HOME ALONE RELOADED…..(18+)…..Part 10


Me: arghh, yeaa, yea.. that was awesome.
I said breathing hard. By now, the BEAST
has shrink in her mouth and she brought it
out. I looked at her, the girl is bad o, as in
very very bad.
It still surprise me, she loves swallowing c-
m. The last one I just shot, she swallowed
everything and began to lick her mouth as
if it was icecream i poured in her mouth.
Faith: why are you looking at me like that?
She asked with a smile on her face. I was
silent, I didn’t answer her.
Faith: is it because you saw me swallowing
your sperm?
Me: hahaha..
I laughed and nodded my head as a yes.
Faith: mtcheew, that’s how I like it o.
Me: so how does it taste.
Faith: you wanna know?
She said standing up and approaching me.
I knew what she was about to do, she
wanted to kiss me with little of my sperm
still in her mouth and I won’t let that
I quickly wore my cloth as I dashed out of
the place while I heard her laughing.
I made way to the toilet where I took time
in cleaning myself. I cleaned every mess on
me and also sprayed my perfume a little.
When I was done, I came out smiling but
the smile became a grin when Bella, the
most beautiful girl in our passed me to the
female rest room.
I decided to wait till she comes out. When
she came out, I walked up to her and
started a conversation.
Me: hi Bella.
Bella: the ever flirting Idris..
She said in disgust.
Bella: how can I be of help to you?
Me: erm, erm..
I said in confusion.
Me: just wanna tell you that you are
looking so beautiful today.
Bella: hahaha, i said it, the ever flirting
Me: wait, all you heard about me were lies.
Bella: *disgusted* liar, the whole girls in
school are busy gossiping about you and
your, your, your so called BEAST.
I smiled, she just stammered before calling
the BEAST. Maybe she have a soft spot for
huge dicks.
Me: haa, forget about those people joor.
Bella: no, I can’t because all they were
saying is true. Where were you during
mathematics class.
Ha, she has gotten me o.
Me: me?
I asked in confusion and she smiled.
Bella: yes!!!!!!
Me: I was tired so I came out to have some
fresh air.
Bella: and where was faith?
She asked with another smile on her face.
Me: I don’t know, but I saw her with the
chemistry teaching. He was busy scolding

Bella: ok o, I wanna go now. Please let
these be the last time you tell me I am
She said wanting to pass me when I
blocked her way and she crashed into me,
her hand touching the BEAST on the
Bella: *gasped* haaaaa!!
She gasped as she felt my huge BEAST on
her hand. The funniest thing was that she
didn’t remove her hands from it but gave it
a gentle squeeze.
Me: aww!
I moaned in a little ecstasy and she quickly
removed her hand, walked passed me. She
turned back and gave me a deadly stare
before she hurried into our class.
I laughed out loud, so she has fetish for
huge dicks. Well she has gotten one and I
will make sure I dig into her punani one
I thought to myself as I walked back to our
Voice: Idris!!!
A voice called out and I turn to see Mrs
Fatima, our mathematics teacher.
Mrs Fatima: meet me in my office.
She said and walked away.
Me: oh boy!!!
What happened next?


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