HOME ALONE RELOADED…..(18+)…..Part 9


Faith: don’t tell me you wanna go back to
Me: erm….
Faith looked at me and took my d–k back
into her mouth. She started sucking it
again as her hands were holding my balls
In a matter of time, the BEAST stood up to
full length again. She smiled as she stood
up, removed her skirt and her pink pant
Faith: be fast Idris, I really need you inside
of me.
I smiled as I got close to her. Turned her
so that her a-s will face me, she in turn
helped me by raising her leg up for me,
placing it on an old chair in the lab.
I used my hand to touch her punani a little
bit. When I was sure it was moist enough, I
held my d–k and started entering her little
by little.
Faith: ouchhh!!
Me: sorry.
Faith: go on please.
I continued pushing my d–k inside her
tight v—-a. She turned her head and
looked at me for about ten seconds before
facing the wall again, her hands were
firmly on the wall while her legs were
Me: oh yeeaa.
I said as I continued to push the BEAST
inside of her. By now, she has taken half
of my length in her. I was very surprised
and I looked at her, she shut her eyes as
she was in great pains.
I didn’t even care, I pushed on a little bit
farther as more length got into her p—y.
Faith: ouchhh! Please it’s enough like thatt
She begged me with her eyes still shut.
Me: common babe, you can do it, you have
almost taken everything inside of you,
don’t give up now.
I said trying to encourage her to take my
full length in. She has already swallowed
more than half of my length and I knew
she couldn’t take the rest because if I try
pushing, it won’t move.
Faith: ouchhh ouchhh ouchhh!! Its hurting
me.. pleaseee!!
I finally gave up, not wanting to injure her.
I held her butt cheeks and started stroking
in and out of her slowly from behind. Faith
is a tall girl so f—–g her while she is
standing isn’t much of a problem.
The feelings of her warm punani was sweet
beyond expectation. I continued moving in
and out of her slowly, not wanting to stop
the unmeasureable pleasure emitting from
my slow strokes.
She in turn was lost in ecstasy. She started
moving her hips to and fro making me to
stop my slow stroking.
Faith: hmm, hmmm, yeaaaaaa!!
She continued moving her hips, rocking it
on my d–k before she held me with her
hands and said..

Faith: please dig into me faster.
Me: fine, don’t complain and don’t shout.
I held her firmly and started f—–g her
harder and harder. My hips started moving
faster and faster. With each t—-t I make, I
made sure I come into contact with g-spot.
Faith: ahhh, nooot likeee thattt oo, umm
eeasyyyyy pleaseee!
She begged but it didn’t get into me. I
continued slamming in and out of her tight
p—y. Banging and ravaging the p—y like
there was no tomorrow.
I was still f—–g her harder but I was
scared, her moans were now high enough. I
continued hitting her g-spot with all effort.
She didn’t know when more and more
inches of my d–k began to enter her p—
Soon, I started digging into her inner part.
Faith: ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhh my gawwd, oh
my.. Oh myyyy!!!!
She screamed and then, she did the
unimaginable, she bit herself hardly on the
hand as a massive wave of o—-m took
her into high heavens.
The orgasmic liquid poured me and my
trousers were stained. I didn’t care, with
her punani more watery and very
pleasurable, my d–k began to expand
making her p—y walls to be milking it
very tightly.
Me: i think I am about to pour!!!!!
She quickly removed my d–k from her
punani and placed it into her mouth. I held
her head and pushed it hard against my
d–k till my d–k was in her osephagus.
Then i shot springs of my sperm into her
throat, shaking like a dry leave and
moaning very loudly.
What happened next?


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