HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 45



Prudence’s pov:
I tried to pull away from the kiss but he held onto me.
I bit him hard on his lips and pushed him away. He chuckled.
I got up and stormed out of the resturant.

I ran back to the hospital not turning back.

Winter’s pov:
I climbed out of the car and looked around.
What’s Rodney doing at an eatery?
I looked up to see a huge hospital.
Prudence works here doesn’t she?

I wouldn’t want her to see me but I’d have to leave here.
I left the spot I was walking down the street.
How do I find the club?

Unfortunately, I have to walk past the hospital in order to go to the best busier street..

The gate was wide open and the hospital surrounding was rowdy.
I went in.
Am stupid,
Infact, crazy!

I don’t know what dragged me to enter the hospital. I was close to an ambulance as the nurses struggle to bring out someone out from it. They were just two nurses…
They needed help.
I helped hold the lady’s head as they dropped her on a stretcher.

“Are you a nurse?” One of them asked me.

I ignored her and picked up the lady’s purse which was strapped to her waist but had fallen.

They both carried her and I ran after them.
I ran cause they were rushing into the building..
The lady was bleeding.
We got to the ER and she was taken in.

I wanted to go in but one of the nurses stopped me.
I had to give her the injured lady’s purse.
She was grateful and ran back in.

I stood before the door feeling…
Helpful and honored.

You did a good job but it’s time to go to the bar.
I turned and began walking down the hallway. I stepped on some one.
I quickly jerked back.
He grabbed me by my waist totally saving me from an epic fall.

I didn’t waste time to look into his face.
Wait a sec..

He looked so familiar.
He is…
He’s the guy that raped me😱
Or am I hallucinating?

He looked a bit suprised too.

Should I ask him of he’s the one that raped me?
What am I saying?
He’s the one!

I quickly pushed him off me and slapped him hard on his cheek.

Everyone around gasped Like I just slapped the president.

Immediately, two men in uniform approached us.

Tears fell from my cheeks.

The men tried to touch me but he stopped them.

“Go” he said to them and they left not without glaring at me.

The guy took my hand and began pulling me to God knows where.

“Leave me alone you rapist!!
Am going to make sure you rot in prison!” I threatened.

He scoffed and carried me up dropping me on right shoulder.

I tried to free myself.
He slapped my butt cheek surprising me the more

“Will you f-cking be quiet?” He asked and I went numb.

I’ll never forget that voice.

He has a stethoscope.
Is he a doctor?
He must have screwed all the nurses.

We entered a huge office and he dropped me on the table.
I held him by his collar.

“You animal!!” I blurted.
“I could kill you right now” I cried.

He removed my hands from his neck and wrapped his hands around me.
I didn’t even realized he has been holding me on my waist .

“So you reported me to the cops, huh?” He asked and kissed me on my neck.

What on earth is wrong with him??

“Stop touching me like this!
Just hand me a phone so I can call the cops!” I rapsed.

He pulled away and looked into my face

“You really don’t know who I am, do you?.
Anyways, Am Angelo. The best Doctor In New York. You should be glad someone like me made love to you” he said.

“We didn’t make love. You raped me!
You even know about it!
Why did you rape me😭😭
Why didn’t you apologize,?
You knew I was looking for you.
gosh, I hate you!” I cried.

He didn’t say anything but just watch me sob.


We know the baby daddy!


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