HOME ALONE RELOADED…..(18+)…..Part 7


I instantly froze before turning around, oh
my God… Not again,
Me: *whispered in anger* Samuel!!!
Samuel: *whispering* hahaha, wetin again.
I looked inside and miss Jennifer has
gotten up, she was cleaning the mess she
made on her couch.
I looked at Samuel and I dragged him to a
corner far from Jennifer’s room.
Me: thunder go fire you oo.
Samuel: na wetin I do again.
Me: thunder fire you! You just dey bust out
dey spoil my show anyhow. You dey
Samuel: see mumu o. You no go even
thank God say na me. Imagine say na your
mother abi na another person wey touch
you, you go fit talk?
Me: make I no talk first, but abeg just
leave me make I dey flex. I beg you in the
name of God…
Samuel: no prob.
Me: how far with Ruth na.
Samuel: baba, I don score three point o
(meaning he just fuc.ked her)
Me: wait o, how manage.
Samuel: you no see say na their place I dey
come from?
Me: na true, your mother say you go there.
Samuel: yes na, I tell her say I dey go there
but when I go, I surprise o. Rose and their
parents commot go greet person.
Me: no wonder, that’s why you just dey dey
score three points anyhow. We be the same
be that. Me too don score three point with
Amaka and joy.
Samuel: God forbid, I no dey like you o. My
own three points na with my babe o. You
too like to chooke your BEAST for every
girl hole.
Me: tarh, I get choice and moreover, na
them dey come meet me, no be me dey
meet them.
Samuel: I don hear but wait, sheybi today
na the first time you dey see Jennifer dey
self service?
Me: yes oo and I surprise.
Samuel: baba, you never start. She like am
o, and the worst thing self be say she no
dey carry man come her house, she go just
dey do her thing by herself. I dey see her
well well naw.
Me: hmm, I just dey think, Imagine how
bleeping her go dey..
Samuel: I talk am, you like to chooke your
thing for every girl p—y.
Me: hahahahahaha.
Mum: *shouting* Idris!! Tomorrow is
school o, come and eat and have some
Me: baba, tomorrow we go see.
Samuel: ok naw, make I go rest.
We shook our hands and I ran home.
Today has been a little bit adventurous for
me but the part where I fainted remained a
mystery to me.

I woke up with a smile on my face and
walked to my parent’s room, my Dad was
packing his clothes inside a bag.
Me: good morning dad, good morning
Dad and mum: good morning.
Me: are you going out to your duty post?
Dad: yes.
I sighed, unlike anyother duty post, My
dad’s duty post isn’t in Rivers state. They
do guard an oil pipeline in Bayesla so we
get to see him thrice in three months or
four months depending on the case maybe.
He has spent his three days with us and he
will be out for another three months again.
Well, we have gotten used to it. I mean he
do get millions from guiding the oil
Dad: have this, I will send more to you
He said giving me a bundle of one
thousand naira notes. I smiled, thank him
and left. Girls go suffer!
Within 30 minutes, he was done with
parking and he entered inside his car and
drove off, I just love my dad.
Not up to an hour later, we were through
with breakfasts and my mum took my little
brother to his school with her car while I
met Samuel and we both went to school at
the same time.


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