HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 40



Winter’s pov:
I carried a bucket of ice cream licking and munching as I sat on a sofa at prudence’s living room.

My tummy is getting bigger though…

It’s kind of funny to find out Prudence is pregnant too.
But it’s still a different case,
She’s married while am a baby mama to some anonymous billionaire.

The police denied our case and I wonder why.
Could it be the billionaire bribed them?

A maid walked by and I noticed she’s dressed in a very short maid uniform.


“Hey, come here” I said to her and she paused.

She glanced at me and cat walked to where I was.

“I need another bucket of ice cream” I said to her handing her the one I’ve emptied.

She took it and tried to leave but I stopped her.

“Don’t you feel quite shameful dressed in this rag. Why isn’t your dress at the length of other maids?” I asked and she chuckled.

“I like it this way ma’am and it’s really not your business” she sneered and walked away.

She’s lucky am pregnant.
If not, I would have beaten her till she cries like a baby.

Prudence’s pov:
I rushed to work cause today was going to be a busy day.
A building collapsed and we had many injured people to attend too.

“Babe, you got to take it easy since you’re pregnant” Nurse Egna jibed.

I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t make me regret telling you Egna” I groused.

She chuckled.

“Am so happy for you girlfriend. It’s so nice to know things are turning out great for you and your husband” she beamed.

I chuckled.

“It’s God’s grace”.

Angelo walked in with his stethoscope.

Our eyes met and I smiled warmly at him. He returned the smile wryly and moved to a lady bleeding on her arm.

I sighed and continued bounding the girls leg with bandage.

Rodney’s pov:
I was in my room operating my phone when a knock came upon the door.
It opened to reveal The house keeper with her cleaning equipment.

“Good morning sir” she greeted softly.

“Good morning” I muttered.

She moved to the bed and started to dress it. She bent exposing her slim legs and I could swear, I saw her undie.

What is she wearing?

I tried to concentrate on what I was doing but I couldn’t.
She started moving with slow motion and I watched her.

She glanced at me and I was able to view her chest. Her breasts were firm and open.

“Sir, you’re staring at me too much. Should I come over?” She asked biting her lower lip slightly.

“Change what you’re wearing. If you won’t wear the original dress, you get the f°°k out of my mansion” I said agitated.

She stood there looking suprised like she wasn’t expecting it. It was like she was taking the words in but slowly.

She quickly carried her equipments and entered the bathroom to clean it.

I never expected her to be so naughty and dirt minded.

My mom called me and I was so tempted to tell her about Prudence’s pregnancy. She asked me not to say a word yet till she’s sure the baby will be safe.

She’s just being paranoid.

Lexi’s pov:
I never thought my plan would turn out that bad..
He didn’t even look at me with caring eyes,
He was rather irritated.

How could he refuse me??

I thought hard…
Next move will not fail, it must not!


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