HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 58



💋Prudence’s pov:
She approached us and I just stared at her with so many questions building up in my mind.

“Ruby?” Rodney’s mom called also shocked by her presence.

“Good evening everyone. Am sorry I came uninvited” mom said trying to look cheerful but I could still see she wasn’t all that happy.

“No mom. It’s…okay. You can join us for dinner” I said and Rodney nodded placing his hand on mine.

“Please mother-inlaw, have a seat” he said and mom sighed.

She took a sit next to me and a maid dished out her meal.
She got hold of the fork but didn’t eat yet.

I wonder what’s troubling her. She stared down at her food without saying a word or joining the discussions that took place.

Rodney touched my thigh and rubbed it and I took my eyes to him.

He dropped his eyes to my tummy and I understood the message.
It’s time we tell everyone the news.

Rodney cleared his throat and all attention drifted to him.

“There’s something we’d like to let you all know. Actually, Prudence is pregnant” he said and his parents gasped astonished and amused.

I glanced at mom to see the expression on her face and she looked happy alot more better than her previous facial look..

“Wow! This is good news indeed!” Rodney’s mom exclaimed.

Yes…I knew she would be extra happy about the marriage and that’s why I really don’t want her to know am pregnant. She would have her hopes up and then maybe…what if something happens to the baby.

I shook my head trying not to think about that part. Rodney has assured me that nothing will happen to our baby. I have to trust him.

The rest of the dinner was full of talks about the baby. What I should eat and what I should not.
Well…Rodney’s mom brought up most of the topic.

💉Ruby’s pov:
I felt uncomfortable at each passing minute. Mrs Carlson was just much of a fake.

Am a mother and I understand the eyes she gives Prudence. She doesn’t like her as much as she wants her to think.

I got up and excused myself for the bathroom. A maid took my to one and I walked into the restroom and dropped my hands on the sink staring at my reflection.
What have i done?

I washed my face and dried it with a towelette. I stood for a while just thinking.

Suddenly, the door opened and mrs Carlson walked in.

Did she notice my discomfort? What does she want now??

“Rubeline, what are you doing here?” She asked standing behind me.

I looked up at the mirror staring at her as she glared at me.

“I came to tell my daughter the truth. The horrible truth that I sold her to you so your son would stop sleeping with different women” I said sadly.
“And also, I’ll send you the exact money you sent to me that day. The deal is off mrs Carlson. So nobody gets hurts later”.

She sighed.

“I don’t want the money Ruby. And what if you tell her the truth and she leaves my son. Won’t that be more deadly?” She asked and I burst out in tears.

“Am a terrible mother” I muttered and she touched my shoulders.

“Pull yourself together and protect the one you love Ruby. Don’t hurt your daughter with this truth…please. My son loves her and if she leaves , am afraid he might hurt himself” she said sternly and I nodded sadly wiping my tears.

“But I’ll return your money” I said and she sighed.

The door opened and we both stared at the door at once..

Prudence was standing there with her gist clenched.
Oh goodness!
Has she found out??

“Prudence…” I mumbled.

“Mother, how could you?!” She fired and ran out.

Oh no!
What I feared for has happened.

“Ruby…” Mrs Carlson called but I ignored her and went after Prudence.

She can’t leave…
She can’t abandon her marriage cause of this.


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