HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 43



Prudence’s pov:
I got down and went to the backseat. A nurse helped me get a wheel chair and the strange guy was dropped on it.

We strolled him in and a doctor began attending to him.

He stared at me at intervals and I just had to leave the room.
Thank God he didn’t die.

Chris’s pov:
I watched her leave the room.
This seems to be the most interesting assignment I’ve ever been given. It’s ought to be fun.
The doctor pulled away.

“Am not seeing any blood. You’re okay, not even a scratch” he said.

I nodded as he left the room.
Dumb man.

I took a bandage and tied my arm trying to fake hurt. I left the room and on the way, I met nurses who can’t stop looking at me – more like drooling. I went to one who was attending to a little boy.

“Nurse Prudence’s office please” I said and she gave me directions.

Winter’s pov:
The collecting of fingerprints was over and I retired to my room to rest.
I’ve been stressed out today cause I don’t trust both Lexi and Rodney.
Am beginning to think they are both having a secret affair. Stabbing my poor Prudence at the back.

I wanted to be there, life and direct as the doctor collected their fingerprints. So that Lexi girl won’t sneak her way out.

My phone rang and I figured it was mom.

“Winter honey, how are you?” Mom asked as I played with the button on my shirt.

“Am great. Just chilling with my baby sis” I replied perfunctorily.

“That’s good to hear. I swept you room Winter and I’ve gotten rid of the bad stuff” she jibed.

“Bad stuff?” I asked quite lost.

“The drugs you stacked in your room. I’ve burnt them all. Am so happy you’re over them Winter. Am proud of you!” She snickered.

My eyes widened and I twitched a bit.

I can’t live without them.
What’s mom saying?

I have to get my hands on one.
Cocaine or marijuana.
Oh fvck!
I need to contact some of my old friends.
I need to sniff something.
I racked my hair furiously.
I can’t live without those pills💊💉🚬

Prudence’s pov:
I had barely gotten to my seat and a knock came on the door.

“Come in” I responded to the knock.

The door opened and the guy I had hit with my car walked in.
I gulped😑
He’s even wearing a bandage!

He stood before my table and a smile was plastered on his face.
What’s he Even doing here??

“Hey” he breathed out.

“Hi” I forced out.

“Am sorry I hurt you. It’s partly your fault, you weren’t looking. It’s like you really wanted me to hit you” I said and he chuckled.

“Am Chris by the way…And you?” He asked bringing his hand for a handshake.

“Prudence” I replied and folded my hands.

He chuckled again.

What’s so funny?

“Nice to meet you” he said and winked at me.

I scoffed.

I showed him the back of my left hand.

“Am married” I stated and he smiled even more.

What’s wrong with this dude?


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