HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 5



Prudence’s POV:
Oh my God!
I should have controlled myself instead of staring at him like a bloating goat!

Am a nurse so I tend to get too attached to medical stuff and findings..

I saw his eyes… The veins..
They looked so abnormal!
Was he on a drug or something?

I stared down at my food unable to have a bite. I looked back at his face and caught him also poking at his food with a fork.

Guess we are both uncomfortable to eat.
I stared at his face. He’s so cute and am so mesmerized by it. He’s handsome beyond description. I couldn’t describe his attractive features cause I didn’t know the right words. He’s almost like a demi god.

His eyes attracted me the most.
They were green.

His rough handsome much more than those French male models.
This is gorgeous!

I tried to eat the little I could before I left the dinning going back to my room. I was able to locate it due to the fact I numbered the doors.
Like I said, this mansion is massively big and sumptuous.

I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom.
First thing tomorrow morning, I find someone that can help me fix my ID card.

Oh shoot!
Am cashless.
I’ll now have to go to the ATM tomorrow and withdraw the money I’ve been keeping for bills at home.

I have to start all over in saving money again.
Thanks to Winter.

Rodney’s pov:
after the boring dinner with wifey, I returned to my room and slumped on the bed.

I needed a lot of sleep cause I was still weak.


I woke up very early as three in the morning. I went to my gym room close to my bride to be’s room.
I set down my radio and turned on a hip hop music at the highest volume. I dropped my towel and water bottle on the floor.

I quickly went for the weight lifter and took it up and down. I started exercising my muscles.
I lifted it up, then on my chest.

I did this like six times before the door flew open and my bride to be stood by the door with her robe huge on her.

She wore a crumpled look.

She stared at me for a while and in less than 4 seconds, she rushed to the radio and turned off the music.

“Don’t you have human sympathy??! My room is just next door and am sleeping. Please, keep it down… “She said and walked out closing the door.

I smirked keeping back the Weight lifter where it was.

I went to the radio and took it keeping it close to the weight lifter. I turned on the music, this time, I made sure the volume was at max.

Let’s see what wifey would do..

I went to my punching bag and began punching it with my bare hands.

The door opened and she stormed in again.

“For the love of God, it’s 3 in the morning!!! “She yelled and took the radio turning it off.

“If you don’t have an earpiece, I’ll borrow you mine. Pity the rest of the people in this house. Am a nurse. I know what am saying. “She jibed leaving the room WITH my radio.

How dare she?

I took a towel and wiped my face with it.
Someone is looking for trouble.

I walked to her door and knocked on it.
She opened afterwards.

“Give me my radio back. “I said.

She rolled her eyes.
“Only if you promise not to turn it on and even if you do… Minimize the volume. “she said handing it to me.

“Yea, whatever. “I snarled leaving her room.

Prudence’s pov:
I woke up later in the morning with my eyes heavy and quite red. I didn’t sleep well thanks to my annoying husband.

I can’t believe this is what his servants go through.
He might hurt someone’s ear drums with the noises he makes.

I left the bed and entered the bathroom to brush my teeth. I also had a bath before coming out.
I didn’t know what to wear.

The first thing I got my hands on was a pants and long top. Last time I wore these, they were tight on me and I guess exposed my curves.

My husband to be won’t mind if I wore this, would he?

I quickly put them on before taking my purse containing the spoilt ID card and my ATM card.

I left the room to the dinning. He was there, eating his food happily.

I felt like hitting his head with a spoon cause of what he made me go through last night.

He stole me a glance as I walked past him to the next chair.
Oh God, I hope he doesn’t mind with what am wearing and I hope he’s definitely not staring at my butt!

I took my seat and started eating after the maid’s served me.

“Where are you going? “He suddenly asked.

Oh, he’s talking to me.’
I realized that after I looked back and saw we were the only ones in the room.

“I want to see someone…. ”

“Who? ”

“Oh, someone I used to know. I want him to help me fix something…. “I replied

“So, it’s a ‘he’? “He murmured.

“Yes, I want him to help me fix my broken ID card. “I said.

“Leave it at the table… I’ll get it fixed for you. “He ordered.



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