HOME ADVANTAGE…..(18+)…..Part 5


Who could believe I wouldn’t need Chinenye‘s help to know where she lives?
How do I tell her I dreamt about us making love before my mum interrupted? Is it even right to have that kind of dream?
Mrs. Williams is going to be part of my life if mum agrees with their proposal. Mum’s definitely going to agree as she didn’t even want me to work at the factory at all. Why won’t she? Mrs Williams’ offer to help meant all those singing and clapping in the middle of the night are not wasted.
As predicted, mum agreed to Mrs William’s offer when I told her about it. She planned to go and see her and thank her. That she will do after the Calabar wedding. Mrs Chinedu‘s sister will be tying the knot at a church in Calabar the day after tomorrow. My mom and one other neighbour will accompany her to the East for the event. Mr. Chinedu was away on a business trip, which apparently, might take up to two weeks before returning.
Udenme was saddled with the responsibility of looking after Grace. I, at the other flat will be left with my kid sister. Udenme will be doing most of the baby sitting in Ayo’s case as she was always at home when the kids are back from school, while I will be at the steel factory.
I called Mrs. Williams the next day to inform her about my mum’s concurrence on the offer. ‘’That’s good. We still have a lot to discuss. Please come over to the house on Saturday evening, and you will also stay for dinner this time.’’ She said. ‘’ok, ma’’ I replied.
I got home later that evening, Ayo was not in, so I went to check Mr. Chinedu ‘s flat. Ayo and Grace were watching cartoon after doing their home work, which Udenme helped them with.
Udenme was sitting on the couch with a book in her hands.
‘’What are you reading?’’ I asked before sitting beside her. ‘’I’m checking out the lyrics of a song radio stations won’t stop playing’’. She explained gazing at me with a beaming smile. ‘’Which song is that?’ I questioned curiously. ‘’Stick With You by the p**sycat Dolls,’’ She specified.
‘’Oh! That song is one of my favourites.’’
‘‘I know you will know the song na, Mr R&B’’.
I chuckled. ‘’The remix featured Avanti. I liked that….’’
‘’This is the first time you’re sitting in our house, bro Galacious’’ Grace Interrupted. I was quite surprised by the little girl’s question. But he was not wrong. ‘’This is the first time your parent will leave you in care of a pretty sister,’’ I responded, knowing fully well the little boy barely understood it.
‘’Grace face what you’re watching and leave Galacious alone’’ Udenme snapped at the kid. Facing me now, ‘’Ayo will be having dinner with us, hope you don’t mind?’’
she asked me with a soft tone. ‘’ Nope’’
Udenme tried talking me into eating with them, but I declined the offer. Myself like most other guys in my hood, particularly the bachelors, would not miss the slightest chance to dine at the Mei Tea’s joint. Mei Tea is the name for the Hausas who have small kiosks where they cook and serve their bread and egg with or without tea. In recent years, noodles have been added to their menu list.
I got back home about an hour later. The kids were already asleep. Udenme was in the sitting room with the same book. She was in a gown that exposed her thighs. The sight of her thighs mesmerized me. ‘’Till tomorrow then,’’
were the words I could utter as I opened the door to flounce the room. Udenme could barely respond, as if she did not know that was a good night speech.
Later that night, I was in the living room watching a sport program on DBN with a cup of
water in my hand. I heard a knock on the door.
Before I could sip the drink to answer, the door was already opened as Udenme walked in
putting on a cardigan to cover the gown.
Neither of us utter a word as she sat beside me.
‘‘I’m feeling cold’’ she said after few minutes. ‘’Really?’ I asked and drew closer to her. She nodded in affirmation.
I put my half-finished water down beside the leg of my chair where it wouldn’t be in the way. Then I slipped my left arm around her shoulders, she didn’t say a word. She leaned into me and turned to kiss. Her lips opened and I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She put her arms around me and I placed my right hand to the back of her head.
We kissed awhile. I slowly moved my hand down to touch her left b0s0m. She didn’t object, so I gently massaged as I continued to kiss her. Few minutes later we came up for air and I started to unbutton her cardigan. She smiled as I worked my way down the buttons, then pushed It open and put my hand back onto her b0s0m.
I could feel the heat of their body through the thin cotton and her Tip pushing through her bra. She was feeling cold indeed. She hugged me closer and we started to kiss again. I could feel her soft b0s0m under my hand, with its Tip rubbing against my palm. I was in heaven for the next few minutes, I believed.
Then she stood up and took off her cardigan. I stood up too to put my hands on her waist. She reached up to my chest and started to unbutton my shirt. She slipped her hands inside and ran them around my body. Few minutes later she was nuzzling my right shoulder and I was licking and kissing her ear. I was feeling decidedly heated and gala was already in full form.
I started to take off my shirt and took her hands away. I pulled it off and tossed it away. We smiled at each other and started to kiss again.
She froze for a moment then her lips opened and her tongue slid out. Her arms roamed up and down my back and we held each other closer. I could feel the heat of her body as I held her. I could feel her breasts pressing against me as I hugged her. I could feel her arms on my Unclad body.

Bet I didn’t see that coming, but Tunde did. Home advantage indeed! I knew how guys have been sizing her up since her arrival in the neighbourhood. There she was, few minutes away from tasting my most valuable asset—–gala.
While we were still on our feet touching each other, I was patiently waiting for her to take off her top. That did not happen and didn’t even look like it was going to. I tried to do that myself, but she held my hands and shook her head.
Ehn! For where?! The enormity of the situation hit me. She got to be kidding me. Maybe she wanted to do it with her top on. Gala would give anything to get out of the cage called jeans it was that moment.
I didn’t know what she thought she was doing, or if she just took pity at the look of disappointment that must have come across my face, but she started to pull off her top.
I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back.
She pulled it off to reveal the breasts cupped in
their white cotton bra. I was mesmerized.
Slowly I put my finger tips to each b0s0m. The skin was so soft, yet the flesh firm underneath. I spread my fingers across them and pressed my palms against her Tips. Then I pressed down under and gently pushed them up within her bra. I glanced up at her face, she was beaming at me. I ran my lips and tongue back and across them, then moved down to the cotton of her bra and kissed the Tips hidden below.
She shivered in my arms. I hooked my arms around under her tip and moved my mouth up to kiss her. As I opened my mouth her tongue slid past my lips. Her warm body was pressed against mine. Out tongues working in one. Her hands race up gonad down my back. My areas wrapped around and pulled her closed I didn’t know how but we were already on the bed In my room.
She reached around and unhooked her bra.
Damn! Made In Calabar! I didn’t waste no time as I ran my fingertips up from her waist and under her loosened bra to touch her soft, warm breasts. My finger circled underneath the firm muscles. I ran my thumbs over her Tips and she sighed. So I pushed her bra up, bent down and kissed her left Tip. I ran my tongue across It, next my lips, then I opened my mouth wide and scud like I would never sU-Ck again In my life.
Few minutes later, my left hand was stroking her right thing. My other hand was busy with her left b0s0m, helping out my tongue which was swirling her other b0s0m. They all made a pretty good team.
My hands were not the only part of the body working that night. She slipped hers down my arm and across to unbutton my jeans. I continued to stroke her thigh as she pulled my jeans opened. ‘’Oh my gosh!’’ she exclaimed. Then she slipped my underpants off almost immediately.
She held my gala and placed it in her mouth. Her eyes closed as she caressed them with her tongue. She was really good at it.
Moments later she lowered herself and looked me up in my face, ‘’ Galacious, do you love me?’’ she asked surprisingly. Love? Why this question? Why this moment? What did she expect me to say, or she wanted to create an impression that she’d only opened her legs for a guy after he must have confessed his love for her? Well dear, that impression is thirty minutes late. To answer her question, no I don’t. My response was exactly the opposite of what I thought. ‘’Yes. I love you so much, Udy’’ I admitted with a pretentious smile on my face. She smiled and replied ‘’I love your too’’.
She didn’t use her hands to guide me inside.
She didn’t need to. His Royal Highness, Gala entered effortlessly. She put her arms around my neck and gasped as she pushed herself all the way home. She wrapped her legs around my hips, and I could feel myself thrusting up into her. I could feel her pressing down all around. I m0aned as gala seemed to catch fire.
She arched her back, pressing her body against mine. I breathed her breathe. She stared to rock back and forth and the fire spread to my gala. I started to thrust in time with her and she smiled. Then she lay back on the bed, bringing me down on top of her. I pushed my legs out behind us and she sq££zed even tighter with hers.
The fire in my loins got hotter and hotter. The tension got harder and harder. The sound of our m0ans, the feel our bodies, the thrust and counter thrust merged into background haze as I was feeling gala was about to spit. I pushed and pushed. It burned and burned, harder and harder, tighter and tighter, until I snapped and I flowed into her. A burning fire that stretched into infinity, thrusting and thrusting, squirting and squirting, until I was empty and exhausted, and collapsed on top of her.
I lay there as our breathing slowed. Our sweat cooling as it flowed together. My heartbeat slowed and she stretched her legs down and relaxed.
I fell asleep.


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