HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 8



Rodney’s POV:
I was at the hotel room putting on my clothes after screwing a lady.
My phone rang loudly and I reached for it.

“Mom..”I breathed out immediately i heard her voice.

“Rodney, where are you? Tomorrow is your wedding, you should be with your friends at the club… _”she said sounding curious.

I huffed.
“Am on my way there” I chipped.

“Huh, don’t tell me you’re with your wife to be?! It’s not allowed Rodney Carlson”she shrieked in paranoia.

I rolled my eyes.
“Stop being too strict mom. Am almost there”I said wryly and hung up.

I was done wearing my clothes.
I glanced at the lady on the bed whose breath stiff and she looked she would faint any moment.

I was shook my head and grabbed my car keys leaving.

prudence’s pov:
“You may now kiss your bride”the priest said closing his marriage vow book.

I looked up looking at Rodney.
Oh my, I have to kiss him now.

He lifted the veil covering my face slowly. He leaned close and he cupped my cheek pulling my closer.
He pressed his lips on mine. My lips was shut.

In 2 seconds, he pulled away from me and I heard thundrous noises from claps from the guests.

Some whistled while some cheered.

Oh Right… Am married now.


Prudence’s pov;
I paced the room with my phone on my ear. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“What? This is absurd. You can’t just go to the hospital I work at and collect a Honeymoon leave for me mom.. I don’t like this!

“What am I going to be doing here in this big house.. Please mom, talk to the hospital, tell them am.. ”

“Oh shut it Prudence! Just relax and enjoy your honeymoon and thank me later. Cherish this week dear, before the kids start coming not giving you space to breath”mom said and I could tell she was happy she did this.

I had taken my bath and gotten ready for work when I received A text from the hospital wishing me congrats on my wedding and said they’d see me in a week time.

I was turned and called colleagues. They then told me about mom’s visit at the hospital.

I didn’t like this arrangement made by mom. She’s just overdoing it.

I hung up angrily.
Oh God please, I don’t want to end up like mom who divorced dad shortly after their wedding.
I want to have one husband and live with him to the fullest.

I took off my top which was part of the nurse uniform.
Just then, the door to my room opened revealing Rodney.

I panicked.
Gosh! I just had my bra on.

He stared at me for a while probably shocked.

He shook his head like he hot himself and walked into the room properly.
My eyes glistened.

Can’t he see em shirtless and exposed?
He’s my husband anyway.

“I want to talk to you ’bout something, you got a minute?”he asked.

I went numb but nodded afterwards.

“here’s the thing, I am a slut. Am going to cheat on you at any second so wifey, do you have any boyfriend? Do whatever you want with him.

“Just don’t do it in the living room, we might have a guest. You can go to his place, spend some days. Do whatever you want girl, this is an open marriage”he said emotionlessly.

I just stood still listening to the crap he just said.

“Are you for real?”I asked gobsmacked.

He nodded.
“100%. Also, am going to go meet one of my b*tch at the hotel room she’s at right now. “He said with a shrug.

“Tell me you’re kidding Rodney.. “I blurted more than suprised.

“I don’t have to repeat myself Prudence. ” he snapped looking dead serious.

He turned and left the room shutting the door.

He’s not serious, he can’t be!

I held a crumpled look as I pondered over his words.
‘Am a slut’
‘Am going to go meet my b*tch… Right now’

Oh mercies!
What sort of man is this?
How can he comfortably say that to me?

I wore back my navy blue top and left the room.

I rushed down the stairs running across the living room.

I heard a car engine on.
I ran out. The car was already leaving the mansion.

It was Rodney.

I rushed to the first driver I saw.

“Please sir, get a car, I want to go somewhere, it’s urgent! _”I said out of breath due to the running.

He got a car and I hoped in.
He sped out and I ordered him to follow Rodney’s car.

I got out of the car standing before Lingerie Hotel. It was a five star hotel and obviously expensive.

Rodney had gone in. I went in rushing to the receptionist.
“Help me with the room my husband is at, Rodney Carlson. “I said.

She stared at me for a while.

“You’re his wife? Am sorry but information’s concerning him is strictly private. “She said.

“Oh God please! It’s a matter of truth and lies. “I jibed helplessly.

She sighed.
“Room 72. But don’t tell anyone I told you”she said.

I nodded running to the elevator. I bumped into some ladies dressed in fancy clothes. I looked down at what I wore, a nurse uniform. How humiliating?

I walked down the hall in search of room 72.
I finally found it.
Oh God…


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