HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 53



Lexi’s pov:
I couldn’t help but whimper.
How do I get out of this place??

They didn’t even allow me to make a call telling my boss am here.

Last night was terrible cause the people I was with in the cell kept snoring so loud and forced to go crazy.

I don’t want to spend another night here…
I need to think of something.

I sniffed ruefully remaining at one spot.

A lady walked up to me and laughed like a psycho revealing her broken dark set of teeth.

“What’s so funny?” I glared at her.

She drew forward and grabbed my hair from it’s root pulling me up to my feet.

“You little bi*ch! You need to learn you place in here or I’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk again” she said and let go and I slumped on the hard floor.

I looked around, a policeman was coming…that’s why she left me.

I looked at my elbow…
It’s bleeding real bad.

Anger boiled within me.
How can this be my fate?

What do i do in order to contact my boss??

Prudence’s pov:
After work hours, Angelo and I left the hospital together. Am so anxious to find out what he has to show me.

We got into his car since he insisted we ride his car. He drove off leaving the hospital compound.

“How’s your husband?” He asked after an awkward silence.

“He’s fine” I replied suddenly feeling uncomfortable..

We don’t talk much after what happened at his mansion.

He continued to drive on a fast pace.

Well…he looks happy.

We finally arrived and we got down from his car.
I looked around the huge compound. I remember the last time I was here…

It was so dark and unfriendly.

He walked before me stepping into the house. I followed him looking around the beautiful home he has.

Angelo has accomplished so many things, he must have a house better than this one… Speak of celebrity.

He stopped at the Middle of his living room and turned.

“Prudence, I know you’ll get mad but you have to control it for your baby” he said and I interpolated immediately.

“How do you know am pregnant??” I asked quite amused.

He grinned.
“Am a doctor…”.

Then he sent his hand to the back of his head rubbing it.

“The thing is…Am Winter’s baby daddy” he said and I detoriated at the mention of Winter.

Am guilty.
I haven’t had time to check up on her since yesterday.

But then….
What does Angelo mean by ‘baby daddy’.

“W-What?” I asked wanting him to repeat himself.

“The baby Winter is carrying…is mine” he said and he had the guts to put his hands in his pockets.

“How come???” I asked getting quite a shock.

“I…I am the guy that raped her” he said and my eyes widened

His words kept ringing In my head.
He raped her…
Angelo was the one…

I attacked him with my bag hitting it on him.

“How dare you rape my sister! You caused her so much pain. You shameless pervert!, you coward! You have no idea what she went through as a result of the rape!!” I hit him the bag continuously but he didn’t defend himself.

“And am guessing you bribed the police as well not to accept her case…you son of the devil!!” I yelled as tears gathered in my eyes.

“Prudence” A voice called stopping me from hitting the bag on Angelo’s head.

I turned and saw Winter.
Oh God!

She walked to me and took the bag from me.

“What’s done is done Prudence, this won’t change anything” she said softly and dropped the bag on the table.

“How long has he been holding you captive??” I asked Winter still suprised she’s here.

“He’s not holding me captive Prudence, he’s taking care of me. It’s our baby not just mine” she said going to Angelo.

I batted my lashes like I was waking up from a dream.

Angelo fixed his eyes on me as I glared at him.

The monster raped my sister.

“Yeah, I get it. You’ve forgiven him now let’s go home” I told Winter.

She shook her head and stepped back standing behind Angelo.

“I want to stay here with him” she retorted.



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