HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 46



Winter’s pov:
“That’s enough, stop crying…” He said and wiped my tears with his handkie, gosh! It smelt so alluring and sweet.

I kept turning my face sideways so he doesn’t clean my tears.

“You’re a pervert!” I cussed.

He smirked. “I know…”.

My eyes widened.
I hate him so much.

“So, how much?” He asked dropping the handkie.

‘How much?’
What does he mean by that??

“What do you mean?” I asked blandly.

He flashed his eyes at me, then down to my thighs.
“How much do you want in consolation for the rape?” He asked.

He did not just say that!
Do I look like a slut to him??

I got down from the table and rushed to him. I began hitting him on his chest in such a way it’d hurt him.

“You rascal!
Do I look like a slut to you, huh?!!!” I cried while he just held me by my waist.

I couldn’t help but cry.

“Well, what do you want me to do? If it’s an apology, am sorry but you ain’t going to get it” he jibed.

“Not a fvcking apology! Am pregnant! – with your child!” I yelled as the tears increased times hundred.

He paused for a while.
Like he just had a stroke.

His dark eyes narrowed at me and then down at my tummy. He choked on his words. His hands slowly with drew from my butt where he has been holding.

I turned my back from him and ran out of the office. I never stopped to look back.

Prudence’s pov😘
I got home and parked by the drive through infront of the building. My breath is stiff and my feet betrayed me.

Memories of Rodney and what I’ve been through with him flowed into my mind!

I remembered that day he told me he was a cheat.

‘If you have boyfriends please go meet them. Am not stopping you, I also have girlfriends and I’ll be messing with them too’.
His voice was loud and clear…

And then, I saw him at a hotel room.

I cried till I got tired of crying.
I felt so shattered.

Am not likely to cheat on someone.

gosh! I think am suffocating with guilt.
Do I tell Rodney about Chris.
The crazy thing he did??

I finally concluded.

Am not telling him.

It’s a mistake though.
Chris must be a mentally unstable individual. First, he saw I was coming but he still walked into the road and I hit him.

I grabbed my bag and got down from my car.
Am super exhausted from today’s work.
I was looking forward to it but then patients kept trooping in and out.

I entered the living room and one if the maids ran to me. She took my bag from me and headed upstairs.

Am not so hungry so I went upstairs.
I entered our bedroom and met Rodney with his laptop…

I went close to him and hugged him from behind. He reciprocated to my touch.

“How was work?” He asked facing his laptop again.

“Was extremely stressful but there’s nothing Nurse Prudence and her team can’t handle!” I chuckled

He smiled wryly.

I went to the closet and pulled off my clothes. I returned to the room and removed all jewelries – including my wedding ring.

I feel weak at all sides.
God should touch Rodney’s heart to give me a massage😌

I went to the bathroom and had a bath.
I returned to the room and wore my pyjamas and that’s when I realized Rodney was not in the room anymore.

Where i’s he??

I left the room looking around the guest rooms. I finally saw him in one lying on the bed.

“Rodney… What’s wrong? Why did you live the room?” I asked drawing close to the bed he was on.

“I want to spend the night here” he replied coldly.

I jumped on the bed beside him.

“Am sleepy too!” I stated and covered myself with the duvet.

“Prudence” he called and I looked at him.

He bit his lower lip.

“Get out” he said.





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