do without him.

I love him very much and I’m so ever ready to say yes.

Once I drove into the estate, I noticed another car trailing up behind me.

I glanced at the rear view mirror and frowned.

I could tell they well following me!

My heart almost jumped into my throat as I sped up but they continued following me with equal speed.

I was getting in front of the house,when the car double crossed me in front.

I screamed and jerked the car to a stop.

Who the hell are they!!

“Miss…will you kindly come down!” One of them said, opening my car.

Trembling I came down, daring not to look into their face.

Oh Simon….help me.

I prayed and suddenly, something was pressed against my nose and my view became blur then I passed out.

I woke up later in a room.

I looked around and noticed my hands were already tied.

“Hello…! Somebody.. help!” I screamed but my words only bounced back at me.

I heard some men talking outside the door.

“You caught her already? Is she inside?” I heard a voice from outside.

The door opened and someone came into the room.

I was shocked as he approached.

I know this figure… I know this face…

I gasped more louder as he came into full view .

He was also shocked!

“Harry?” I gasped.

He stared at me shocked. “Carly? Oh my God!! You guys don’t tell me she’s the one you brought here as an hostage!!”

“You know her?” The other guy behind him asked.

Harry nodded still looking at me. “Of course yes idiot!!
This is my girlfriend… The one I’ve been looking for! ”


Someone else is coming into the picture.
Guys… Hope you are ready to separate fight? 😂


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