HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 51



Lexi’s pov:
I was in my room trying my boss’s number but he wasn’t picking up.

Damn it!

Suddenly, the door opened and one of the maids, Nadine stepped in.

The bit*h didn’t even knock.
What nonsense!

I stood up to lash my anger out when three police men walked in.

I froze.

What on earth are they doing here?

“Officers, she’s the Lexi” Nadine said to them pointing at me.

They approached me and two of the went behind me handcuffing me without question.

“What…what’s this? What did I do wrong? Why am I being arrested??” I yelled totally confused and gob smacked.

“You’ve been arrested for the murder of the maid, Nancy Philips. No further explanation, take her” the oldest looking man ordered and they dragged me away while I struggled.

“Am innocent!
I have no idea what you’re talking about!!
Stop…leave me alone!” I yelled hurt and confused.

How did they know it was me?
Am doomed for life 😨

Winter’s pov:
I took a bath and my breakfast was brought to me.

The food was incredibly delicious and scrumptious. I enjoyed every bite.

I was damn suprised when Jeremy showed me my clothes.

They looked so expensive and were arranged at the other side of his wardrobe.

So we’ll both be staying in his room.

After putting in some clothes,
I sat infront of the TV in his room watching a movie.

Am not comfortable cause I keep twitching and all that comes to my mind Is taking cocaine or cracks.

I ruffled my hair thinking of what to do to forget about all this drugs.

The door opened and Angelo walked in.
Looks like he likes being shirtless indoors.

He came and sat beside me.

He took the remote and tuned into a news channel.

I could smell his cologne.
It smells quite nice and manly.

Prudence’s pov:
I was on my bed rubbing my fingers. Thank God we were asked not to come today. I wouldn’t have concentrated while working.

I haven’t left my room once. I’ve been in here sulking. What if Rodney walks through that door and asks me for a divorce cause he caught me kissing an anonymous guy. Am pregnant with his baby. He can’t do that!.
I’ll kill him before he asks for a divorce.

I heard the sound of a car driving in. Could it be Rodney?

I was already ready for bed but am not yet sleepy.

The door opened and he walked in.
He glanced at me while I looked away obviously glaring at him.

But deep inside, am extremely happy he’s here.

Am relieved but I won’t show it.

I felt him coming close to the bed but I didn’t even spare him a glance.

“Hey…” He said and sat beside me on the bed.

I felt like hugging him to tight and never let go bit like I said, I have to be strong.

“Babe…” He called and took my hand but I yanked it off.

“Get out” I spat angrily.

I got off the bed and tried to leave but he pulled me back and crashed his lips on mine.

Kissing me forcefully..
geez, his mouth tastes like alcohol.

He carried me up and dropped me on the bed before getting on top of me, his hands behind my head trapping me.

“Rodney! You’re drunk!” I rapsed.

He shut me up with a rough intense kiss and it turned me on instantly. I couldn’t think properly.

He sat up to pull off his shirt and I helped him. He tore my nightie and flew it across the room.

He resumes to kissing me as his hand rubs my thigh.

I moan into his lips.

He lowered himself and spread my legs.
He dug his tongue in pus and began feeding on it.

I moaned and screamed in ecstasy and it gave him more hype to be more faster and deep.




I wasn’t myself anymore.

He stopped and came up to me. He plunged his stick into me and began a rough penetration. He was too fast and I didn’t know if I should cry or scream.

My tight pus*y hugged tightly to his big size and each thrust hit the right spot.
He kissed me and all I felt was pleasure.

After an intense make out, Rodney and I laid beside each other panting – I was the one panting while he just stared at the ceiling.

I pushed his hands off and sat up.

“Prudence” he called holding my arm.

“You just came out of nowhere cause you were horny. Well go back cause we’re done now” I said ruefully. My tears threatening to fall.

“Am sorry I overreacted love. Please…don’t go” he said pulling me back to his body.

“How could you not trust me!? I hate you Rodney” I rapsed and hit his chest.

He didn’t wince or act like I just hurt him. He just stayed still looking into my face.

“You don’t mean that Prudence. Hit me all you want but all I want right now is your forgiveness” he said softly.

I glared at him and he chuckled.

“Love of my life,
mother of my kids,
My heartbeat,
Am sorry” he said sounding apologetic.

He planted a soft kiss on my shoulder but I ignored him.
He pulled me close and kissed me.
I bit his lip but he didn’t cut the kiss. He held me so close and wouldn’t let go.

I just stared at him knowing I have no choice but to forgive him.

I just felt like insulting him.

“Carrot nose😡” I said and he laughed.


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