HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 47



Prudence’s pov:
I was lost for a moment.
Are my ears deceiving me?
I feel my heart sting a bit.

Is…Is he mad at me?
Oh God!

“Rod…ney??” I wavered trying to touch him but he got up and left the room without sparing me a glance.

Oh my God..

What did I do wrong?
I got up and left the room in search of him.

Angelo’s pov:
She’s pregnant?!

How the hell is that possible?

I admit I didn’t use protection on her but…I never even for once thought she would get pregnant.

That night was insane I was just mad and horny.
Trust me, the two doesn’t go together.

Some policemen came to my office weeks ago telling me a lady filed a report of rape against me. I quickly bribed them and they had the case terminated.

Karma is a b–ch!

She found me.

I don’t even know her address, just her name, Winter.

I can’t let her roaming around the streets of New York with my unborn child.
I need to find Winter.
And then…
What do I do with her??

I ruffled my hair staring down from the balcony.
What is she doing here so late in the night?

She looked up and our eyes met.
She went into the house afterwards.

Here comes trouble.

“Angelo!” She called walking into the balcony.
I love her dress…
The way it hugged her body, damn!

Yea, I admit it.
Am a perv.
Just can’t help it.
Am like this, I love women.

She cat walked to me.
“What the hell had you busy since morning?” She asked rubbing her hands on my chest.

“Work. In case you haven’t been watching the news, there’s been numerous car accidents” I replied coldly.

She rubbed her hands up to my neck and that’s when I remembered Winter’s touch.
She was hitting me angrily.
geez, she’s a tiger.

I smirked as I removed Sarah’s hands from my body.

“Am tired. Am going to sleep” I jibed walking away.

“Angelo! Aren’t we gonna…” She paused making the ‘you know’ face.

I chuckled.

“Not tonight” I replied and entered the bedroom.

Winter, I need to find you.

Winter’s pov:
I was on my bed staring at the small bag of cocaine before me.
Memories of the bast*rd came flooding in like a wild gush of wind.

His smirk!
His grin!
His smile!
He f-cking don’t care if am hurt or not.

I hate him so much!

I’ve never felt so used and dumped in my life.
I tore the cocaine and began feeding on it, tears flowing down my eyeballs.

Am gonna die of this pain for sure!

In a damn second, am no longer in this atmosphere.

Am so high I can’t grab a thing.
My brain feels shattered and empty…free!!

My eyeballs disappeared into my head.
I moan out loud as I fell on the bed, I spread my legs apart.

Oh God!
This Is heaven!

Prudence’s pov:
“Rodney, stop!” I yelled stepping into our room. He ignored me taking his car keys.
geez, what did I do?

He walked past me and I find myself hugging him tightly – from behind.

I didn’t let go one bit.

“Please, don’t leave me” I muffled as my heart weakened and tears filled my eyes.

In a long time, am crying again..

But am hopeless,
Rodney’s the love of my life.
It hurts to see him giving me cold shoulders.

“Tell me Rodney,
What did I do?
Please, tell me where I got it wrong?
Please!!!” I cried looking up at his face.

He held a facial expression just staring at me.

“Be sincere, am I the father of your child?” He asked and I felt my whole system shut down.

Did…Did Rodney just ask me that?

What on earth is happening to my marriage?


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