HOME ALONE RELOADED…..(18+)…..Part 43


Jenny; arghhhh!!!!
She shouted as my penis penetrated her
super tight a—–e.
She shrieked but I didn’t stop. I pushed
even more and her a—–e began to make
way for my d–k to enter.
I have to use all the power bestowed on me
to make half of my d–k enter inside her.
Jenny: oh idris…… you’re so wicked…… I
hate you.. I hate you..
She screamed so loud as hot tears came
down from her eyes accompanied my what
I guess by little drops of blood from her
anus as a result of the tearing of her skin.
I drew out my d–k and pushed again, her
a—–e was so tight that my o—-m began
to build up but not yet, it’s too early.
So what I did was to take my mind away
from the sex and rammed her a—–e, she
was still screaming in pains.
Jenny: ouch……it hurts… I hate you…
She screamed and I shot my first load
inside her, I quickly removed my d–k from
her a-s and poured my c-m allover her
Wow, this is one of the greatest sex i have
ever had and from now onwards, I think I
will be f—–g girls through their a-s.
Jenny: it hurts a lot… I hate you with
She said and slapped me quickly.
Jenny: but d–n, it was hot.
She manage to smile.
Me: you need some more?
Jenny: over my dead body.
Aunty jenny had to lay down for about
three hours before she managed to stand
up, held her buttocks and leap home.

I had become a sex freak. I have f—-d
Rose, Ruth Samuel’s girlfriend but since
Sam is on strike, I think I will help him out.
I have also f—-d Amaka’s friend
I did f–k omolola my sugar mum thrice a
week and once f—-d her neighbour.
About anal sex, I have f—-d Mrs Halima
thrice in her a-s and made her unable to
come to school for two weeks. I have f—-
d joy in her a-s once, faith thrice, amaka
once and the two twins about three times.
The only person I haven’t f–k is my
girlfriend Bella who happened to be a virgin
but all is about to change, and don’t be
surprise I called her my girlfriend. The
wooing was successful.
Some days later.
I was outside with born again Samuel when
aunty Jenny passed by and called to me
her in room.
Me: more three points for me.
Samuel: na only God go deliver you.
I entered inside her room and her face
showed that she wasn’t in the mood for
any sex.
Jenny: read this.
She said and handed me a letter which I
collected, I read the letter and the content
of the letter almost made me pass out.


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