HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 6



Prudence’s POV:
He wants to fix it for me?

How nice of him.
Well, I don’t mind if he helps me out.
It would reduce the stress anyway.

I brought out the card and dropped it on the table. He glanced at it.

“How did that happen? “He asked.

My eyes dilated to the table and the whole memories of my sister Winter flashed through my mind.

I wonder if she can really be saved..
Her situation is the worst I’ve seen since I stepped into this world.

“Someone broke it.”I muttered.

“That person deserves a hard spanking. “He said with his calm and gentle voice.

“Can you fix it?”I asked looking up at him.

He continued eating.
“Don’t worry about it.”he said.

I nervously brought out my ATM card and passed it to him on the table.

“Please, take as much as you need to get it fixed. The pin is…. ”

“Don’t bother. Keep your money. “He says.

I almost felt like crying… I get to keep my money!

I took back the card in a haste.
Rodney stood up and reached for the card which was split into two.
He tried to leave but then stopped and turned to look at me.

“You’re married now. Mind the dress code. I don’t like sharing what’s mine.”he said coldly before leaving.

I was completely marveled at what he just imposed. He actually cared… Geez!
I was overwhelmed.

Am married now. I might as well get used to it. I buried my face in my palm.

“Ma’am, your food is getting cold.”I heard and flinched.

I looked up to see one of the maids standing at the edge of the table looking at me.

“Uh… Yes. I know.”I said blandly and took my fork digging into the egg sauce on a saucer.

I tried to maintain a serious face.

Rodney’s pov:
I got to my car and shut the door. I had no intention of going out today of course only if those horny feelings come back.

They come..
They always come.

I had to go help wifey with her ID. It’s a piece of cake and won’t cause me much. I just have to go to some computer hackers and they’ll fix it under a minute.

prudence is annoying.
I couldn’t believe she wanted to wear that and go out. How shameless of her!
Am going to punish her for that.

I thought nurses are much more pure and always covering up.

I grip the sterling wheel and I felt something linger right by my masculinity. I shuddered as I felt my balls harden.

The feelings… They are back!

I looked at the front mirror in my car. I saw my eyes as red as blood. I was scared and at the same time violent.

I quickly started the car and drove out of the Mansion in a jiffy.
I got my phone and tried hard to see through my dark eyes. I dialed her number and she picked up immediately.

“Room 21.”she said.

I threw my phone at the next seat and sped up.
I arriver in no time and got down from the car. I rushed in immediately and in a blink of an eye, I met her sitting my the edge of the bed.

Her clothes were off and she was stark naked before me. At that moment, my c*ck was harden and was already rising… I could feel it.

Oh God!
When will I escape from this?
Why can’t I be normal?

I grabbed her and freed my beast. She turned over and i pierced into her forcefully. She groaned as she tried to hold onto something.

I went in and out of her with everything in me. I haven’t given her up to 5 strokes and she starts crying..

She makes me even more violent with her noises.
I increased my pace and started a rough ride.

Her moans turned into screams and she began pleading.

“Oh! My p**sy can’t take more of this!… Stop. “She yells as she tried to help herself.

I ignored her and went deeper and faster hitting her walls and pleasure spots.

“Ah… It hurts! Please stop…. “She continues pleading.

I pitied her tho.
I wished I could be more gentle.

I finally hit climax and I threw my head backwards.
I pulled out of her and she falls on the bed panting and but barely breathing.

“Sorry. “I told her as I reached for my shirt.

“Are you a robot or something? Am gonna take days to heal. “She muttered trying to sit up.

I ignored her and took my car key and left the hotel room.

With my hands in my pockets, I walked like an innocent man to my car.


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