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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 59

4 min read



Prudence’s pov:
I sat on the bed pouting while Rodney spoke to mom who was by the door pleading and begging me to hear her out.

I can’t believe she sold me to Rodney’s mom. It was all a stupid contract and here I thought it was just Rodney’s mom’s likeness for me that made her want me as her son’s bride.

I scoffed.

I really can’t believe the fact that my own mother would be a money thirsty desperate woman.

“Babe…” Rodney said walking to me.
“She really needs to talk to you. She’s sobber and sorry. Please babe, listen to her” he said and I sniffed hard.

I got up reluctantly and went to the door. Mom was standing there looking as miserable as ever!

“Prudence, am sorry. I was foolish and a heartless human being. I forgot about everything we’ve been through together and just threw you out like that. Please baby girl forgive me. Am sorry” she said sounding so apologetic as her tears doubled.

She went on her knees and I held her hands helping her up.

“Mom, I must say, you disappointed me. How could you force me into a marriage fot money?…but all the same, you regret your actions. I forgive you mom” I muffled and she pulled me into a tight hug squeezing me.

“Thank you Prudence. Thank you my dear. I’m sorry!” She kept ranting as she cried uncontrollably on my shoulder.

We disengaged from the hug and she wiped her face with a handkie.
I sighed.
Am just happy am with the love of my life.
The dinner was over and I headed to the room. I got rid of the dress I had been wearing and wore something less heavy and formal.

A knock came on the door and I took my eyes to it.
What now?

I got off the bed and went to the door. I opened it and saw a maid.

“Sorry to disturb ma’am but there’s a lady looking for you. Her names Mariana. She said it’s urgent” she said with her head lowered.

Who on earth is she??

I walked out of the room going downstairs to meet the stranger who visited so late in the night.

I got to the living room to meet a fair long haired woman.

“Good evening mrs Prudence. Am Mariana, a sister to Lexi” she said and I twitched.

What’s Lexi’s sister doing here and besides, she looks nothing like Lexi!

We sat comfortably on the couch before she began stating her reason for coming.

“Please…you have to reduce the charges so I can bail her. She’s my only family – my one and only sister” she enthused with her hands clapsed together.

I scoffed getting agitated all of a sudden.

“Are you aware that Lexi killed someone? That girl has parents, siblings, boyfriend and friends but just like that…your own sister murdered her and even kept shut about it until Karma proved her wrong. She is guilty” I said and she frowned.

“She’s just being a crazy young girl. You have to consider her . It was all a mistake. I’ll give you any amount of money you want…please just let her go” she pleaded.

I yawned.
“Am sorry ma’am but my decision is final. Let justice be served” I said and stood to my feet.

She tapped her legs on the floor like she was going nuts.

I turned to the maid.
“Please, see her off” I jibed and went back upstairs.

I wasn’t planning on being to strict but I just can’t let Lexi go Scot free. She’ll have to pay for her crimes.

👂Mr Michael’s pov:
I prepared myself for tomorrow. Am going to go to Prudence’s house and tell her to divorce that good for nothings s3x freak.

I wonder how she’s coping with that husband of hers.

The son of my top enemy..
He doesn’t even know what his son, Rodney’s going through.
That’s how sweet my revenge is.

And if Prudence refuses to leave Rodney, I’ll be forced to kill him.


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