HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 4



Prudence’s POV:
“We’re here sunshine! “Mom said as the car suddenly stopped. I had been sleeping for a while bow cause of the night shifts at the hospital.

I sat properly looking out the window.
Oh heavens!

Am in paradise.
I was staring at the massive mansion before my eyes. It was beautiful.

There were flowers planted round the varender.
I can’t believe am gonna be living her from now on. With my husband.

I came out of the car. Some maids helped mom with my things and we went into the mansion.

“Your room is right this way miss. “A maid said taking the stairs.

I twirled round the living room. Their were figurines of different Greek gods at all walls of the room.

The floor was spotless and shimmering.
This place is priceless.

Rodney’s POV:
I took my top lying on the floor and put it on. The b*tch I just screwed whose name I can’t recall, laid lifeless on the bed breathing hard.

She was the best I’ve had this week.

“Hey, are you alright? “I asked.

Her eyes blinked rapidly and she sat up.
“Am fine, don’t bother. “She chipped with her voice shaky and cracking.

“I enjoyed this. I would like you to come to my place, anytime. You are of great use to me. “I said and handed her my card.

She nodded with a smile.

I left the room heading for the ground floor. All I want to do bow is sleep soundly. Probably wake up in the night and go get drunk.

I drove back to my mansion ignoring the traffic lights.
I was weak and definitely tired.
That lady got me weak on the knees.
She was tough to derive pleasure from.

I alit from my car before going in. The house was quiet as always but I noticed the maids running helter skelter. What’s wrong with them.

I went to my room and locked the door before climbing on my bed drifting to sleep.

Prudence’s POV:
“I heard a car drive in. was that my husband?”I asked the maid who was putting my clothes away into the wardrobe while I just sat on the bed doing nothing cause they wouldn’t let me.

“It’s him ma’am. He’s back from wherever he has been to. “She replied.

I bet he knew I was here.

He cared less about seeing me.

“Cheer up miss. He’s just tired I guess.”the maid said sweetly.

I nodded.

Suddenly, the door burst open and a maid came in with a big filled tray in her hand. She dropped it on the table.

“Your lunch ma’am. A little something before dinner with your husband. “The maid said.

I nodded leaning on the below behind me.
I had no appetite and with all that happened today. I just want to rest!

I let the maids do there job while I settled down on the bed fast asleep.

Rodney’s POV:
I woke up later in the evening. I sat up on the bed staring at my phone ring.
It was mom.

Why was she calling?

I let the phone ring till it stopped. I went to the bathroom and had a cold bath before coming out.

I wore something simple before heading downstairs for dinner.

The feast had been set!
The whole table was filled up with different dishes like it was a family of 20 about having dinner.

It’s just going to be my wife and I.

I sat on the chair and before I could take a fork. She showed up.

My whole body vibrated at the mere sight of her.

I couldn’t believe she was the one mom was talking about.

How could she agree to an arranged marriage.

She looked so innocent like she can’t even slap the wind or hurt a fly.

She stood there staring at me like a movie.
Geez! What’s wrong with this one?

She shook her head like she just realized herself.

She came closer looking at me.
She stared deeping into my eyes like she was searching for something.

Then she backed off and went to sit at the chair at the extreme.

What did she see in my eyes?



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