HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 9



Prudence’s POV:
I placed my left ear on the door to see if I could hear what’s going on in the room. It was quiet.

I opened the door and looked in.
There was a lady on the huge bed. She was stark naked and was panting.

I looked to the far end of the room. Rodney was on a white chair shirtless. He had a cigarette in his hand and was looking out the transparent big window.

I was shocked and perturbed.
He was actually right, he’d cheat on me..
But why?

Why’s he bent on cheating?
I never said we couldn’t have sexual contact. He’s my husband.
I can’t deny him that.

He turned his head and his cold stare focused on me.

I sniffed and that was when I realized I had been crying. My cheeks were filled with tears.
I sobbed softly.

“How could you… “I muttered full of hurt.

He twitched a bit and stood up. He dropped the cigar on a saucer.

“I told you. Am a cheat. And am offering you a free right to also cheat.”he said wryly.

I raised my right hand across his face slapping him hard on his cheek. He scoffed.

“You’re so awful! Have you no shame, did you forget that we’re still on our honeymoon? How can you do this and proudly admit it?… “I choked on my words as my heart was splitting into two.

The tears couldn’t let me speak.
I shouldn’t have married him.. He’s a beast!

“Pull yourself together Prudence.nothing’s gonna change here… I’ll always be out screwing someone else. This is me being honest.”he said.

I took a deep breath and sniffed hard.

I pushed him away from me.

“Stay away from me, you monster! “I yelled angrily and stormed out of the hotel room.

Anger, pain, disappointment..
It all flowed into me.

I was going mad at the moment.

I tore out the hair band holding my hair in place. I scratched the hell out of it.

I’ve never been so hurt before.

Rodney’s pov:
I knew she was going to following me.

Poor prudence..

What else should I have done?

It’s best I make her believe this side of me before she catches me in the act and she’ll feel cheated.

An open marriage.
She should do whatever pleases her.

It’s best this way.

Though I felt bad and pitied her cause of the tears. She doesn’t deserve this neither does she deserve me..

I took my shirt And put it on.
I better find somewhere else to stay for a while before returning back to my mansion.

🍨 Prudence’s pov:
I was awake a night trying to get sobber.

Rodney wasn’t home yet and I give no damn about it. He can stay with his slut till they make 10 kids.

I heard my phone ringing and I took a look at it… Rodney’s mom.

I took my phone and threw it across the room and I cared less about where it landed.

I didn’t feel like talking to anyone.

I haven’t even had lunch nor dinner.
My tummy hurts alot but I’ve decided to bare the pain.

It grumbled one more time.

I hit my tummy full of bitterness.

I have to drive the appetite away.

I laid on the cold balcony and closed my weak eyes and soon I dozed off.

🍥 Rodney’s pov:
I drove into the Mansion yawning and super sleepy. I didn’t enjoy the night at the hotel I lodged cause I couldn’t sleep.

I got down and went in.
All I want to do now is just to lie on my bed and sleep till lunch time.

“Oh Mr Rodney, thank goodness you’re back!.”one of my maid said immediately I got to the living room.

I twitched.
“What happened? “I asked all ears.

“It’s your wife sir, she hasn’t eaten since yesterday and she also refuse to take anything this morning.

“She looks so lean and broken… She needs to take something before she passes out.”she said walking after me as I was heading for the stairs.

I groaned disturbed with what she just said.

“Try talking her into eating or something… “I Muffled climbing on a stair.

“I’ve done everything possibly. Please sir, can you feed her? I think she’ll eat if it’s from you. “She suggested.

I hated this…
Why is she so affected by this anyway?
We barely know each other.

“Should I get the tray sir? “She asked behind me.

I closed my eyes in annoyance.
I don’t want to do this…
What am I, A babysitter?

“Fine. Get the tray. “I fumbled under my breath.


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