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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 42

4 min read



Prudence’s pov:
I was done making arrangements with the doctor and he’d come over later and take fingerprints of all the workers in the household. We agreed that he wouldn’t tell the workers the reason for the collecting of prints.

I had breakfast with Winter and Rodney before going to work.
I watched the news last night and found out, there was an accident.
Egna called asking me to come to work already.
I sighed.

What if I’m heavily pregnant? How would I cope with work?

I chuckled.

Rodney won’t even let me think of work once am five months pregnant.

I drove down the road In a haste with my mind visualizing the hospital.
I occupied myself with how I’d rush into my masks and gloves, grab the first aid kit and take the elevator to the children’s ward.

I looked up and eyes nearly popped out of it’s socket as a guy was walking into my way.
Before I could hit the brakes, I hit him and he flew up crashing to the floor.
Oh my God!

I removed my seatbelt hastily and rushed out of the car. I stood from where I was watching him groan.

Oh lord!
I just hit someone.
Am a nurse, ain’t I?

I went to him and turned him over.
He shut his eyes wincing in pain.

I helped him with all the strength in me and took him to my car.
And this sh-t had to happen at a dry quite road.

I went to the drivers seat and put on my seatbelt. I started the car and continued my trip to the hospital.
I summoned courage and looked back at the guy I had hurt.
He just stayed still wincing.
I gulped and faced upfront.

So strange.
Was he blind to see there was a car coming?

Rodney’s pov:
I was with the doctor supervising the collecting of prints.
I made sure all the workers were available leaving out no one.
I can’t have a murderer leaving under one roof with me. Especially now, We’re expecting a baby.

The housekeeper, Lexi who is beginning to irritate me stood up and walked to me pushing out her butt.
This woman needs to see a counselor😒

She placed her hands on her waist.

“Um….sir, I don’t feel so good. I…I need to use the bathroom” she said.

She’s stuttering making me more suspicious.

After that day she dressed like a b**ch to my room, I think there’s something off about her.
Prudence’s sister Winter who was beside me scoffed.

“Okay then…” she said to Lexi and grabbed her arm forcefully. She pulled her to where the doctor was taking the finger prints of another maid.

“Be quick to collect hers. She needs to go to the bathroom” she told the doctor and he nodded.

“But….sir…I” she stuttered to me but I ignored her.
Winter rolled her eyes.

“Can’t you hold it or do you have a bladder infection?” Winter asked her with scorn written all over her face.
I was amused.
Complete opposite of Prudence😂

The doctor brought his stuff and took her finger prints. All her fingers and DNA samples.

Just being careful.

Chris’s pov:
I continued to act like I was in pain as the lady drove with speed.
She’s so innocent and pretty.

When I noticed she wasn’t looking, I unbuttoned my shirt and brought out the bulletproof I was wearing.
She looked back and I maintained my position.

She continued driving.
Like a flash, I opened the door a bit and threw out the bulletproof before staying well again.

She drove into a huge hospital and she parked at the parking lot.

It’s show time…😏

Lexi ain’t smart after all.
Winter got her gooood.


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